Most Likely Pregnant

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Racechic23 - December 12

Ok, so here goes..I am 18 years old and last year around this time i had a miscarridge. At this point i have no intentions of getting pregnant, but my period will be two weeks late tomorrow (sunday december 13th) I have taken 3 pregnancy tests so far and they are negative. And i see that alot of people assume that means your not pregnant and its stress, but last year when i found out i was pregnant i was a month and a half late and i had taken around 7 tests, that were all negative, periodically throughout the month and a half. These are my symptoms right now: Headaches, lower back pain, i have to use the bathroom all the time!, im extremely tired(i can sleep for 14hours straight and still want to sleep more!) and i just FEEL pregnant. I dont know what to do. I would like to know right now if i am, but obviously i cant. If this is going to be the same as my last pregnancy where i dont know for over a month, i am going to lose my mind! I just really would love to hear everyones opinion on what they think...Pregnant-Not Pregnant. Please help me! I would greatly appreciate it :) Thank you! BTW: my period has never been more then a day or two past the time im spose to get this is beyond abnormal!


BAllen - December 12

You should get a blood test done, they are very accurate. The planned parent hood offers blood test for 25 dollars. Good Luck!


Racechic23 - December 12

Wow thats definatly cheap. How long does it take to get the results? I live right by a planned parenthood so I am for sure going to have to do that. I am just dying to know. I will be excited if I am, but if Im not I wont be upset. Im just so anxious to find out!


BAllen - December 13

I think it takes about 2 days to get the results. Its different at all the planned parent hoods.


Racechic23 - December 13

I have a doctor that i usually go to for this sorta stuff so i think i am just going to call her monday, we went through all this last year so maybe she can give me some advice over the phone and hopefully i can get in there monday to get my blood drawn. thats such a pain though, dont hate needles, but those nurses always seem to "miss" the vein and then they are digging around in my arm, YUCK.



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