Multiple Disappearing Test Lines HELP

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Liberty - April 24

For those of you who had disappearing test lines, what brands did you experience this with? I am noticing that the disapperaring lines seem to be happening with First Response Early and Answer Early tests. If you had a disappearing line on these tests, did you get a positive on a different brand? TIA, Liberty


colleen - April 24

The same thing happened with first response last week with 4 different tests. The next day though Iu got a + that stuck. I'd say if it's there, it's pink and it's definitely distinct and not too faint than it's a bfp.


superbadchick - April 25

I had disappearing lines with a First response early today. I had someone verify there was a faint line, to make sure I wasn't imagining it, and two people agreed they saw it. I haven't taken a different brand yet, but I plan on taking my second first response tomorrow morning.


Liberty - April 26

I am testing again tomorrow with First Reponse too! And like you, I had my husband verify that there was a line - so I know it wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me. Please post what your test says tomorrow - I will as well.


Liberty - April 26

Well, I tested again this morning and sure enough it was definitely positive, although faint, and after 10 minutes it went away. Argh!!! So frustrating. I just want to know 1 way or the other. I will probably wait another week to see my dr. for a blood test.


kris - April 26

Liberty. My first positive test was EXTREMELY faint. (22nd) and is not visable now. I took one yesterday and got a definate positive.. it took about 3 minutes to appear.


superbadchick - April 26

Well , I'm extremely confused. Took second First Response this morning and no line- however, second day of cramping and no AF still, and I usually only cramp a couple of hours. So I will wait a couple of days and see what's going on.


Liberty - April 27

superbadchick - please post an update when you have one!! I am going to test again tomorrow AM.


curiosity - November 16

wow, i am amazied at how comon this is. i too took a first response test as well and got a very very faint line which i had a friend check to make sure i wasn't seeing things. after 10 mins it disappeared. i took a second one 2 days later which was -. i spotted 7 days after ovulation and it was brown not red at all. i have a dr.apt for next week. i figure home tests are just not always reliable. at this point i am just curious as heck



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