My Experience With The BABY TEST

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Faith - July 29

I just thought I'd share with you my experience with the dollar general test called BABY TEST. We were trying to get pg and these are the tests I've always used cause they are cheap (a dollar) and sensitive (25mlu) I always got negatives except a few had evaporation lines that I tormented myself with wondering if it may be a faint positive. Well, I've been feeling really tired lateley and I took a test last week (about a week before AF was due) and got a big fat NEGATIVE. So I didn't think no more of it. AF was due wednesday (the 27th) and she didn't show. Still didn't think anything. So this morning (friday the 29th) I woke up a 6:00 with my chest hurting real bad with indegestion and feeling like a had to throw-up. I haven't felt good all day. So I told DH to go by and pick me up another Baby test from the dollar store. I took it at 6:00 tonight and watched it for a few seconds while the color ran acrossed. The control line showed up and then my DH started knocking on the bathroom door wanting in, so i pulled up my pants and let him in. We noticed a light looking line starting to appear in the test area. I asked him, Do you see a line? cause it was light. I said I just took it so it's not an evaporation line. I set it down and came back 5 minutes later and it was a very dark POSITIVE line. So we are expecting our 5th child. We have 4 boys so really hoping for a girl this time. I was just sure the test would be negative cause it was negative a week ago and with all my pregnancies I test positive a week before af was due. My symptoms have been feeling really tired and first time I felt sick this morning. ANOTHER big thing I noticed was my cm. It started to appear like ovulating cm even though I knew I couldn't be ovulating again when my period was due. It was the ew clear and quite a lot. And my cervical position is low and soft. I thought if I shared my story it might help some of you.


Chas - July 30

Thanks for the encouragement !! I hope I can get a positive soon !



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