My Positive Line Disappeared

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Jen - April 26

Has this happened to anyone. I took a First Response Early Result Test and there was a very very faint line that both my husband and I could visibly see. We were so excited. We went back 10 minutes later to look again and the line disappeared. I then took another test the next day and it was negative. What's going on????


Liberty - April 26

That seems to be happening to a lot of us. I have had 4 First Response's and 4 Answer Early's all show positive and then the line disappeared. My plan is to see my Dr next Thursday (May 5) and in the meantime I am taking a hpt every 3 days. A couple others have had this happen and got positives that stayed a few days later. Don't know if I have helped much! Good luck!!


Jen - April 26

Thanks for the info. I am supposed to start my period today. I'm tempted to take another test today, but I'm scared of another negative. I'll let you know. Let me know how your dr. appt. goes next week. Good luck!


Liberty - April 26

I just talked to a rep at First Response who said it was likely too early and to test again in 3 days. She said to catch your pee in a cup and dip it for 5 seconds to get better results.


Superbadchick - April 26

Apparently this is what First Response is good I took a test yesterday, faint positive, had 2 people look at it to verify I wasn't imagining the line. Took another with first urine this morning, no line. Oh, and my test line disappeared after about a half hour on the positive test yesterday. So I am supposed to start AF today, but nothing so far, just some cramping.


Liberty - April 27

superbadchick - please post an update when you have one! I am going to test again Thursday AM. WIll update then myself.


Jen - April 27

Well, I took a clearblue easy yesterday and it was "not pregnant". I had some spotting yesterday, so I am just going to a__sume I am not pregnant. Sorry girls. Good luck to you both.


staci - April 27

I hope you can help me better understand...I am 4 weeks past D&C and have taken 2 hpt's and gotten negs on both last week and the week before(I was checking to see if my levels were donw). today I took an hpt and got a faint positive line and called doc and they had me come in to test and make sure. they said it was positive and drew blood to test my levels, once we were done drawing blood she told me the positive line diappeared...what should I believe? am I pg or not? the one I took at home still has a pos. line on it?! Thanks


superbadchick - April 27

I am going to retest Friday or Saturday if I still dont get AF. It was supposed to be here yesterday, but still cramping like crazy.


Liberty - April 28

Staci - I know when I call the hot 1-800 #s they ask me if I have been pregnant anytime within the last 5 weeks, so I am a__suming that is how long hcg stays with you?? But I'm not sure of that. What did your dr say? I would think they would give you an answer one way or the other. Jen - Did you use the clearblue easy with first morning urine? It is fairly common for women to have some spotting during early pregnancy. Can you see your dr for a blood test? I tested with FRE this morning and it gave me the first BFN I have seen from them or Answer Early in 1 week! Talk about confusing. I have a dr appointment scheduled for next Thursday and I will likely retest Monday AM - if I can hold off that long! Those hpts are addicting. :)


Jen - April 28

Hi Liberty. Congratulations on your BFN. I'm really happy for you. No, I did not use morning urine for the Clearblue Easy Digital. I was supposed to start my period 3 days ago and still nothing. I had very very little brownish discharge on Tuesday and that was it. I had a baby 6 1/2 months ago, so I'm sure my body is still messed up from that. I just hate to give my hopes us. My periods have been off, so I'm sure that is what is happening now. Although I know the exact day that I ovulated and I do feel pregnant, my period should've come on time. We will see. I had a girlfriend that just had a chemical pregnancy. She was definitely pregnant and then two weeks after her missed period she started. Thankfully it wasn't a full-b__wn miscarriage.


Kris - April 28

Jen, wait another day and take the test. I was spotting brown last week (started Wed. 20th) got an extreme faint line that dissapeared on the 22nd (friday). Then on Monday got another positive but darker. Good luck!!


chrissy24 - April 28

jen, this happened to me twice! My aunt who is a doctor brought home a basic HPT from her office- she says its very accurate. last week it was a definate neg (only on line). This week my symptoms were getting worse- morning sickeness and heartburn so she told me to take another one- a second line was there and it also dissappeared- I began to cry at first when I saw something and showed my aunt- she saw it too! I took another one this morning & it happened again (I had a wittness too). From a medical standpoint, she thinks I am b/c the test is detecting HCG so I'm taking a blood test tommorw morning to confirm- I feel queasy all day- I'm less than 3 weeks (if i'm pg) and I'm 8 days for my period.


Jen - April 28

I'm so glad to hear that it happened to you girls with a good ending. Hopefully that will happen for me. If not, I will just try again next month (if I can figure out my cycle now). I will take another test this weekend in the morning and see how it goes. It just boggles my mind that we saw a second line on the first test. If that didn't happen, I could easily accept that my period is out of synch and I'm not pregnant. Thank you all for your advice. I will let you know what my results say.


superbadchick - April 28

I haven't tested again yet, but my cramping has stopped and still no AF, which was due Tues. 'So I don't know what's going on.


Jen - April 29

I finally started my period. I'm sad I'm not pregnant, but I am happy the torture of wondering is over. I will never again take a HPT before my period is due. Thank you everyone and good luck to you all!


Michele - May 9

This very thing happened to me this weekend. I can't get an appt at the Dr. for two weeks to get a blood test. What was the outcome for you?



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