My Story Of Faith And Healing

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ptense1978 - November 4

Good afternoon, everyone. I always enjoy coming to this forum for excellent advice, whenever I have questions about pregnancy. My story actually begins 7 years ago, after the birth of my second child, a blessed son. I also have a blessed daughter, who will be 9 in December. I had a tubal ligation, during a c-section at 22 (or 23?) years of age. I knew in my heart that I wanted at least another child, but I had the surgery so that my husband wouldn't have to have a procedure because he felt that we didn't need anymore children. He really thought I felt the same way, but I just didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise. I always knew deep down inside that if we were meant to have more children, then the Good Lord would bless us with more. I have to admit that I have had many let downs, in the past 7 years but held firmly onto my faith. The reason for this story is to give hope to others like myself, who long for a child. I am so thankful for everything I have and our blessed children but am extremely excited and blessed to say that I have been testing positive this week with a certain brand of pregnancy test. I have taken one daily but only test positive with a certain lot # from the Dollar Tree brand. I am thankful that I read just this morning on another site about a lady who would only test positive with a certain lot # from a certain brand (I can't remember which brand). At our local store, there are two different lot #ed tests. I test positive with the ones' that have the thinner control line, instead of the thicker one! Now, the tests turn positive, as soon as the control line appears. It is still faint but getting stronger! Thank you all for reading my story, and if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!


Shawns_Mommy - November 5

Hi!! thanks for your story.. here is mine... Hi! well in Sept. 4 2007 was my last period. I waited for my period to come Oct. 2nd, and nothing. I took a home pregnancy test and it came back negative. 10 days after my missed period I took a blood test. It came out negative, so I was convinced I was not pregnant. I waited until Nov. 6th and took another home pregnancy test, and that one came back postive...after 2 whole missed periods!!! I had my beautiful baby boy Shawn June 12th 2008, but he had a condition in his right lung, and sad to say my beautiful boy went to heaven at 38 days old. My husband and I are trying to have more kids, and I am praying God will bless me with more kids soon! My last period was Sept. 16th of this year, and I didn't get a period at all for Oct.. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests, and all of them are negative. I am going to wait another two weeks and take another one =)


ptense1978 - November 6

Your story really touched my soul. I am so thankful that you are keeping the faith and are awaiting that blessed positive test! I will be sure to say a prayer for you and your husband. Please say a prayer for me because I am having implantation bleeding today. Please keep me updated and thanks for sharing the faith!


Shawns_Mommy - November 6

Thank you! We can pray for one another! God really listens to our prayers!!


ptense1978 - November 9

Hello, "Shawns_". How have you been feeling? I pray that you are doing well with your blessed pregnancy. I am still experiencing implantation bleeding but had another positive EPT pregnancy test yesterday. Please keep those prayers coming my way, and I will send some your way!


Shawns_Mommy - November 9

Hi ptense1978 ! Well as for me, I am just waiting. I haven't taken anymore pregnancy tests. If I don't get my period this Friday it will be my second missed period. I think I will keep praying this week, and I will take another home pregnancy test this Sat. Or Sun. I have been feeling ok, just really tired. My stomach hurts a little after i eat but I don't throw up. I threw up twice about 2 weeks ago but that was it. My b___st do feel a little weird, and they are a little bigger. I guess I just have to keep waiting to see if God is blessing me with another angel. =) Hopefully my next angel could stay here on earth with me!!!!


Teddyfinch - November 11

here is a post from me where we were asked about our positive test stories. it's kind of long, so very sorry, but definitely shows the power of prayer. wow let's see. i was on my 3rd day of clomid because i thought i had already had my period and was sitting in my computer room watching recordings of family guy and saw this episode of superman using his xray vision on lois lane. turns out she was pregnant too =P anyway, i felt this warm squishiness in my panties and thought "holy cow am i ovulating already?" because i had the trigger shot a few weeks before and never saw a positive, even after the shot. so being pregnant wasn't even in my mind. so i grab an opk test (i bought 50 online) and peed in the cup and dipped the test strip. it turned positive before the test had finished saturating and i thought "omg better wake the hubby! i'm fertile (and romantic, eh? lol)" and then i remembered from this pee on a stick website that being pregnant can also make a super dark fast positive on an opk. so out loud i say "oh no!" and grab a pregnancy test from the dollar store and used the same urine i had collected and it came out positive. i call my mother and say "mom i'm pregnant". she laughs and says "haha who's this?" and when i told her it was me (she thought it was my older sister) she said "ok wait now what now?" so she's on her way to take me to walmart to buy a first response and i run into the bedroom (it's 5am mind you) and say "mat?" *he sits up* "what's wrong??" "i'm pregnant" "what? how did that happen??!!" now remember, he and i thought i had already had a period, so we didn't think that i could be pregnant, so i tell him i'm off to walmart to buy a test and tell him to go back to sleep as he's got a job interview the next morning. go me, right? lol. so i get the tests and come back home and take the first one and it's positive immediately. he asks if it is and i tell him yes and then call my mother to let her know. then i wait until the morning and take the other and he and i watch it turn positive together. so i call my doctor and let them know and they have me come in for a blood test that's positive and tell me to keep my ultrasound appointment for the next day. so i go to that and we see the sac but no baby. the tech says it's ok because it's still early yet so she says she'll see me back in two weeks to make sure the sac is growing and that she can see a baby the next time. can do! i get up to go to the bathroom to clean up (gotta love internal sonos) and when i sit down i just start pouring blood. i'm cramping like crazy and pa__sing tissue and blood and i go "uhhh i'm bleeding?" she has me stand up and she looks in the toilet and runs out of the room. i'm sitting there and my husband is so quiet. i thought he had left. she comes back in and asks him if i was still bleeding and he told her yes and she hits her desk and says "dammit!". so they have me go to an exam room and in the 15 minutes i wait to see the doctor, i have to get up 6 or 7 more times to bleed and cramp and pa__s tissue. the doc comes in and does a pelvic exam and tells me "yep, lots of fresh blood. you've miscarried". poor mat is stunned, but i didn't see a baby or a heart or anything, so i was honestly ok. the doc tells me i'll bleed for a few more days and then start a period after about a week. and two weeks later, i'm to see her again so she can check to make sure everything finished on it's own. ok, no problemo. mat takes me to a restaurant after the doctor and i use the bathroom and bleed one last time. then it all stops. mat hugs me and i cry a few times because i felt like i could never give him the baby he dreamed of having and the two weeks pa__sed. the doc wasn't monitoring my hcg levels, so i took it upon myself to buy pregnancy tests to make sure the positives faded away, which they hadn't, but should have by the two week mark. so two weeks later, i'm in the doctor's office and i tell my doc that i still had heartburn, still had strong positives, and was peeing more often. she sends me off for blood work to check my hcg levels and tells me to call back in an hour. i call back and they said it still wasn't ready and to wait another hour. i call back after another hour and they say their machines are broken and to give them another hour. so i give them that last hour and the girl says "i lost your results. let me put you on hold". when she comes back on she says "ok teresa? we need you to come in for another sono" "is everything ok?" "yep, just need to see something. your levels were a little high" "oh ok, how high?" "wait, i've lost them again" *turns out she didn't want to tell me because she knew i knew what the numbers meant* "ok i found them. they're 19,500" mat from the driver seat "19,000!!!!" "ok, we'll be right in" mat asks me what that means and i tell him those are the levels of a pregnant woman, but not to get his hopes up as i might have had tissue left over. so we go and i lay on the u/s table and the tech starts the exam again. all i hear is her mumbling and saying "uh huh" every once in a while. i ask her what everything is and she points at the screen. "this is your baby" *i grab mat's hand and point at the screen* "what's that?" "that would be the heartbeat" *squeeze!!* so we get a cutie picture of our little 6 week old miracle baby and we're sent beaming into an exam room. my doc walks in and smiles at me and says "never trust a uterus. that's why i don't do d&c's so quickly". i can't really remember the rest because it was stuff about progesterone cream and stuff like that but i'm starving at this point and so we go to burger king. now mat's parents are overseas in australia so he messages his mother and tells her to call his cell phone. it's like 3am over there at the time. she calls and asks what's wrong and he tells her i'm still pregnant. she breaks down and has to give the phone to his father and the sound of his mother breaking down causes him to break down too so he's crying telling his dad i'm still pregnant (i'm starting to tear up right now while typing this lol) and seeing him cry is making me start to cry and these two state troopers are watching us until they hear him talk about babies and heartbeats and go inside. so our reaction was up, then down, then up again lol. and it all ended in a blubberfest outside of our burger king. sorry that was so long! someday i'm going to write a book because that was a miracle. there's no better description for it. and now i'm off to cry lol cuz i'm all weepy today. ↑


nikkis18 - November 11

teddy that is an amazing story it actually made me tear up reading it :) i'm so happy for you!! good luck to all of you!



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