My Test Line Dissapeared 3 Times

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colleen - April 19

I took a first response and read it at 3 minutes. bfp, however after 5 minutes theline vanished! I took 2 more and the same thing happened. It definitely wasn't the dye moving across b/c last month I took several of these tests and watched them in action and they were neg, but a second pink line never appeared. The result was pretty distinct, about half as dark as the control line. Any thoughts?


colleen - April 21

just to let you know first response says it's a +. I retested yesterday and got bfp that stayed. Just wondering if anybody has ever had this happen to them? They said that the test detected hcg, but not enough to make the line stick.


kt - April 24

it happend to me! i am now 7 months preggo


Liberty - April 25

Did you test with any other brands? If so, which ones. I have gotten BFN on all other brands - it's only FRE and Answer Early that have given me disappearing lines.


superbadchick - April 25

I took first response today- after 3 minutes I had a very faint line for the result, then about 20 minutes later it had vanished. But before it vanished, I had someone else look at the test to make sure I hadn't imagined the line and they saw it too. But I'm having cramps like my period is about to start, so I'm not sure what's going on. I am going to retest in the morning though.


Jen - April 26

Hey superbadchick. What happened with your test this morning? The exact same thing happened to me 4 days before my period. Then I took another test yesterday morning and no line at all. I am supposed to start my period today.


Faith - April 26

Thats strange. Did the positive line go away COMPLETELY? I took a dollar general brand and got a light positve. Then I took two FR and got negatives. But you know I think I looked at them right when I took them and then didn't go back to look till about 5 or minutes later. Maybe I should try a different brand.


superbadchick - April 26

I took another test this morning-no line as well, so I don't know what's up with First Response. Am still cramping, but no AF as of yet and it should have been here today. I usually don't cramp for more than a couple of hours, but I'm going on two days, so I don't know what's going on.


Liberty - April 27

Colleen - How many days between testing? superbadchick - please update when you test again. I will Thursday AM.


staci - April 27

I hope you can help me better understand...I am 4 weeks past D&C and have taken 2 hpt's and gotten negs on both last week and the week before(I was checking to see if my levels were donw). today I took an hpt and got a faint positive line and called doc and they had me come in to test and make sure. they said it was positive and drew blood to test my levels, once we were done drawing blood she told me the positive line diappeared...what should I believe? am I pg or not? the one I took at home still has a pos. line on it?! Thanks


superbadchick - April 27

Haven't retested yet-still waiting to see what the weekend brings since I am on day 3 of cramping- and with my AF I usually only cramp for a couple of hours. So I'm trying to hold out for a couple more days.


Mel - April 27

My lines didn't dissappear! How about there were no lines. Not even a negative.


superbadchick - April 27

mel-what brand did you test with?


shay - April 27

This happened to me on Monday. I was 7 DPO. AE and FRE both had lines then they disappeared. I was on the phone with my sis telling her the good news. I am 9 DPO today and all test have since been BFNs.


Liberty - April 28

shay - I have only had the disappearing lines with Answer Early and FRE - and they are made by the same company. I have had BFN on all the other brands I used. I just tested again this morning with FRE and got a BFN, my first one with this brand in a week. Talk about confused! I have a dr appt scheduled for next Thursday but I will test again Monday AM. Good luck!


Shannon - May 8

I tested just a moment ago with Accu-Clear and the same thing happened. There was a definate positive line at one minute and for the next nine minutes it continued to slowly disappear altogether. I cannot find any information abour this brand having this problem I don't know what to think???


superbadchick - May 9

I would go to the doctor, because judging from all of the posts on here- hpt's are a BIG waste of



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