Nearly 8 Weeks Pregnant But All Neg Test Results

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Anna - September 3

my lmp was june 29, have taken 3 preg. tests, all neg. and the last one was done aug. 13 at the doctors. i have been tired with headaches and nipples are more prominent and having cramps like when your just about to get a period but nothing happens. I am very confused and would like to know if all these neg. are a def. not pregnant?? at this point judging by my lmp i would be a around the 8 week mark, so do you think it would be positive by now if i already have signs??? Someone please help!!!!


Brianna - August 19

I know what your going through girl. Im 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant and only got a negative test also. Im gonna get a blood test which I would recommend to you. I took a test a 5 weeks and it was negative. Im 1 million % sure I'm pregnant because I have every symptom and yesterday I started to discharge clear whitish mucousy stuff so now I'm even more certain I'm pregnant because I never in my life have discharge! Good Luck


! - August 19

You cannot be pregnant Anna if the doctors have said "no". There could me a number of reasons for your missing periods: stress, over excited about becoming pregnant, coming off the pill...


nonne - August 20

i know how you fell.i m going through the same period is 2 weeks late.last week i did 4 preg.test which seemed neg. and one blood test that is also neg. But i have all the sympton, imy b___sts are larger and my nipples are more prominent and i hve cramps that comes and goes. i m very confused and i do not know what to do. should i wait for a while and make another blood test!!


Mandi - August 31

Hi Im having the same problem, Im 2 days late i come on every 28th day and now it is the end of the month and still no period. Reason I think I am is because I even forgot what day it was and once I found out i was shocked because I had not started my period and I went to my husbands parent shouse for his b-day 8/14/04 and all the way up felt sick and then way back felt very sick and had to stop the car a few times. I just that car riding was making me sick but now im wondering if it was not me being preg. I also get very dizzie so bad iv got to lay down and just go to sleep to make it go away sometimes. I took a test clear blue, and it said not preg? should I wait could i hav ejust become preg? Am I sick? What should I do anyone? My breat have changed they are very heavey and feel filled with water or j-lo and have dark blue veins on them what could this be could I be too early to test?


ca__sie - September 3

I am having the same problems. My period was supposed to come the week of august 23rd. However, I was on birth control but missed the first week or so, then i wasn't consistent at all and we don't use protection. the last possible day to get my period was the 28th and it is now the 3rd. I had really bad pms symptoms, really irritable, before i was due for my period and now my b___sts feel bigger, there are more prominent viens, i am tired a lot and feel dizzy when i get up in the morning with a headache, and my appet_te has skyrocketed this week. The three tests i have taken have been negative. How long after a missed period should I wait to get a true positive or negative?


kisha - September 15

my situation is different i'm three weeks pragnant from my understanding. I took five pragnany test they all said positive. Always two line but one line is always faint. But when I went twice doctor and took two pragnancy test and they both was negative. they told me it could be two soon. i'm confuse


unknown - September 15

I am having the same problem i am two weeks late with my period and i know im pregnant because i have been pregnant before but all my test are negative and i have all the symptoms.


Devin - September 20

Girls, I know what you are going through very much! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and we've gotten our hopes crushed many times. Like one time I used the EPT certinty and it said Positive and I went to the doctors two days later and they said negitive. I figured out due to a couple more of those instinces that my stress level was causing miscarriages. So my advice. STOP STRESSING! Your body is the place this little baby is going to be spending the next 9 months make is enjoyable! Don't be so stressed! Chill, take it easy! Your pregnant! If the test says you are you are, it's practicly impossible to say your are if your not! UNLESS your using Clear Blue EASY! JUST SAY NO! It might be cheaper but it's not worth it! Anyway, I hope this helps some what! Love you all., and Good luck


Tawanna - September 26

Maybe you are taking your test at the wrong time. Most pregnancy tests say anytime, but the truth of the matter is, is that it takes four hours for the pregnancy hormone detected by pregnancy test to build up in your urine. I was one day late on my period and waited four hours after my last trip to the bathroom and it showed up positive. All the other tests before were negative until I did that after doing some research on pregnancy tests. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. I had all the symptoms but the tests like I said were negative until I followed the advice of a couple of websites about waiting four hours or taking the test first thing in the morning and there it was-positive! I even had it confirmed by a doctor afterwards after waiting another four hours before I was to give them urine.


Sara - October 5

How frustrating, right?! I also think I am pregnant and the result of 1 test was negative. Same thing with the b___sts and I also have heartburn and sensitive teeth, fatigue, etc. Never felt like this before! You have all the symptoms and I think you should wait 4 hours before you have the doctors's office take a urine sample from the last time you urinate. Sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes the hormone just hasn't built up in the urine if you just went and then give the sample. Oh, and don't listen to the person below who said you cannot be pregnant if the doctors said "no". We all know doctors have been wrong on everything many times, right? They are only human and make mistakes like the rest of us. Listen to your body!!!!!


Aubrie - January 22

I know exactly what you mean with my first child I knew I was preg. but all 4 of my tests came back negative even a boold test my doctor took when I was 4 weeks and finally at 6 weeks it was positive and now we are trying for number two and my peroid was supposed to come on Jan. 13 and I have had very tender b___sts, fatigue, heavy discharge and a feeling like cramps but diffrent jsut an uncomfortable tingling feeling that has been enough to keep me up all last night (believe me I know what cramps feel like I have endo.) but I have taken two test one last week and one first response today (which I was told was the best) and they both have come back negative so I don't know what to think.


sasha - January 27

When I was pregnant with twins I was having some tests say I was PG and others saying I was not. I went twice to the Dr and the both came back negative until I got the blood work done, then it showed a positive result. Good luck to you all.


Vanessa Whitford - February 1

See I am in the same vote you are except I took 2 pregnancy test and they were positive then I started to bleed and my test results came out negative.Besides the test are not always right get yourself to the doctor and get blood test done that are more promising than a pregnancy test.


?? - February 1

I know how you feel. I haven't had a period since Dec., but I took two test came back neg. Just recently I started to feel sick to my stomache when I smell different foods. What's going on??


Me Too - February 1

I am 4 weeks late. Last period was Dec 11.... 5 negative tests. 5!!! I was taking them every two or three days. About a week ago I finally just quit worrying about it. (Haven't tested since.) I'm due for AF in 2 days. We shall see. I think we all need a vacation. This baby making stuff is stressful! Good luck to all.


Vanessa - February 2

in response to Name; ! Date; August 19 2004- i was alarmed to read this comment and would advise everyone to definately ignore the advice, whereby ! writes, i quote " You cannot be pregnant Anna if the doctors have said "no"!!! eeek, how stupid!!! Dr's can be wrong and 11 years ago my Dr almost caused me to have a miscarriage because he told me in no uncertain terms that i was not pregnant and i foolishly ignored my own feelings and instincts. After he told me I could not possibly be pregnant because I had very irregular periods would never get pregnant without the help of fertility tablets to make me ovulate, I trusted him, went home sad and started taking the fertility tablets (given without first sending me for a blood test!). The tablets then forced my already pregnant abdomen to start ovulating whilst i was already 10 weeks pregnant! and i very nearly lost my baby girl !!! I should have trusted my instincts and not believed the Dr -he was wrong and then tried to cover up his actions, I never sued or anything but really I should of done something about him, he then went onto say a few weeks later in my pregnancy that the chances were my baby was downs syndrome because the test was low, she was not downs but he had ruined all my enjoyment of this pregnancy, needless to say i was left with extreme anxiety after the traumatic birth due to all the medical negligence, they then said i would need a biobsy on my throat as i could hardly eat (this was down to the anxiety i had) but they never diagnosed that either. after nearly dying of septocemia from having big bits of after birth left in my womb for 3 months! i changed Dr's and they got me straight into hospital for a dnc and diagnosed me as having anxiety straight away



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