Nearly 8 Weeks Pregnant But All Neg Test Results

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Vanessa - February 2

in response to Name; ! Date; August 19 2004- i was alarmed to read this comment and would advise everyone to definately ignore the advice, whereby ! writes, i quote " You cannot be pregnant Anna if the doctors have said "no"!!! eeek, how stupid!!! Dr's can be wrong and 11 years ago my Dr almost caused me to have a miscarriage because he told me in no uncertain terms that i was not pregnant and i foolishly ignored my own feelings and instincts. After he told me I could not possibly be pregnant because I had very irregular periods would never get pregnant without the help of fertility tablets to make me ovulate, I trusted him, went home sad and started taking the fertility tablets (given without first sending me for a blood test!). The tablets then forced my already pregnant abdomen to start ovulating whilst i was already 10 weeks pregnant! and i very nearly lost my baby girl !!! I should have trusted my instincts and not believed the Dr -he was wrong and then tried to cover up his actions, I never sued or anything but really I should of done something about him, he then went onto say a few weeks later in my pregnancy that the chances were my baby was downs syndrome because the test was low, she was not downs but he had ruined all my enjoyment of this pregnancy, needless to say i was left with extreme anxiety after the traumatic birth due to all the medical negligence, they then said i would need a biobsy on my throat as i could hardly eat (this was down to the anxiety i had) but they never diagnosed that either. after nearly dying of septocemia from having big bits of after birth left in my womb for 3 months! i changed Dr's and they got me straight into hospital for a dnc and diagnosed me as having anxiety straight away


sarah - February 7

could some1 please help i havent had a period since dec 26th have symptoms but hpt all negative could i be pregnant?


LaDonna - February 7

i want to know if 4 weeks is long enough to find out if i am pregnant.


Sarah M. - February 8

In response to Sarah's February 7th statement, I really feel for you. I am in the same boat. I have not had a period since Dec 16th. I stopped my birth control a month before and had a normal period. On January 24-26 I had very light spotting (if you can even call it that). I thought for sure AF was coming to visit, but she never did. Could this have been implantation? I am on Synthroid for my Thyroid and Bromocriptine for a very small pituitary tumor, and all of my levels are good, so I don't think that's the factor here. I even called my endocrinologist, and he said not to worry about it. I've been taking tests, but they have all come out negative. My EPT tests were very faint negatives...but negatives just the same. I feel and look really bloated. Some b___st soreness, but it's not constant. I am very tired too! I even have white discharge...moreso than usual. Could a positive test result come a few weeks (4 or so) after implantation? Has this ever happend to anyone?


melinda - February 11

in regards to getting neg results when preg i have coment for the person who said its not possible from my own experience i had two preg where dr told me i wasnt preg blood and urins neg i had ultrosound and sure to be i was so trust your body and instints dont let them give yopu pills either to start period get ultrosound first rule it out


Alisha - February 12

I got the DEPO SHOT


ALISHA - February 12

I just got off of the depo shot in early november of 2004 and i started my period the same week it stopped. in the begginning of December i started to feel sick, dizzy, nipples hurt, stomach is harder and i get cramps no matter if on period or not... i took 2 test in the beginning of dec and both came back negative... then in feb 2005 i took a test after feeling sick and couldnt take it and it came back positive.. i was scared but very happy.. i went to planned parenthood and had a blood test done and it came back negative... she told me i might need to go and have some test done to see if something is wrong with me... or wait another 2 wks and take another test.. im scared because i dont know whatis going on.. if you can help me please respond to me.. TOTALLY CONFUSED...


Coco - February 12

To Sasha, when u were pg with twins were ur HCG level low ? cos i heard it suppose to show +ve straight away because ur HCG's level would be so high when its twins. THX and congrats on the twins !


Liz - February 15

Wow, this all sounds familiar. I have had two children before and have ALL the signs of being pregnant. BUT, 3 negative results. Never had neg. results with other kids. I've also been depressed since my two year old was born and I'm wondering if maybe depression can make you feel pregnant? I've also heard of women who want to be pregnant and their minds trick their bodies into acting pregnant. What do you think?


Liz - February 15

Oh, another thought. My mother was pregnant with my brother, who is now 21, and she took tests at home AND at the doctor's and all were negative until she was FOUR months pregnant with him!!!!


jc - February 15



Sa__sy - February 15

I am going crazy. 3 kids, the yougest will be 1 on the 17th. I am not looking to have anymore, my lmp was 12-30-04. ive taken 3 tests and 1 bt, all negative. I dont feel pregnant but i dont know whats going on. Has anyone had this?


liz - February 16

yes, I have had the same problem. My last period was the end of December and I have taken 3 hpt....all negative. I have an appointment with my dr scheduled for friday to find out what is going on


rose - February 16

I had my last cycle on 11-17-2004. In January I started to take a test every week which all came back neg. February came along and still no period (and I am not stressing over anything, haven't changed my diet or did the exercise thing or anything- there is no other reason why I shouldn't have had my period) so I continued to take a test that week. FINALLY a positive! My boyfriend and I were together the following week, and since I had one more test, I figured I would take it with him there to double check. Again, it came back positive. We were so excited. Two weeks later, out the blue, I had I had a milky pink like discharge which I thought was nothing until I began to spot later on that night. The following day I began to bleed like a light period. There were no blood clots or cramps or anything but afraid that I was having a miscarriage and because my first doctors appointment wasn't scheduled until three days later, my boyfriend and I headed to the nearest ER. Breasts bigger, positive tests in hand, no period all that time... pelvic exam by the doctor showed that my uterus was the size it shouldv'e been for that many weeks pregnant and their pregnancy test came back positive. Ultrasound was another story, it showed nothing- "no living organism" in their terms. Next day, I stopped bleeding? I am so confused. I have to still see my doctor as scheduled and as the follow up from the ER visit but I still don't get it. Very curious to know what he has to say about all this because my boyfriend and I will be there and we have tons of questions.


SugarPie - February 16

Rose.. how many weeks are you? I ask, because something extremely similar happened to me this past weekend. Albeit, my bleeding lasted two full days, but not where I was filling up a pad. My experience at the hospital was completely miserable and unhelpful. Keep me updated as to what's going on. My appointment with my ob/gyn is next Wednesday as that was the earliest that I could get.


Bear J. - February 17

I know exactly how you feel. My mp is twelve days late ans it has never been late. i feel sick in my throat when I drink water or laugh, I have been extremly moody, all the pregnancy tests I have taken a negative though. My friend told me that her aunt was 3 almost four months pregnant b4 her tests came back positive.



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