Nearly 8 Weeks Pregnant But All Neg Test Results

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kbsmer3 - September 9

I have a qestion i had my tubes tied 4 years ago and missed a period all three tests were neg would a pregnacy test be neg if it was in the tubr


to kay - September 10

no milky discharge isn't normal and you should have your prolactin level checked. i am having irregular cycles and they are checking a number of things for me one of which is the prolactin. a higher than normal prolactin level tells your body that you are b___st feeding and causes you to not ovulate. milky discharge is the number one sign of hyperprolactinemia


Rachael - September 11

Hi, I'm new to this but maybe y'all can help me. My lmp was June 27th. I had one s_xual encounter on July 16th, he wore a condom and withdrew before he ejaculated (sorry if that's tmi). Since then I've taken four hpt they've all come out - and I haven't had any real symptoms. The only thing I can think of is I feel a little bit sleepy sometimes. I went to see a doctor and they didn't give me a test, urine or otherwise, and prescribed me some pill that's supposed to induce my period. They never tested me but said that it was impossible that I was pregnant... Is it possible that I could be pregnant? Any suggestions would be appreciated...


Nikki - September 11

I have been on the pill fot at least 4 months now. I have been havin unprotected s_x with my partner for a while now and now i am on my third red pill my period has not started. Two days ago i did experience a lil light bleeding and was urinating quite frequently. I have been gettin a lil emotional at times and sometimes cry at the drop of a hat. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? or is it something else? any help would be greatly appreciated Thankyou.


julia - September 11

Same here. My period is due in the next 2 days, i'm having what sounds like implantation blleding...light, pinkish and bareable cramps that come and go. Eating like a mad woman and b___st slightly sore. Done a test today and was negative. Should i give it a couple more days, and am i testing too early?


Kacey - September 13

Well ladies, I am now 23 days late and finally squeezed in a doctor's appointment this morning. Another negative urine test, but I get the results of my blood test tomorrow. Wish me luck!


julia - September 13

good luck Kacey. I went for a blood test yesterday but i think i'm being too eager, should pick up resulats today but won't as i think it's too early and don't want to get dissapointed...again. Did a hpt this morning, as AF is a day late and still negative. Still having this on/off light bleeding. Any news as to what it can be, anyone?


Kiana - September 14

I have been on birthcontrol for about a year. I missed maybe one. This is the second month I've missed my period. Can I be pregnant? I took one pregancy test last month and it was negative. I feel very tired and my b___st are very very tender. Please help.


Samantha - September 25

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me. My last period was August 28, 2005. It was early and extreamly heavy which is not normal for me. I am not on BC because of a heart attack last year and I am 20. I have been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend and he pulls out ( I know not safe). It is now september 25, 2005 and I went to the bathroom and had some light spotting on the tissue. I am not sure what it could be. I went to the bathroom again and nothing was there. Any idea what this could be? I am at a loss because I have no idea. Does anyone know? Advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanks so much. Baby dust to all....


April - September 25

Hello. I would appreciate any input offered. Here is my story: After my last period I stopped taking BC. My husband and I had unprotected s_x near the time I was suppose to ovulate. I am now 4 days late and all of the HPTs are negative. Am I really pregnant or is my period messed up b/c of BC? Has anyone experienced a late/missed period the month after getting off BC? Thanks!


Donavin sims - September 26

can a woman get pregnant when her tubes are tide.


Tara - September 26

Hi, I'm new but was reading everyone's remarks. I am now 9.5 weeks. I felt pregnant right about 2 weeks and kept taking tests, all neg. Right before I was supposed to start my period had bood work and urine test at dr's, all neg. Missed period and four days later had pos. test result. When I called the dr. she was shocked. Had hcg blood test, came back pos., but low levels. Levels are now normal, but took a week or two. Some women just have low levels at first. Plus, maybe you ovulated later than you originally thought. I think that is what happened to me. I hope you are pregnant. good luck.


ashley keach - October 1

i know how you feel my last lmp was the 5th of aug and i have had 4 test done but have not yet had a blood test done i have had cramps i am very woried to as it seems but yet still dont know if i am or not


B - October 3

Hi all, just to fill you in, i'm now 31 weeks late for period, went to gynae appointment last week and he gave me a course of progestreon tablets to make me bleed. 2 days late for that??? also he gave me clomid to take once i get period. will do yet another hpt tomorrow and let you know the results (pcos sufferer) good luck to all of you


Tara - October 3

B- I was wondering wether your doctor has done an ultrasound? That sounds crazy if he hasn't....maybe you need a new dr.! Good luck


Samantha - October 3

Hello again. I was wondering if I could get some advice. I got AF on the 25th of september. It ended and then tonight I had some spotting. I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. Also, I went to the doctor last week for a cold sore and they gave me valtrex. It says not to take it if your pregnant or if becoming so. Could this cause a serious problem if I am indeed pregnant. Please help... thanks



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