Nearly 8 Weeks Pregnant But All Neg Test Results

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Samantha - October 3

Hello again. I was wondering if I could get some advice. I got AF on the 25th of september. It ended and then tonight I had some spotting. I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. Also, I went to the doctor last week for a cold sore and they gave me valtrex. It says not to take it if your pregnant or if becoming so. Could this cause a serious problem if I am indeed pregnant. Please help... thanks


bemused - October 3

ive been reading posts on this site for quite a few weeks now! i just thought id share my story. i am 36 years old and have a six yr old son when he was 12 months old we decided to try for another baby ! then zilch nothing for the next five years( i did have an ectopic and two misscarriages before him) for the last few months i had been taking clomid because i was told i wasnt ovulating! my cycle was and has always been 23- 25 days i have never got to 28 days unless pregnant! my last period was 28 july!!!! i started doing hpts from day 28. all i got was negatives all down the line ,eventually my doctor did a hcg level test which was below 1. so then i knew for certain i wasnt pregnant, the point to this is please be cautious ive never had a late period in my life untill now! it did finally come by the way this week at nine weeks late? i really do hope you all get the result you want just look after yourselves and try not to get your hopes too high! xxxxxx good luck


Ashley - October 5

April- The first month I got off the pill, I was a week late. The dr said this was completely normal and it could happen for the next couple months.


Shawna - October 5

Hi Ladies, I stopped taking the pill in April and had a regular period. I went to the dr in June because I was 11 days late and after a negative test he explained that it is normal to be irregular as your body is adjusting itself after taking hormones. I didn't have another period until August 22. We starting trying right after. I took a hpt on Sept 23 and it was negative, but I was only 1 day late. I have not had another period. I go to the dr on Oct 12. Other than a blood and urine test for pregnancy, is there anything else I should test for that could be delaying my period?


to samatha - October 5

Samatha, don't take Valtrex if you are pregnant!!!!! I use to sell an antiviral just like it called Famvir and know all about it. It is not good to take while pregnant and there are no studies with pregnant women using it. There is a "generic" version of it called acyclovir which has a pregnancy catagory B and there ARE studies with pregnant women using it. It works just as well but you have to take it more than once a day. Ask your doctor about it!!!


brandi - October 6

ok first of all !- you dont kno that for sure my mom was preg with me for 5 months and ALL tests said neg. and not it has been 12 weeks since my last reg period. i had one 8 weeks ago but it was really light and only for 2 days-not normal for my usual 6 to 8 days. i have had 1 neg blood and like 10 neg urine but i have all the signs- nasua, heartburn, sore b___bs discharge, bleeding gums, prolly a few more that i cant think of at the moment and im only 17 and i dont kno wat to do about tellin my dad!!!!!


Samantha - October 7

I should have checked into it but at the office, she gave me a urine test and it was neg. She said it was ok to take so I did. I can't be to sure because of the fact that my last pregnancy I had 7 neg HPT's, blood tests and I found out that I was 7 weeks pregnant. I must just have natually low levels. I hope everything is fine.


Jaime - October 7

My Last period was the last week of June/first week of july. between the months of july and august I have taken six pregancy test and all came up negative. I called my doctor and he said that my birth control pill is working the way it is supose to and that not getting my period while I am on the pill is normal. Since my convo with my dr. I have stopped taking the pill because it makes me nervous not getting my period. This sunday Oct. 9th I am supose to get my period and hope that I do. Since July my b___st have been killing me and I have stretching pains in my stomach. In the beginning of the week in work I started to get very nuesous (sp?) and dizzy so bad that I had to lay down in my boss' office on his cough. I know its not good to stress about this but I can't help it.


d - October 7

if any ladies are still having negatives but our pg. i would make the doctor do a ultrasound..they just have you sitting and waiting. what happens if 9 months down the road you go into labor and the tests still say negative. i think some of these tests that they do do come back with a lot of mistakes. I recently went to the drs. and they messed up my bloodwork with someone elses. just my advice. my dr came back that i was pg at that time, it ended up being another womans. THat was heart breaking.


donvia - October 10

i have the same problem im 6 weeks and i havent had a positive test result and im MAD and my stomach has streched a little bit nausa and every thing in between HELP US


karen - October 11

i think you are the only group of women who won't think i am crazy. for the past two months i have had really weird spotting. some lasted for 2 days and some for three hours. i have two other children so i know what early pregnancy feel like. i have nausea throughout the day, heart burn, the sharp pain you get in the female area, the more i think about the whole thing i felt this way for awhile but never gave it thought before. the really weird part is i felt the fluttering. i have taken preg. test and two were pos. after the given test time and all others are neg. i even have the sore nips that leak. ( have been leaking on, and off since i last b___stfed my last daughter ) Last night i had personal time with hubby and today i am spotting again, only when i wipe. has anyone felt this way before? what was your outcome?


Ren - October 11

Why don't you try to get an ultrasound.


cindy - October 13

look...I have been told I was negative before too and I was like no you need to make sure...finally they did. They used a sonogram at 3 weeks or so of soonogram is the saetest way because you need to start taking care of you and the baby. sooner the better


Candice - November 26

I've gotten two negative test results as well. I just say to hell with it! I just feel pregnant. That feeling is more acurate to me than any test! Just take the nessasary steps and precautions as if you were pregnant. Stop drinking or smoking cigarettes ect.


Maggie - November 26

There ya' go! If you really feel you are, trust your instincts. I just knew too, reguardless of what those tests said. Good luck, and keep in touch.


Hoping - November 30

Just earlier this month I took 4 home tests and they all came back positive. I went to the doctor and they took a urine sample and it was negative. I insisted that the doctor order a serum test and it came back inconclusive....I didn't know what that meant...and I was told by a clinic employee that it meant the test was performed incorrectly. Again I insisted that my doctor allow me to take the serum test again...and low and was they're trying to figure out how far along I am...and whether I'm still pregnant or not...according to the ultrasound (which showed nothing and according to my LMP I should be about 5-6 weeks)there is not evidence of a pregnancy yet...things could be worse I guess...but...good luck to you.



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