NEED Help 10dpo Very Late For Period

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marisa - August 22

I really need someones advice soo bad. I m/c in june, went on birth control pill for 3 weeks, had normal period july 11th. expected to have my period on august 11-13 but no period instead i ovulated on the 12th (i think), its now 10dpo and a BFN on the preg test. Someone offer some advice, i talked to my doctor who said that maybe its my system just getting back to normal after the m/c and birth control pill. i really want to be pregnant again. Do you think that i could be. How many days after ovulation did you get a positive??


Mica - August 23

How can you be "very late for period" when you're only 10dop? You usually have to wait at least 14 dpo (the day af is due if on a 28 day cycle) to get a positive hpt. best to you!


marisa - August 24

Well, i am very late. my cycles are very regular usually, i had af july 12 and neither one since. i think i ovulated on the 12 august, that would make me 12dpo and very late. i know that doesnt really make sense!! i cant wait to find out if im pregnant or if af will soon arive!


Mica - August 25

It's so hard to wait, isn't it? Usually if a woman isn't having af, she isn't ovulating either. Once you've missed 2 af's, it's time to go to the doctor to see what's going on. If not pregnant, he/she may give you medicine to start your af, so that you can ovulate again some time (about 2 weeks) after af. Remember, no ovulation means no conception. Who knows, though, hopefully you'll get some good news soon!


marisa - August 26

thanks for your support. Im going to see my dr this am, hopefully find out something!! Ill let you know what i find out


Mica - August 27

any updates??


Junie - September 8

I would ike to know ...Please share the updates for I am going thought the same thing right now. I used the ortho evra patch for 3 months and stopped it because it was making me extremely deppressed but I' ve had 3 normal cycles after that. I wonder why my body would start acting out now. I am now 3 days late and around the time I expected af, I felt like I was ovulating instead: pain in the ovaries, raw stretchy white egg cm. I am so con fused.


marisa - September 9

Hi everyone. still no af. the 12 of this month will me 2 months with no af!!! i ahev went to my doctor twice. they dont have much to offer me. she keeps saying that you never know maybe i am....i really doubt it. my cycle is probvably just really screwed up from the m/c and then birthc onrol pill. anyways, if i still dont start next week, im gonna go back to the doctor. i am probably driving them crazy but i really hate waiting.... i am kind of scrared also that there is something wrong with me. not having regular af's is bugging me. I was always regular. i guess ill just have to wait and see like all the doctors say!!! take care everyone and lots of baby dust.



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