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leahsmommy - September 24

Ok, so here is the run down.. I have been ttc #2 for a little over a year now with no success.. Well I am usually on time and my period was due on Sept. 1 and it never came.. I have taken numerous tests and they all say neg. Went to doc's and she said that there is no way to be preg if urine ws neg. She is not the one I saw when I had my first and I had to explain to her that with my first I was 8 wks late before it showed up on hpt. She thought I was crazy!!! I have some similar symptoms of preg. that I had before Plus others.. Doc refused to do blood work until hpt was postive, so now I sit here going crazy wondering if it is all in my head or not.. I really want to be, and I feel like I am, but no one wants to help any So what should I do?? Any info or thoughts are encouraged. Thanks


kay101 - September 24

This may be a bit dishonest, but can you just say you THINK you got a positive hpt?


leahsmommy - September 24

I made yet another appointment for this wednesday and I am going to do exactly what you said.. I am going to say I had a BFP on a HPT.. and (cross your fingers for me) my doc will do the blood test or even an ultrasound.. whatever I suppose as lOng as I know for sure I am..


azcountrygrl - September 25

I would find another Dr because it seems to me he doesn't know his job....when I was pregnant with my daughter I had to get lab work done and my Dr did a pelvic ex because even though I WAS pregnant the hpt were all neg...have them do a pelvic and if your uteris is blue you are pregnant by the way I did a hpt at 6 months when Iwas preggo with daughter and still came out neg they just never work for me that is why I am going nuts wondering if I am again sad thing is the doc I had when I was pregnant with daughter is now retired so I am panic strickened to go some where else and them tell me to that I am crazy....very best of luck to you I will keep my fingers crossed that it is all good...


singlem0m - September 25

HEHE I totally agree with Kay on this one. Just tell the doc you did get a + test. And if in fact you are found to be pregnant, consider getting another dr. Good luck!


leahsmommy - September 26

I go 2morrow and hopfully everything is solved.. Ha!! If I get no answers or help from doc 2morrow I am seeking out a new one.. Like you ascountrygrl my other doc who knew about what happened last time is retired.. So this is the doc I am stuck with for the moment.. Thanks for the support, I wil keep everyone updated.. IF I find anything out.. Also tonight I can't sleep because my back is hurting really bad and my lower abdomen feels like it's burning.. not cramping but like a burning kinda pain.. Anyone else have this type of thing happen before..?


leahsmommy - September 26

Well went to doc today and had blood work done.. still no period but they say blood work neg.. REALLY depressed and heartbroken.. I thought for sure this was it.. but I guess I am not.. They still have not done a pelvic exam or anything.. even though I know well at least they say I am not pregnant.. I wish they would at least do that or something so I know for sure I am not..


kay101 - September 26

Atleast you got them to do the bloodtest finally. I figure if we're willing to pay for it, why not just humor us? If you aren't hun, you're just moving on to next month. There are a ton of ttc threads on the signs of pregnancy forum if you need some support, mine is moms2b club.



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