Neg Blood Test

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TTC12006 - April 6

Has anyone ever had a negative blood test but still been pregnant? I have all the pregnancy symptoms, I had negative hpt's but 1 faint positive and the dr. said my uterus felt bigger but then the blood test came back negative. I would be 8 weeks along now and now I'm waiting for my period to come this week or next week. I've gained weight and my lower stomach is harder, I've always had close to a flat stomach and now its much bigger. Any thoughts?


victory - April 7

I am in a very similar boat. Negative blood test but all symptoms of pregancy present; gained weight in stomach area and it is harder, enlarged b___sts, headaches, exhaustion. I also had faint (+ve) Hpt's. The only other thing that comes to my mind is whether the belly weight gain is due to my Pre-Natal vitamins. Just a thought.


AnGeL - April 7

I was readingon a site last night that I posted in another message on here that the hpt can be more sensitive than a blood test, because some blood teset need a higher level of hcg to be recognized +. Also said that if you get a pos hpt and neg blood to get the blood retaken. Anyway here is the site link left cloumn under articles there are SO SO many things on here, answers galore, read till 3 in the morning last night lol. But answered some of my questions.


karina - April 7

I'm in the same boat too...2 negative quant_tative blood tests they were both <2 HCG, an ultrasound 2 weeks ago where I same something round and oval but the tech didn't....they say my endometrium is very thick and there's a non-homogeneous echo (means irregular I think)...I have all symptoms, including kicking. Have a appt in 6 wks, no one will take my seriously even though this would be my 4th pregnancy. I don't want to be pregnant. It's very frustrating. I'm prepared to go it alone and just show up at emergency when I go into labor.


karina - April 7

Sorry....meant saw something round and oval!



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