Neg Blood Test 8 Dpo But Preg

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louise - December 10

I was convinced that I was pregnant a few days ago, but as my period is not due until Dec. 11th, my doc did a blood test on the 5th....NEG! I couldn't believe it b/c have all the symptoms. She told me that it was a very reliable test and to consider it conclusive. My period is due tomorrow, but as am still convinced, took 3x hpts today, and all positive! HA - listen to your body, even blood tests and docs are wrong sometimes.....


EVE - December 11

im so please u turned out preg cant believe blood test came back negative! My body id tellin me im preg but all tests are negative! I have bad head dizzy speels feel sick craving food weight gain and i mean i have a belly!! bleeding gums a missed period which was due a week ago and very bad back and lower pain!


louise - December 11

have yoy talked to your doctor or takrn any more tests??


Trish - December 13

I have the same symptomes Eve, and 2 blood tests neg, but did home test last week it was positive soo then I have had had 2 u/s both show nothing they are saying that at this stage it would b hard to see anything on u/s im so very frustrated...


Eve - December 16

I took another home preg test (first response) and it was neg again i feel preg and am worried its all in my head now!! Please help explain why i feel so pregnant and why i have a bump!!


To Trisha!!!! - December 16

Im very confused on yr situation a neg blood test but positive home preg tests its crazy but also frustrating!! I hope u see that baby soon on the screen i wish u look and send u love xx


Trish - December 16

Yes frustrating is a good word, lol .Doctor did tell me i have a tilted uterus soo I think thats partly the problem right now and the fact that it may b too early so Im praying it all works out plus i have not had my period yet ....Thank you for ur response I truly appreciate it.


To Trisha - December 17

Yr welcome!! I hope everything turns out 4 u both! Im nearly 2 weeks late not still neg tests but i have all sympots still its weird dont u think!


Sunshine - December 17

I was due for AF on the 4th of dec...all the pms syptoms but no flow ! took 2 HPT tests and had a blood test dec 15...all negative. Going nuts...could it be menopause ???


to sunshine - December 17

I have no answers im in same boat as u my period due on the 4th dec got all symptoms but no period tests say neg even blood!


Trish - December 17

You know one thing with these hpts, for me they dont show positive until I am at least 7-8wks. So it does depend on your body, you may actually have to wait a little longer for that but definitely if you are you will keep your symptoms as I have and belly will/should show more in 1 month. Even my doctor told me that with a blood test I could be too early so I hope that helps you as well, tc xoxoxo


sunshine - December 17

thanks everyone...I don't feel crazy anymore. I'll keep you all posted.


eve - December 17

Glad we can all chat together x


Trish - December 17

Just wanted to aks if yall knew if your blood tests were quant_tative or qualitative? I read a posting on here said she took a qualitative just like me and first one neg around the time of her period second was positive 5days after her period, just to let yall know...xoxoxoxo


Trish - December 19

Eve, you should probably try a more sensitive test.


To Trish - December 19

Not sure what blood tests it was to be honest they just took blood and said they would test 4 pregnancy! I am blkeeding today started off brown then went pink then red so im a__suming im not pregnant but i did this with my last child i bled all threw it and im still feel pregnant! xx Hows u anyway??? xxx


Marie - December 23

How long does it need to be since the first day you conceived to show up in blood work. I think im preg. I have never been over 1 day late and my blood and urine is neg.



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