Neg Blood Test Could I Still Be PG

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Emily - December 6

Help Please! I am over 2 weeks late for AF. Have been ttc for about 6 months. I am reallly bloated, emotional and tired lately. Been also having very different cramps, not at all like my AF cramps. Dr gave me blood test and it came back negative but she still said theres a chance I could be PG so I should wait another week and see what happens. Has anyone else ever had or heard of anyone having a negative blood test but was indeed PG? I am soooo confused! I am trying not to stress and think about all the time, but its so hard! Any advice or opinions would be GREATLY appreciated! You guys all seem so knowledgable on this board, so I figured I would post here. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Happy Holidays and Take Care!!


Surprised - December 7

Mines a kinda long story but to make it short..... Many, many preggo symptoms in Oct...2 irregularly short period in Oct & Nov (short but normal flow)...5 negative hpt tests....1 negative blood test....Just found out 2 days ago I'm pregnant!!!!!! Defying everything that doctors say that could not happen!!! Good luck to you.


to suprised - December 9

How many weeks preg where u when u found out cuz i have just had a negative test and i know i must be preg my belly is hard and huge and i have all the symptoms


he emily - December 9

i have all symptoms 2 my belly is very hard all over even below my breats and its BIG I had blood test tole me negative i cant see how im so certain im preg and i wont stop thinking about it deep down i think i know i am!! This is horrible a simple scan wud help us both but they wont just do that these days!


surprised - December 9

If my calculation are correct and according to how I feel and how my belly has expanded I must be about 12-14 weeks (I'd say 14 because I think I felt some movement). The docs think only about a week, but I know that is IMPOSSIBLE. I wouldn't be able to feel a hard lump above my pubic bone if I was only one week preg.


surprised - December 9

And by the way........this was a quant_tative test that they took.....I think my body just couldn't make enough hcg. My body was still telling me to have a period.


Peggy - December 21

Hi Emily... I am one week late today and I am NEVER late. Took 2 HPT's, one negative, one very very faint positive. Had a blood test yesterday and it was negative, but no sign of AF coming. I';m nauseated every morning and my b___sts feel very heavy. I will go for another blood test next week if I still dont start, so I think you should too. Good LUCK to you



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