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just plain confused - January 29

I asked another person this but i would like as many oponions as I can get. I haven't had my perios since mid its been aprox. 80 days..i have had a blood test and it was neg and I have also taken many hpt also neg. I went in last week for a regular pap exam and the doctor said that my uterus was enlarged. So i had to make an apt. for a ultrasound. Could I be pregant even though the results were neg..


Sara - January 29

You could very well be pregnant. Every womans body is different. It is possible to receive negative blood tests, and negative hpt's and still be pregnant. It all depends on how much hCG your body is producing, if any at all. For some women, it takes longer for a test to pick up on the hCG.


just plain confused - January 30

Me again, still wondering if anyone else is going thru this. I am just worried that its fibroids instead of a baby. I don't have many symptoms of being pregant. My Bf says my chest is bigger but it really doesn't hurt. My stomach doesn't like some certain foods. Since i have tested neg on everything blood/hpt i am just not sure. But like i said earlier my uteres is enlarged for somereason. I have to wait til feb 8th til the ultrasound to find anything out. I am so worried...any more advise


hi me too - January 31

just wanted to tell u i have the same exact situation except i also have symtpoms. i have taken three blood tests and a few hpts all have been negative. and my stomach on the bottom is sticking out,,, keep me updated and ill do the same..good luck


pat - June 24

I just got a report that my uteres is enlarged and i am not pregnant


kim - October 5

i am also going threw the same thing it happen with my first daugther so they did an ultra sound and i was about 2 months i am in the same situation i had not had a period for about 2 months went to the doctor the blood test was neg. but feel and look pregant also the doctor said my uterus was enlarged I also have had a few drops of milk i am confused also hopefully we have an answer soon if I do i'll write back trying to go to the doctor tommorrow. soory not much advice just some words saying were in the same path.


Dak - October 5

Hie Kim, I think you might be preg. When I was preg I had a negative blood test only to find out later that I was preg unforunately lost it on June 3 2005. My friend had negative tests for six months but the uterus was growing. It happend I believe you are preg. Wishing you all the best. Please keep me updated. Good luck for a healthy preg.


Shawna - October 5

I think it is great how women can offer support to one another even though they are strangers! I would love to be included! I stopped bc in April and had a regular period. By June 11 I had not menstrasted . I had a pg test at the dr and it was neg. He told me it is normal to be irregular when you stop bc. I did not have another period until August 22. I did an hpt on Sept 23 and it was negative, but I was only 1 day late. I haven't had a period yet so I am going back to the dr on Oct 12. I have decided not to waste my money on hpts. I have occasional symptoms, but I never really had any with my first pregnancy either. Other than blood and urine tests, should I request other tests as well?


Dak - October 6

Shawna, welcome aboard this thread. I think its normal to have irregular periods after bcpills. You should ask your dr to do more tests or give you medicine so that your period should be induced ie you should be having it regularly. Its difficult to tell when you will ovualte with irregular periods. I am wishing you all the best so that you should conceive. Sticky baby dust


Rachel - October 6

Just thought I would drop my story in for all of you to read! I am now 10 days late, and have never been late with my period in my life to this degree (maybe 2 days late at the most in the past). I am having no pregnancy symptoms as far as i am aware since I have never been pregnant before, the only real sign that something is wrong is my very late period. I took 3 home tests over the course of 8 days and all revieled a negative result. So yesterday I headed to the doctors and he gave me a blood test, which I got the results back today and again a negative result. I have to admit that my husband and are not planning to have a baby yet (but would feel blessed if this was the case), so I cant really say my period is late for any phantom reasons. I am not under any stress and my diet and exercise are same old. It is now Thursday night and my doctor has recommended that I wait until mid-next week to see if my period decides to show up, if not then he is going to do another HCG blood test (incase first test was still too early) and if again nothing on both accounts (period or positive) then he is going to send me for a scan. So this is the stage I am up to so far and I intend to keep everyone posted on the eventual outcome as I noticed so many women post information but never follow up their outcome, so therefore this site is full of many questions and very few answers. I also believe that there are alot of VERY young girls using this site, who sound almost desperate to be pregnant which I find disturbing. I have to say that if you are still a teenager who is reading this information and have unprotected s_x then you are playing a dangerous game with your life, there are many years ahead for all of you to have children, enjoy being young while you can and keep having babies as something to look forwad to later on in life, if you try to have it all now then you will have nothing to look forward to and miss out on finding out who you really are. Ok then, sorry I got side tracked but just had to put my opinion in as some of the posts have been worrying. So to finish up, I promise to post the outcome of my mysterious missing period and wish everyone who is trying for children of their own the best of luck to see their dreams of chubby cherubs come true ;o)


Dak - October 6

Racheal, Welcome to the thread. I like your comment. Its a nice advice to young people. I am 25 married with no child. When I was young(19) I thought I would fall preg without a problem hence I used protection(condoms) only to find out that its difficult when I got married & started having unprotected bedding. I ttc for 2 years got preg & lost it June this year. It is normal for your periods to be late sometimes its because of the hormonal changes while sometimes its because of that you are really preg. I had a urine test and blood test that were negative only to find out after 2 wks that I was preg. Wait for af to come or for some time then do another test. Blood test is not usually accurate. It made me think I wasnt preg when I was. I am wishing you all the best so that you should conceive. Please keep in touch. MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED FOR U.


Kimi - October 6

this is possible im sorry i dont have much info for you but your hcg levels may just be verry low. it does happen i guess you'll findout when you get your ultrasound. Good Luck!


kim - October 6

thank you for you getting to my question i will be going to the doctor monday so I get back with you and tell you was has happend thankyou...


Rachel - October 7

Well I didnt expect to re-post so soon! It seems that I have started my period today (im so tired I can barely keep my eyes open when typing this, usual symptom for me!) Dak, I am so sorry to hear of your loss in June, it must have been the most heart sinking feeling, I only pray that it never happens to you again and you will soon be blessed with the pitter patter of little feet! I want to wish everyone the best of luck with their pending pregnancies, and I will be sure to post my experience when my husband and I start trying for a family around mid next year! Best wishes to all ;o)


Dak - October 7

I am sorry Racheal that AF has come. I am happy that you have the courage that you will be ttc next time. I am wishing you good luck for ttc next time. Thanks for the well wishes too. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Andrea - October 15

can anyone help me? i had my period well i think it was my period for the last two months. but my b___sts hurt and my nipples look huge and they itch. i have been feeling nausea for the past two months every morning and i can't sleep on my stomach anymore. i took a blood test four weeks after intercourse and it was neg but i still have symptoms of pregnancy. can any one help me. thanks


Dak - October 17

Hie Andrea and welcome to the thread. I think you should do a u/s or urine test. Blood tests are not always accurate. I hade a -gative blood test but had all the symptoms of preg. Tested after sometime I got a BFP. Try the other tests, it may be that your hormone levels are ver low hence the negative test. This is what exactly happened to me. Blood test is accurate to those whose hormones rises when preg. Wishin gyou well so taht it should be a BFP. Please keep us updated. This is my CD33 of 29 day cycle, still no sign of period but feeling sicky. I dont want to embara__s myself with a BFN test. I am still waiting when AF is coming.



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