Neg HPT Awaiting Results On Blood Test Blue Cervix

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kfrivera - July 5

I am currently a month late on my period, LMP May 11th, and I've been reading this forum for a couple days. I have used about 8 HPT's, and all have come out negative. I went to the doctor today, and it was also negative in the urine, and the doctor did a pelvic exam, and said that my cervix looked blue, and that's indicative of pregnancy. So now I'm just awaiting my blood test results! I'm estimated to be almost 8 weeks pregnant if I am. My br___ts have also increased 2.5'' in the last two weeks, and I have a lot of fatigue and nausea. Just wanted to share my story. Has anyone else been told they had a "blue cervix" but weren't pregnant?


liladams - July 6

Hi, I am currently 13 days late and has only 1 faint positive and like 8 neg on the hpts. My doctors appt is the 13th and I will be doing a blood test but I was reading about the cervix and changes when your pregnant and this is what I found ***Blue cervix is caused by increased blood flow throught the cervical tissue. Anything that increases estrogen will cause it. that includes birth control pills, missing an ovulation, and b___stfeeding. I thought this was some interesting stuff. Did you find out what the blood test results were. Well gl!! and I hope you get the result your wanting! please keep us posted


liladams - July 10

Hi again just wondering what the blood test came back as. only 3days left untill my doctors appt! well please post. I want to know what your results were thanks!


kfrivera - July 10

My blood test came out negative. The doctor mentioned it was a qualitive pregnancy test, but eh. I have another appointment tomorrow. Let's see how that one goes. My period still hasn't come. Almost 5 weeks late. I think I have cysts, I want them to check for that (I've been getting a lot of lower abdominal cramps and pain, kinda like pulling and stuff.



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