Neg Test But Enlarged Uterus

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need help!!!! - January 18

hi has anyone had negative tests but had an enlarged uterus? does that mean ur preggo or can anything else cause this? help....................


Me Too - January 19

On Dec 27th I had an us and the doc said that I had an enlarge uterus, since then my stomach has gotten so much bigger, and everyone is asking me how pregnant am I, but I told them I don't know because I have had neg bt and ut at the doctor's office, but I have another u/s today at 11.00, I will let you know what happens, I'll keep you posted, but I think you are preggo, right now I have fluttering, and all the pregnancy symptoms, wish me luck.


need help!!! - January 19

hi me too how did your ultrasound go? good luck to you :)


me too - January 20

the lady that did the us said the doc will give me my result next week, but I ask her i I am pregnant and she said she did not see a pregnancy, but yet still my stomach is hard, and I am feeling some flutterings, good luck to you need help, how many months are you? when was your last af?


need help!! - January 20

good luck.... my last af was 10/17


me too - January 20

my last af was 10/29, good luck to you, My stomach is growing so big, girl I don't know what is going on but I will keep you posted.


need help!!!! - January 20

yea mine is strating to get big and i never gain weight on my stomach.... and also all of nov/dec i was sooo sick ugh! i feel a bit better now but i feel exahsted and im getting a big belly and im very very moody which is totally not me so its crazy! i wish i knew... def keep me posted i may go this week and ill letu know what happens :)


MEE TOO - January 22

Well need help, I do not know what is going on but have you heard of a circ_mstance where the u/s was wrong? How accurate is it anyway, I will get my results from the doc on thursdays, but the sonogramist told me she did not see a pregnancy, I am so embara__s, because everyone thinks that I am pregnant, and when I said no they asked me if I have fibroids? I am so confused but I will leave everything in the hads of God, How about you do you have any kids, if so how old, I have 3 kids, 1 M/C, and for now I think that I do know the feelings of pregnancy, but I guest we have to wait and see, good luck to you and yours, take care, God Bless.


to need help - January 23

I have had alot of diagnoses enlarged uterus, movement, bigger b___st and leaking uterus. They even say my cervix is closed. No fibroids and negative test.


need help!! - January 23

hey girls... i know its absolutly crazy! me too keep us posted about ur u/s and to need help i hope ur ok too :) i have heard of cases where girls go 4-5 months bfore they find out hopefully that will be our case k keep in touch :)


mee too - January 24

to need help, ps can you answer my questions from the previous post, did your af come as yet, mine didnot come either, keep us posted.


need help!! - January 24

nope it didnt im 6 weeks late and havent had a normal period since ovt 17... am gonna go to the dr this week ill let u know what happens... btw what symtoms are u feeling?


mee too - January 25

I have b___st tenderness, big big stomach, tiredness, fatigue, nauseated, but i have my docs oppointment tomorrow, will keep you guys posted.


kayla - January 25

guest what I just took a pregnancy test and it said positive, could you believe this.


need help aka amy - January 25

wow congrats hun! how far are you? ugh i am getting sooooooooo frustatred with this waiting game i have to be i am getting huge in my stomach but no where else on me im a nurse aid and its all i can do at work not oto be sick all the time and the nurses there say i look 100% preggo... im so happy for you and hopefully ill get my bfp sooon :)


mee too aka Kayla - January 25

Hi Amy I don't know if this is a new pregnancy or if it's the old one, but I have the doc appointment tomorrow, will keep you posted.


amy - January 26

k sounds good hope everythings ok!!



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