Neg Test But Enlarged Uterus

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amy - January 26

k sounds good hope everythings ok!!


nicky - January 26

i was told once before when i thought i was pregnant that i had an enlarged uterus. a few days later i started my period. i had been 3 months late. but i am irregular.


bump - February 1



bump - February 2

any help, anyone.


leigh.millis - July 8

hey i see that this was a while ago ... i am in the same boat .. did you guys turn out pregnant? did you find anything out? xx


leigh.millis - July 8

i'm in the same boat i keep getting bigger and bigger but losing weight everywhere else ! i did tests and all neg i feel pregnant and i feel something moving .... i see this was quite a few years ago .. did you guys turn out pregnant? what happened? xx hope you guys reply xx


Erika8 - September 29

According to when I began getting positiVe home pregnancy tests I am due 12th April 2017. I haVe oVer 50 home positiVe tests. ( I am not "bad crazy";-)) I am excited) I am a mama of two toddlers. 

I had early ultrasound at 3 1/2 weeks which showed gestational sac implantion. I finally saw my obgyn two days ago since she came back from vacation. I had annual Pap smear. Excited she said my uterus was indeed Very much enlarged & we laughed walking down the hall to see ultrasound. the ultrsound did not find babies. My obgyn has been my obgyn for more than ten years knows me well. she sent me to ultrasound diagnostic place. I am at 12 weeks already. Has anyone gone through this experiencing pregnancy yet negative ultrsounds even at 12 weeks? Dr. Urine and blood came out negatiVe... Yet I haVe all signs of pregnancy and oVer 50 positiVe home tests. I also feel baby moVement inside me. It is NOT gas or bowel moVement. I know the difference. 


Erika8 - September 29

I am 12 weeks according to my first positiVe home pregnancy test and my last "normal" period session. I haVe enlarged uterus feel baby moVements ( I am a mama of two toddlers). Ultrsound not finding babies. 


jbae - September 28

what happened? were you pregnant??



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