Negative Blood And Urine Test But I Swear Im Pregnant

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April Bowles - February 1

In October of 2004 I had a miscarriage. In November and December I had a normal period which came on the 15th and lasted for 4 days. Now its Febuary and I still havn't had my period. I have taken home test and blood test which were both negative. Could I still be pregnant. I have also been sick at my stomach, had tender brests and white bumps around my nipples, also I have had a clear slimy discharge. Anyone who has had the same to happen or has any information please respond.


Christine - February 1

April, I am having the same issues. My LMP was 12/15. I am on Cycle Day 48. I have some symptoms, but primarily I have the white bumps like you have. I had two neg HPTs and 1 neg blood (quant_tative <2). My doctor told me to call back in a week if I haven't gotten my period. I called her this morning, and I await her return call. I have read on here that a hormonal change can trigger an increase in your prolactin which can cause these symptoms without pregnancy. Also, I have read that a pituitary tumor can cause these symptoms without pregnancy. (Don't be scared about the tumor thing. From what I read, they are benign and are commonly treated.) I will be 40 in 8 days, so I fear a hormonal change is causing this for me. How old are you? Also, I have been treating with Clomid for infertility (100mg), and I have been taking prenatal vitamins (PreCare) so I am thinking maybe that is affecting my pregnancy tests. ???????? I will keep you posted. I hope you do the same for me.


April - February 2

Christine, thanks for the comment.. Well first of all I am 18 but I have been married for a year and a half. I got a call from my doctor yesterday and they confirmed my blood test negative but I still don't believe it. Like I said I was pregnant in October but I "suppossly" lost it. My mother just called me and told me she called to clinic and explained to them about my white bumps, being sick at my stomac, and also my family doctor told me my womb was very very soft and the clinic said for me to be there first thing in the morning because they think that I may still be prgnant with my first child or I am pregnant again. One other thing this past month I had stopped drinking pop and started soom what of a diet to shed a few extra pounds and instead of loosing I gained 8 lbs. which isnt normal for me considering every other time I tryed dieting I lost weight in the first week. I have one other question for you :) is there a way I can log in and go straight to this pg. with our msgs? please write back I really enjoy having someone to share this with.


Christine - February 2

April, Hi. I will be interested in finding out how your appointment goes tomorrow. I still await a return call from my doctor's office. I am going to probably do another HPT on Friday morning. Yes, you can bookmark this page. Basically, click Bookmark from the top menus. Click Bookmark This Page, and when you want to come back in, Click Bookmark again, and you should see it on your choices. Let me know if that doesn't work because maybe you have a different system than me, but I think it will. Good luck tomorrow, and I will keep you posted on me.


April - February 3

Christine, Thanks for telling me how to bookmark :). Well I went to the doc today and my urine test was negative but I still havnt had a period and I am 19 days late today I still have all the semtoms but no positive test. I am about to go crazy!! My doc told me to come back in two weeks to take another test so i'll just have to wait longer. I am also having slight cramps but not like menstral cramps. I'm afraid that there going to let me just keep waiting until I have another miscarriage I don't think I could bare to go through that again. Thanks for the support msg me back. I can't wait until your doctor calls you I know how it is to have to wait Good Luck and know that I'm always here to listen.


Cinthia Frias - May 10

Hi, I have not had my period since Dec, but I've been irregular for almost two years. Back in November I got a Depoprovera shot to stop my period and a DNC because I was bleeding for two month and I even had a blood transfusion because my hemaglobin was too low. My Doctor prescribed me provera twice already to provoce my period and I have used them but it does not work I got mild cramps for two days and I spotted for two days. He told me to do a pregnacy test and if it was negative to go ahead and try taking birth control pills. My test was negative, but I do not want to take the pills, because I get sick every morning, I pee all the time, I have gain weight too fast and when I get hungry it so bad I cannot control myself and I am scared I am pregnant and by taking pills I could hurt the baby. What should I do.


Kimberlee - August 8

Hi! I am officially a month late for my period, and i"m having some of the symptoms. I've taken two tests, and both were negative, but SOMETHING has to be going on! I feel nauseus on and off, i am pretty tired, i get hungry about 15 after a meal, even if i was stuffed, and i am more hungry more often. Before I got married my period was NEVER regular, but it has been every since, until now. Any advice? How much are blood tests?


Merin - August 9

I have had 3 tests all negetive, but i do feel pregnant, i am very certain I am. I have nearly all the symptoms of a pregnant woman at 5 weeks. I had a blood test I am still waiting for the results for.


Jessica - September 11

Hi, I have all the symptoms of a six month pregnant woman. My last period was March 20, 2007, but all my pregnancy tests keep coming out Negative. The only problem is that something is kicking me from the inside, as well a moving around. I went to the doctor today and they made me pay 250 dollars and all they did was give me a pregnancy test, which is not what I wanted. I have a thyroid condition as well as poly systic ovarium sydrome which prevents pregnancy test from coming out positive. I am running out of ideas, no one wants to take me seriously but something is growing inside of me, you can clearly see that. I have no health insurance and most doctor offices only take insurance, anyone have any ideas?



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