Negative Blood Pregnancy Test Still Pregnant

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Bree - November 13

I had a negative home pregnancy test, so I asked my doctor to do a blood pregnancy test- this also came out negative.... but when I went into a urgent care center a week ago there was a heartbeat. What do I do?


eva - November 13

well - then you are pregnant...


Bree - November 13

But the ob/gyn refuses to make an appt due to the negative blodd test.


Michelle - November 13

Get a new gyno!!!!


Dee - November 26

I'd sue his azz first, then get a new gyno!!!!!


T - November 29

Bree - If a heartbeat was heard then you are pregnant. You need to call your GYNO up again & tell him about the heartbeat & let him know in no ncertain terms that urine & blood pregnancy tests can be wrong. If he still refuses to see you let him know, if the pregnancy proves to be correct (which it probably will), that you are going to sue his arse & let everyone you know, including the papers know, that hes a quack & an unrelaible & uncaring doctor.This will get his attention. Sometimes you do have to be a bit forceful. If he still refuses, write a letter to the medical burea or hospital & tell them everything thats happened. Meanwhile see your own doctor & ask for a scan on your tummy. Good luck!! :o)


Trina - August 15

My last period was the 1st of July, I took a HPT and it was negative, so I had a blood test done and it was also negative. I still have not yet had my period. I have an appointment to see my gyno on Monday. What else could be causing this, if I am not pregnant?


Jacq - August 15

Trina- my situation is exactly the same. My last period was July 1st. I have had many pregnancy symptoms but many hpt's came out negative. I had a blood test last week, and will get the results tomorrow. The dr did a manual pelvic exam and she said that my uterus was enlarged, but my bladder was not full enough to see the u/s. I have decided not to stress anymore. I act as though I am pregnant until it is determined that I am not.


heather - August 15

can you have a negative blood but have a pot_tive preg urine test on the same day


Babymagic - August 18

This is a confusing question for anyone one to answer.... This is my story I had my period on july 17... I have a 29 day cycle. So aug. 12 was my Birthday (26th) i decided to take a test It came up posative. I went to the doctor got a blood test and that cam back negative.... So I went out for my Birthday ... I was supposto get my period on 15 of aug.... 15th came and went ... tuesday the 16 called the doctor again and they had me come in for Beta test witch measures the amount in your blood......87.1 Woohoo...BFP...... I was very excited and a little worried cuz I went out and had a VERY good time for my birthday ..... But my doctor reasured me not to worrie that lots of women go out and party and dont know they are pregnant.... So goes to show you just because your blood draw is negative dont always believe it... The tecinicians are human too . They can mess up!!!!! ttc : 12 months me 26 dh 27 edd april 24 2006 this is baby # 7


Mrs. Mullen to Heather - August 19

Hi Heather. Yes, it is very possible to get a neg blood test and a pos urine test, because it happened to me. i took 3 different HPTs 4 days ago, and they all came up BFP...I went to the doctor's office and they gave me their urine test and that came back's supposedly more sensitive than the HPTs, but that's a different story...anyway, today I went back for a nother urine test at the doctor's office, because last nite, i took 3 more HPTs from 3 different companies, and they all came back positive. well, that doctor's office urine test came back BFN, but the blood test came back "WEAK POSITIVE" being the obsessive tester that I am, i bought another HPT and that one came back BFP, so i'm thinking that maybe i miscalculated my O day...maybe you don't have enough HCG in your system...some doctor's tests are so wacko...


Krystal - September 1

I had a negative home pregnancy test, but my period is 6 days late. I asked my doctor to do a blood pregnancy test- this also came out negative as well.. What should i do now? Should I wait a little longer to retest again? My doctor said call him back a week or so if AF is still not here so he can induce my period to start. What if i am preg, wouldn't that harm the baby?? What do I do?


to Bree - September 1

Did they tell you who heartbeat it was, because they heard a heartbeat for me too, but said it was mine. It seems fast to me but they say it was not fast enought to be a baby heartbeat.


Anna - September 13

Don't be too quick to trust those HPTs and blood tests! All my HPTs said negative even after I was due to start my period. A blood test 1 1/2 weeks after implantation came back negative, too. My doctor insisted I wasn't PG and was about to start me on fertility drugs this month. On a whim, I decided to take an HPT the other day-100% expecting it to be negative. But to my surprise got a positive! I'm five weeks along and didn't even know it! Trust your instincts and what your body is telling you! You know your body better than any test or doctor does. Good luck!


K - September 13

I also had a negative blood test but still haven't gotten my period and have some symptoms like cramping, sore b___bs and achy back.


Anna - September 14

K, it sounds like your PG. Your hCG level was probably too low to detect in the blood test. Wait at least another week or so and try an HPT. I had cramping from week one and sore nipples at week three. Good luck!


dt - February 13

lets see. for about 3 weeks i have been having mutiple PG symptoms sore nipples headachs back achs tired ect. i am about 5 days late for my period. i took 3 HPT's and all of them came out negitive.. can i still be PG? what should i do?



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