Negative Blood Pregnancy Test Still Pregnant

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dt - February 13

lets see. for about 3 weeks i have been having mutiple PG symptoms sore nipples headachs back achs tired ect. i am about 5 days late for my period. i took 3 HPT's and all of them came out negitive.. can i still be PG? what should i do?


mgrave - February 14

to dt, I am seeming to have almost the same problems. From the sounds of the advice on this page maybe waiting another 3 days would be a good idea?


peachesjays - July 3

well i have alomost been 3 months late! but takin 5 hpt's all negative.. what should i do b/c i have no doctor. she retired last month.. and i have no insurance


goingtobefamous - July 3

well i have had a few negative hpts but havent went for a blood test yet but someone commented on how i look like i have a baby belly and accused me of not really taking im starting to believe that maybe sometimes for some reason they just dont seem to work


KE - December 14



Amber89 - December 31

(Sorry in last post I meant to say haven't had my period since sept. lol)


Laurenzo - January 15

I had 3negative blood tests and urine tests,which was done in october last november i found out i was a month pregnant after doing another blood and urine advice is just wait it out,and do another test.i'm in the same boat again after we lost our baby,and praying that we are pregnant.i don't know what else there symptoms could be,because i feel pregnant.


glo_salazar1980 - January 19

Bree- Were you pregnant??? I'm really interested to know if you were pregnant. Was it a baby heartbeat they heard or was it yours???


KaraNdutt - January 20

hi my name is kara. today is jan 20th 2008, i was do for my period jan 1st. never came, and i don't feel like its going to come. i have taken 4 urine test, the last one i took was 2 days ago early in the morning. all negative. i am naucious on and off, mood swinging like crazy, my b___bs are swelling cause veins to show up. nipples are raw and becoming chapped , dizzy beyond believe, lower back pain constantly, eating like a pig and gaining weight. i know these symptoms are not in my head cause i had them before i even thought i was pregnant. i kept telling my husband i wasn't. but now i feel like i am. but can't enjoy it with out evidence. please help


Liam_sMama - January 21

It is such a relief to find this forum. I have felt like I'm all alone with my thoughts, and then I find all you wonderful ladies in a similiar situation. So, I was supposed to start my period Jan. 15th, but it hasn't started yet. I have had all the symptoms of being PG, especially my suddenly protruding belly and headaches. I took a test a few days ago that was've heard it before. The thing that makes my situation a little different is that I am still nursing my 13month old son. Last month was my first period since he was born. Does this mean my periods are just going to be late and make me feel preg for a while? Please let me know if you have any ideas b/c I feel like I'm going crazy! Thanx!


KaraNdutt - January 21

hey liam. i have heard from my mom and a friend who just had a kid.. that nursing messes with your hormones still. and periods often aren't regular after having your kid. especially while nursing. so your six days late now.... do pregnancy test usually work for you??


Liam_sMama - January 21

well, with my son, the tests were negative until I was 7 wks along. I know I should just stop obsessing and wait it out, but once that pregnant thought entered my head, I'm having a hard time ignoring it. And Kara, let me know if you end up being pregnant:-)


KaraNduttwe - January 23

well another negative test result this morning. 9 more days till my period is due again. i am going to wait to see if it comes to go to the doctor. i am tired of these negatives. these test are expensive!!


karaNdutt - January 25

have you started liam?


lnlincoln - January 25

Wow, almost all your stories are like mine. 2 weeks late, and my periods have always been like BAM, very heavy, start right with my cramps, well I didnt start it with the cramps I started getting light spotting, I looked up some stuff that said it could be due to "implantation bleeding" So i took some tests they all came back negative, I also went to my doctor and they did a urine test, negative. I told her all my symptoms and she said well, you very well could be you may just be like some whos hcG doesnt show up until about amonth along......any advice???? Thanks!!


KaraNdutt - January 26

yeah i did that weird pink spotting bleeding last month before i started. it had never happened to me, it was so weird. my sister just had that to, but it actually meant a tubial pregnancy and she miscarried. sometimes it can mean that too. anyways girl i guess i won't come back here untill the next time something weird happens. i started my period last night at 10 pm. almost 1 month late. not sure whats going on. it is now 5 in the morning on saturday. i am up cause its so heavy and so painful i couldn't sleep. but my mind is at ease atleast. no more confusion.



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