Negative Blood Pregnancy Test Still Pregnant

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KaraNdutt - January 26

yeah i did that weird pink spotting bleeding last month before i started. it had never happened to me, it was so weird. my sister just had that to, but it actually meant a tubial pregnancy and she miscarried. sometimes it can mean that too. anyways girl i guess i won't come back here untill the next time something weird happens. i started my period last night at 10 pm. almost 1 month late. not sure whats going on. it is now 5 in the morning on saturday. i am up cause its so heavy and so painful i couldn't sleep. but my mind is at ease atleast. no more confusion.


Brightmoon008 - February 5

KaraNdutt, are you sure you were not having a miscarriage. If it was that heavy and hurt it concerns me. I have had 2 known and may have had another which i will hopefully find out Thursday.


karaNdutt - February 18

maybe a miscarriage. but i doubt it. i have a feeling i am not fertil. i have been irresponsible to many time and have never gotten pregnant. well at least in the last year. so are you pregnant brightmoon?


Brightmoon008 - February 18

Hi karaNdutt, well, never say you are infertile until you haave the testing done. My sister has gone on for like 7 years thinking she was but when she had the testing it says she is not. Maybe just the man's issues, maybe because you are worrying to much, or maybe because it is just not the right time. For whatever reason, never think the worst until you know for sure. Anyway, I beleive with all my heart that I had another miscarriage. I go to speak further with the doctor friday because of some problems I am having. My period this month came alittle earlier but was more "normal". My last one was not normal at all. Very clotty and came spotty first then got bright and clotty etc. Mine usually just comes right on, not spotty. ANd I had more back pain and stomach pain like my other miscarriages but strangely not as bad, maybe because I was not as far along. Anyway, they don't want to believe it because of the fact I had 2 less than 5 quant_tative tests but before I began bleeding my qualitative tests were inconclusive. I just think that my levels were way to low to begin with and that is why it was inconclusive so when I miscarried, it went down fast. Just think, if it sarted at like a 6 or something which would be inconclusive, and I miscarried it could have went down to less than five in a day. Well, that is my story.


peachez806 - February 18

ok this might be diffucult question to answer, ok me and my boyfriend are try to have a baby but were haveing some problems knowin if i'm really pregnant. on dec 12th i had a period ( well almost a period) spoting actully for only a day, agian on dec 30th two weeks apart more spoting, (but i only get the spoting after me and my boyfriend had s_x on those days) so i for sure thought i was pg i had all the sign tired, mood swings, night sickness. then went to the doctor for a blood test it came back negitive!!!!!! no period in january..then feb 15th i get a period but for only 2 days instead of the normal 5 days does that mean that i really am pg!!!!!


ashmonkey1986 - February 25

if you think your pregnant go online to ebay and buy a baby doppler i did and now i'm fighting with the doctors to do a ultra sound i have low estrogen but doctors always go by test i found 3 heartbeats and have gained 46lb and they dont know why they say its my heart beat and ask me what md school did i go to i told them srna it shut the er doc up he is sending me to a tyroid doc. but i have called the doctor and he is having me check my blood presure for two weeks and all the babies heartbeats and he is going to force a obgyn to do an ultrasound he thinks i'm 6-7 months along so keep trying doctors sometimes are only after money i have had six m/c thanks to them going by the urine and blood test one i was 7 months not even showing and not everyone misses there periods dont give up theres hope i will let you know what they find but my heart is not 177,168,154 so what you think


tdot - February 27

we have the same thing, 2 weeks late, neg HPTs and negative blood test. Doc said prolactin was a little high, HCG low and progesterone high...what does that mean? pregnant or not even close?


thatchic804 - February 28

this post has helped me emotionally so much i would just like to thank those who post on the forum its really lonely when u think your the only one i too have not had a period since 1-10-08 i am regular 2 negative hpt and one neg blood so confused iam 29 my only child is 12 will be 13 in august me and dad have been a couple since 14 and now want a little girl so thanks for the HOPE and support


sam2014 - February 28

me and my boyfriend had s_x last on jan 11th and i have a small period btween then but i havent had one since then and i am a week and 5 days late and i have taken 5 preg tests all came out neg and i cant into the doctors for a month for a blood test. am i pregnant? what should i do


Kelly - March 2

I'm about 3 weeks late for my period, and have had negative hpt's and a negative blood test... could I STILL be pregnant? The doctor says unless it happened within the past few days before the blood test (and it didnt') it's definate that I'm not.... what could be wrong? If I were pregnant, from conception date, the baby would be about 4 1/2 weeks old... it should have shown up on the blood test, right?


uranius2005 - March 5

Kelly, I don't have an answer for you, but I am in the same boat! I am 2 weeks late in my period. My urine tests (4 times) and blodd test (1 time) has been negative. I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. If I am pregnant, conception occured on Feb. 12th. I had spotting on Feb 17th. It lasted for a few days. I will be seeing my Dr again on Mon. Mar 10th. Let us keep in touch share notes! Good luck to you and to every one on this forum


uranius2005 - March 10

Update: Today I had an appointment with my fertility Dr. According to her, my ovaries are drying out. (I am 40). She did not think it was necessary to do another pregnancy test. She did recommend some test to confirm if my overies are drying out or not. She thinks what I thought off as spotting was actually my period that came early. She dismissed my symptoms saying it is all in my mind. As far as I am concerned I am pregnant till I get my period. I had been doing an ovulation test and they have been negative. If what said is right, then I should be getting my period soon.


uranius2005 - March 11

My Dr. called today. She basically said my blood test results from yesterday's test indicate I have ovulated in past 12 days or so. Which means I should be getting my period any time from now. If what she says is true and what I say on Feb, 12th was indeed my period and not spotting, then my period should start tomorrow. Will keep posting until I get my period.


nhh33 - March 12

Are they sure it wasn't your heartbeat? i would go to the docs and get an ultrasound to be sure!!


uranius2005 - March 14

My period stated yesterday. Although I still have all the symptoms like dizziness,headache, nausea, tender nipples. It could be some harmone changes I guess.


dnfhalf_pint1 - March 21

Wow...ladies, I completely understand what you're going through. My last 3 periods have been regular, but only 1 day or so long. I've had a lot of pregnancy symptoms that I have never had before. I've been to 3 different OBGYN's and finally found one that is listening to me! So my first piece of advice, is to find a good doctor, it's worth the search. She is an MD, but also uses alternative medicine, which means she's open minded. Anyhow, she put me on biodentical hormone creams which I started the first day of my last period February 10th. I ended up being hospitalized for anxiety reasons and being put on medication. That doc says the meds shouldn't affect the hormone creams or my cycle. So now I'm 10 days late and 3 negative POA's in the hole. I'm going to wait 2 week and get a blood test. I'm nervous because the meds that I'm on shouldn't be taken during the first trimester, but I need them to balance me out, so I don't want to stop for no reason. With all of the doc visits in the past 4 months and everything else, my husband thinks it's all in my head. Baby dust to all of you and if it's meant to be it will be. Just remember not to stress about anything we can't control, take care of your body and be happy. It will happen if it's meant to happen!



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