Negative Blood Test Could I Still Be Pregnant

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lady-in-waiting..... - April 7

Hello all, I am 7 days late and have taken a ton of hpt that have all been negative. I had a blood test done yesterday (not sure if it was quantative) that was also negative. They said that I could have the test re-done in 5 days "if I want...." I am usually like clockwork, every 30-days (sometimes 29) and never late. I have not had much more stress lately, I haven't been sick, traveled, or any of the others things stated as why someone's period would be late. I have had menstrual like cramping for the past 6 days, and have been a little tired, but have no other symptoms. Is there anyway that I might be pregnant? If not, does anyone know any other reasons for a late/skipped period. I just want to make sure nothing serious is wrong with me. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!


amanda - April 14

I cant give you an answer, but I am in the same boat as you are. Let me know if you find out anything. email me at: [email protected]


Becca - April 14

Lady in waiting- I am 3 weeks late on my period. I am also like clock work. I had a bunch of ladys at work freak me out about skipping my period. So I went to the doctor yesterday. They checked everything ie. tyroid, hormones, red & white blood cell count, allergies, and infections. They gave me a urine and blood pregnancy- all negative. Nothing was wrong with me. I go back in 2 weeks to get a pelvic exam to check for cysts. Thats the only thing I can think of. I would wait a little longer before you get to worried. I am calling my doctors office to find out what kind of a blood test they gave me yesterday, that will rule somethings out also.


h - April 29

I'm in the same boat. One week late, and a negative blood test. Dr said to wait until i was 2 weeks late and do another blood test. We'll see.


hl - April 29

I'm in the same boat. One week late, and a negative blood test. Dr said to wait until i was 2 weeks late and do another blood test. We'll see.


hl - April 29

I'm in the same boat. I've been late 3 times in my life counting this one, A miscarriage and my 2 year old. Today was a negative blood test and I'm a week late. Dr said to come back when I'm 2 weeks late and we'll see.


jackie - April 29

Same here. Last af was 3/15 and she's still not here. Had urine and blood tests done this past wed and all negative. Apparently, unless you miss 3 periods in a row, will you be red flagged. My doc said it's normal to have an irregular cycle. Not what I wanted to hear. I also have a hemorraghic cyst on my right ovary, which I just found out about on march 30. So, I don't know if that's what's causing my cycle to be delayed. I hate this waiting game.


Elizabeth - April 29

I had a blood test done yesterday and the doctors office just called to give me the results. It was a qualitative test and it came back negative. But, I still feel symptoms. I am ravenously hungry all the time, I pee a lot, I am exhausted, short of breath, heartburn, i wake up at 3 am to pee and can't get back to sleep, bloody nose, metallic taste in my mouth, queasy tummy, mood swings, weird tummy feelings, etc. I guess I'll just try to put it in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks and then test again. I'm on day 47 of my cycle! I'll update when I hear anything.


Deena - May 9

I've taken numerous hpts and they are all negative. I'm becoming very frustrated. I am never late with AF. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy including my gag reflex is extremely high, especially in the mornings. I'm suppose to get a blood test this week. I'm afraid that it's going to come back negative. The not knowing is killing me. What's wrong with my body. Does anyone feel the same way?


heidi - May 9

To Deena - I know exactly how you feel. I am 22 days late and I am never ever late. If I start to cough I have to fight not to throw up my gag reflex is so bad. I have taken approx 15 hpts all negative...I have a blood test in about 2 hours so cross your fingers for good news!!!! I am so scared that it will come out negative and I hate to admit that I have gotten my hopes up.


Ronda - May 9

Same boat. 9 days late. I've had a blood and two urine test, both came back negative. I'm always hungry, have indigestion, funny little twinges of pain in my stomach and pelvic area, EXTREME mood swings, and I'll get dizzy and short of breath at any given time. My husband and doc said to wait it out, but they are both men, so what the hell do they know about not worrying?! I feel your pain.


Britney - May 18

I'm in the same situation but my period is 4 days late and I've had 2 positive HPT's and a negative blood test. I'm going to take another HPT when I'm 2 weeks late.


Sharon W - May 18

Hi ladies I am in the same boat. I am never late and I had a full fertility work up two months ago and it was all normal. I had a HSG two cycles ago and the doctor told me that I could be slighty more fertile. My af never showed so I had a blood test done and it was less than two when I was a day late. (I know maybe to early right, or so I am praying) I am now three days late and my temp keeps slowly going up. I have almost every single pregnancy symptom. I have been trying for 18 months with one miscarriage 13 months ago and I almost feel the same way. I am hoping that I am pregnant. and not crazy.


Suzan - May 20

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could help me. I just had a miscarriage and we tried again on the 1st of May. I went to the Doctor the next week and had a blood test done and it came back negative. Well I only had a two day period and mine usually last up to 6 days. Could I be pregnant even though I had a blood test come back negative.


DeAnna - May 21

I don't know the answer to that question but I am 5 days late and I am usually like clockwork. I took a HPT and a doctors office test and they were both negative so, I don't know what's going on! If you find out any information please e-mail me! [email protected]


andrea - May 25

DO u think that your pregant?


Mia - June 10

I know too how you all feel. I spotted on and off for 6 days stopped for 3 then pa__sed a few clots thought it was my preiod late one day and only bled like this for two days. 2 hpt.'s positive 2 blood tests negative dr. said to wait until the 28th of this month for an appt. Any advise I'm going crazy due to miscarriage this past Feb.and none of these symptoms are like those were. please HELP!!!!



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