Negative Blood Test Amp Botched Ultrasound But Feel Kicks

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karina - April 7

Hi, I'm 37, I've had 2 full term pregnancies, 1 miscarriage. Last "normal" period was Jan.24 (very light though), since then 2 that were 3 days and super light. I am positive I'm pregnant, have every symptom in the book. I was not trying to get pregnant, don't want to be. I've had lots of negative HPTs, 2 negative blood tests, one ultrasound where I saw a white round oval which moved quickly and the tech saw nothing. Now the last 2 weeks I feel definate kicks and flutters (nothing else feels like that), esp. after I eat, they're high up around my belly button . I can't get a gyno appt. until June, and no OBS will see me because I'm not testing positive. I feel like I'm a nut case....but every fibre of my being tells me I am pregnant. Any one in the same boat??? Maybe it's a giant tape worm!!!


Shirl Girl - April 11

Hi, I know what you're talking about. I had my last normal period in November. My husband and I had a little accident in Dec. and I had a very light period in Jan. Then I had nothing for 2 months. I finally took a preg. test that came back pos. But then I took another one and it was neg. I had 2 blood tests, both neg. Then I had some very light bleeding about a week ago with cramps. Not a normal period at all!! I have been feeling alot of movement. And when my bladder is full it feels like something is punching it. I have had 4 pregnancies so I really believe I am feeling something. Just wondering how you made out. Do you know if you're pregnant?


karina - April 12

After yet another frustrating doctor's visit, this time I saw a young ob/gyn at the Women's Hospital urgent care ward, he did another blood test, another urine and then did a quick pelvic where he felt for lumps and felt my ovaries but didn't check for an enlarged uterus because he didn't beleive I was pregnant. Of course the tests came back negative. He said I must have a hormonal imbalance causing all the symptoms and my bowels causing the movement. I said I go every day, doesn't that happen to people who are constipated? He said, take some Milk of Magnesia you probably still have something in your bowels....The thing is I don't want to be pregnant at all, I've had my kids (12yr old girl and 10 yr old boy). I'd be the first person to's just it feels exactly like fetal movement. Happens at meal times and after eating something sweet. Last night my "bowel problem" LOL woke me up at 4am with it's kicking, it wouldn' t stop until I went to get a snack from the kitchen. I don't know what to think anymore. I'm going it alone. One of my best friends is a nurse and if it wasn't for her encouragement I would have checked myself into the nuthouse a long time ago. Not only that...I rented a fetal doppler and when I use it the "bowel problem" goes crazy, swimming around, kicking, I can hear it swimming by and bumping into the area where I'm listening. So....What tests have you had done?


karina - April 12

What are your symptoms? Can I ask your age? What do the doctors say to you? How far along would you be? It's encouraging that you got a positive, I haven't had that yet.


karina - April 12

When did you take the test?


hotmama_21 - April 15

you know what i would tell them yes i tested pos. because then they can examine you and then do the ultrasound to see how far along and and if they ask any questions or anything or they test you there also to make sure and they say this says neg. say well was it a false pos. then and just ask them to make sure for you by ultrasound


babe32 - April 15

well if your last period was on jan 24 that would put you at 11 weeks and four days going by your last period. Now feeling movement at 11 weeks is rare but it can happen you would just feel movement though the baby is not strong enough for you to feel its kicks. I believe at about 12 weeks the uterus is just above your pelvic bone making it vertually imposible for you to be feeling movement around your belly b___ton. I cant remember of the top of my head at what week that happens. if your still turning up negative i would just go in for an ultra sound pregnant or not there could be something else causing you to miss your peiod i wish you luck.


anon - April 15

Katrina I feel the same as you. The doctor told me he felt hardness in my stomach and then said I was just fat. It is sad when they feel a problem and do not bother to check it out. Oh the hardness he said is just umblical hernias which are small. If they are small how can he feel them.


karina - April 15

Thx for your answers girls....Yes I will do that, I'll tell them I tested positive when I go for my ob/gyn and insist on an ultrasound. I may be more than 11.5 weeks, I had an unusually light period Jan.24 so it is possible I'm further along. With my second child I felt kicks at 13 weeks. Feeling it so high up does freak me out a little, but sometimes I feel them lower down too...but getting stronger all the time. I know I'm pregnant, so I'll just have to wait for proof...ultrasound or hearing the heartbeat, right now on the doppler I rented I hear a lot of swimming and kicking going on.


Shirl Girl - April 19

Hi again Karina. I am 45 years old. I still think I am pregnant. But of course I am still getting negs.I am having more movement and I think I would be going into my fifth month by now. I was tested for menopause but the doctor said that's not it. How are things for you? I just bought a couple of the dollar store tests cause I hear they're pretty good. Wish me luck.


Heathe - April 19

Karina, I am going through the same thing you are, it has been going on for 5 Months now, always had reg periods, have had a 1 day bleed now for 5 Months, which is not normal for me, have all the Pregnacy symtoms, my b___st have got real big for my little frame, and my belly is sticking out, I fell kicks and alot of movement, to where I see a bulge on one side and the other side flat, doctors just keep writing me off, and refuse to give me a ultrasound, because of the neg tests, I understand everything that is going on with you, I am to the point now where I don't even get frustrated anymore, it has been too long, will just go on and see what happens, if I am pregnant I am 5 Months along now, just wanted you to know that there are alot of Women out there going through the same things.


stef2006 - April 19

hiya i'm 17 and im just over 3 weeks late and im always on time! i dnt kno wot 2 do! ive taken 3 tests and all r negative and i have a big fear of needles and cnt go thru with a blood test, i kno how sad that sounds! i couldnt have any injections all through school cause i instantly react and run off! could i be pregnant??? ive got a boyfriend and we use the pull out way which is stupid! pls help i cnt talk 2 anybody n i havent a clue wot 2 do x


karina - April 23

Hi Girls, thx for your positive responses. Shirl girl, you've had 4 pregnancies before, so you should know what it feels like. If you are pregnant you would be feeling movement by now, plus with a positive test that's a good sign right? Heathe....have you had a quanitative blood test? I've read a lot of women test positive around 4-5months, but if you're still bleeding maybe it won't show up. There seems to be a co-relation between bleeding and negative blood/urine tests. For me, I'd be 12-16 weeks this week. I had another 3 day period this week, but still feel the ligaments stretching feeling, b___sts still larger, etc, and still good fetal movement, so...With my second baby I felt the movements at 13 weeks, so I'm a__suming with this one I'd feel them earlier. It's good to know we're in the same boat together....did you girls plan on getting pregnant? I sure didn't....I'd be happy if I found out it was something else. For now it's just a waiting game. I wish I wasn't tall and roomy or I'd show sooner. I just look chubby now and can't wear my old pants/skirts.


Heathe - April 24

Karina, I have not had a blood test since Jan, they will not gove me one, or an ultra__sound, they just go by the urine test. So I guess I will have to wait, I am also tall and skinny, so I don't have much of a belly just enough for people to say wow Heather your getting a gut and bigger b___st, what are you doing, my Breast have grown at least a cup size, and I was already a B now I am a C cup, and with my frame people are saying to me, Boy are you busty for being so tiny.


karina - April 24

Heathe....sure sounds like you're this your first? Are you over 35 too?


Heathe - April 25

Karina, this would be my second child, I am 34 and was not trying for a baby, so if I am this was not planned, so that it is what is so weird, I could see if I wanted to be pregnant, well I guess I will see waht happens.


karina - April 25

Heathe...hang in there. If you see movement, I'd say that's a 100% positive to me, I remember seeing that with my 2 other babies. Let's face it, no matter what doctors or tests say we know our bodies better than anyone else, and some symptoms cannot be explained by anyone else. I don't beleive in hysterical pregnancies unless you really wanted to be pregnant. In your case and mine it was unplanned, so how could it be in our minds???



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