Negative Blood Test Amp Botched Ultrasound But Feel Kicks

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tpookie18 - November 27

iam 18 and i have the same problem i know im pregnant i have most of the symptoms and i should be 5 months along. My abdomen is enlarged my b___st are huge and very sore and i feel alot of movements .When my boyfriend puts his ear to my belly he claims to hear movements and sounds that sound like thumb sucking what should i do?


sharonogle - November 30

Hi, well went for my appointment, they took yet more swabs?? but they are now going to have me in and give me a general and go in through my stomach to see whats going on and try to unblock the tubes while they'r in there. Just happy they are doing something. Now i have to wait for the date to be admitted!! Sharon.


LindaW - November 30

Sharon: I think the doc is wise, especially since you've had kids. The surgery isn't bad. Ask for something for nausea just in case and you'll be fine. The pain afterwards wasn't any worse than a bunch of sit-ups. If you have issues with gas pains in your shoulders from the CO2 used, take some ibuprofin. It helps by relaxing the muscles and stopping the gas from making them spasming.


sharonogle - December 1

Thanks Linda, Im not worried about any pain but i'll take your advice if pain killers are needed, i've never looked forward to going into hospital as much as i am now! Im hoping it will come soon but im happy that i will finally get some answers. Hope you all have a lovely christmas. x


SummerTime - December 21

So she's still a charmer then. I think despite her protests she did want to have a baby and so this is not the news she wanted to hear. Though it does make you wonder just how good her midwife was, the one who told her she was pregnant and leaking amniotic fluid. I didn't realise you were pregnant, what great news and good luck with the baby. When are you due?


usnwife - December 21

I think that she did want to have a baby too. Well there goes all the money she was gonna make suing the doctors. So makes me wonder tho. Was all the kickin in her head. Hmmmmm. Cuz she obviously wanted a baby. Or she wouldn't hate me cuz I can have a healthy pregnancy. But just incase she is readin this. I have had a very unhealthy one before. So not always chocolate. But anyhow, Yes I always thought her "midwife" was a fool. Now for me, I am due in April on the 19th with a baby girl. This will be my 4th and last baby. We didn't plan this. She is a bcp baby. But we love her non the less. Oh and on that subject of "healthy babies" My last baby almost died of unknown causes so bite your tounge you wench. She was in the NICU for 3 weeks on everything they could possibly hook her up to. You know nothing about potential loss. But Summer thanks for the good luck!


SummerTime - December 21

Oh a daughter, how lovely. Fingers crossed all goes well this time. My last pregnancy has had to be that due to me becoming very ill during that pregnancy. Children are a gift and resenting someone because they have something you so clearly want is only ever going to make you feel bitter. Though hating someone so much just because they have what you want perhaps calls into question if there is the maturity there to be a parent. I'm guessing the book she was going to write about undiagnosed pregnancies is also off.


iampg - December 21

i feel very sad reading some of these posts. what happened to forum netiquette?


LindaW - December 28

usnwife and summertime speak because they have felt firsthand the absolute wrath of a group of people who say they want help, but do they? I'm not doubting their very real pain however they have cancelled recommended tests, surgeries, etc. to protect an unborn child that they were told they weren't carrying. Now before I'm jumped on, sometimes the urine tests don't work. However I can't remember seeing one post of a woman who's bloodwork came out negative and were still pregnant. There were maybe one or two where it was done too early. I can see how the heavy woman who was pregnant was discriminated against however her blood test when finally taken was indeed positive. I can understand the fears involved with testing, surgery as I myself had to have surgery last summer to see if I had ovarian cancer (I didn't) . I also have PCOS so could speak with some authority and was ripped to shreds, monitored, etc, if I so much as suggested that the issues were other then pregnancy. There was much claim that they simply wanted answers but the actions didn't point to that, at least not in my opinion. Whatever Nick went through I'm sure was very real, not an imaginative pregnancy, however she did contribute to her own issues in that case. Hard to keep an open mind. Sharon I could tell was genuinely interested in really figuring it out and I'm so pleased she's having her surgery and hopefully will finally be able to conceive a healthy baby


Tapanga - January 7



Tapanga - January 7

Sorry if that offends you but its definatly more common than people think. The fact that even the mere suggestion of it offends you is sort of annoying, since it's an illness, and when there is something wierd going on with your body you want to explore all the options. At least I would. Anyhow, to those of you with it, you will probably have to deal with it someday, good luck everyone. If nothing else, it's an interesting topic imo.


Tapanga - January 7

Well now that I've read some more of this crazy forum, I see I am being extremely redundant. Sorry! It was a condition I had most recently learned about, and I find it greatly interesting. Medical information and the mind and the fact that there is so much undiscovered is of great interest to me! So maybe you're all just a little loony, or maybe your medical needs surpa__s our current capacities, likely it's a bit of both. I especially enjoyed how you butchered the so called negative people with so much negativity. I also enjoy irony and long walks on the beach! Cheers!


moescrilla - January 8

i'm sorry...but I just had to say..... the people that have "been in here since the beginning" I think its a little odd myself to be "cyber fighting" for 8-9 months. Just a thought...


wennyk - January 9

does anyone no what happened to the lady that posted this? wondering if she was pregnent, cause if she was she would have had it by now, and what about the other ladies that had the same thing, did they end up being preg too? very interested to find out what happened.


Tapanga - January 9

Yeah she wasnt' pregnant, I went to the yahoo group the last I read she posted that she had been diagnosed with mild PCOS.


celestial_sparkler - January 29

Hi, I too have read this and looked for an answer as to the status of these women. I want to know how it turned out. I have been trying to find on the internet some information about pregnancy's that were only discovered upon labor or in the third trimester. There is little information about it. I was trying to get pregnant last spring and summer, and it seemed failed, but I wonder if I am experiencing a false pregnancy now-that is another subject about which I am trying to find more information. Because I very much want a child. My last pregnancy (and first as far as I know) ended at just over 16 weeks with a horrible and nightmarish miscarriage. I had all the symptoms, and an early positive test and also, the positive sonogram at just over five weeks. but all the spotting and such that ended with my loss. I never made it far enough to feel movement or gain weight. Since September, (the last time I had unprotected s_x) I have had my period regularly (if a little abnormal in flow and length being longer, and both lighter and heavier at different times) except for the first one since which was a week late. I took a test, it was negative and I had my period a day later. I was crushed, but I have adjusted. Since then, though, I have still had mild symptoms, nausea, fatigue, faintness, headaches, heartburn and other--all which could be attributed to illness and allergies. The thing that has me stumped, though, is the weight gain. I eat less then normal, not having an appet_te for much of anything, and still I am gaining weight. I fight it, and still gain weight. About a month ago, I started feeling strange fluttering and sometimes light pokes in my belly. I don't have money, I am unemployed and have no insurance. I can't afford to take test after test and to visit the doctor for no reason. Also, I am afraid of the test being either positive or negative, not knowing is bothersome, but its also a blessing with my state of mind from my miscarriage. Its been two years, but I don't think I'll ever really get over it. I do know I'll find out in no more then four months, and not less than one month, from my history. What really scares me is the possibility it could be something really bad, life or fertility-threatening, and I can't get a check up to find out. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I may find more definitive answers to my problem, what is the likelihood of hidden pregnancies, I know they occur, but I am sure its quite rare, and also, I want to know if cysts, polyps or cancer can cause the feeling of movement. My mother had a complete hysterectomy at my age (35) due to extremely painful endometriosis, while two of my three sisters have had hysterectomies (one partial, the other I don't know the details) due to cysts and non-malignant tumors at 34 and 43. Its pretty scary in all....does anyone have similar stories or information or links that could help shed some light on my situation and what information I am seeking?



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