Negative Blood Test Amp Botched Ultrasound But Feel Kicks

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celestial_sparkler - January 29

Hi, I too have read this and looked for an answer as to the status of these women. I want to know how it turned out. I have been trying to find on the internet some information about pregnancy's that were only discovered upon labor or in the third trimester. There is little information about it. I was trying to get pregnant last spring and summer, and it seemed failed, but I wonder if I am experiencing a false pregnancy now-that is another subject about which I am trying to find more information. Because I very much want a child. My last pregnancy (and first as far as I know) ended at just over 16 weeks with a horrible and nightmarish miscarriage. I had all the symptoms, and an early positive test and also, the positive sonogram at just over five weeks. but all the spotting and such that ended with my loss. I never made it far enough to feel movement or gain weight. Since September, (the last time I had unprotected s_x) I have had my period regularly (if a little abnormal in flow and length being longer, and both lighter and heavier at different times) except for the first one since which was a week late. I took a test, it was negative and I had my period a day later. I was crushed, but I have adjusted. Since then, though, I have still had mild symptoms, nausea, fatigue, faintness, headaches, heartburn and other--all which could be attributed to illness and allergies. The thing that has me stumped, though, is the weight gain. I eat less then normal, not having an appet_te for much of anything, and still I am gaining weight. I fight it, and still gain weight. About a month ago, I started feeling strange fluttering and sometimes light pokes in my belly. I don't have money, I am unemployed and have no insurance. I can't afford to take test after test and to visit the doctor for no reason. Also, I am afraid of the test being either positive or negative, not knowing is bothersome, but its also a blessing with my state of mind from my miscarriage. Its been two years, but I don't think I'll ever really get over it. I do know I'll find out in no more then four months, and not less than one month, from my history. What really scares me is the possibility it could be something really bad, life or fertility-threatening, and I can't get a check up to find out. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I may find more definitive answers to my problem, what is the likelihood of hidden pregnancies, I know they occur, but I am sure its quite rare, and also, I want to know if cysts, polyps or cancer can cause the feeling of movement. My mother had a complete hysterectomy at my age (35) due to extremely painful endometriosis, while two of my three sisters have had hysterectomies (one partial, the other I don't know the details) due to cysts and non-malignant tumors at 34 and 43. Its pretty scary in all....does anyone have similar stories or information or links that could help shed some light on my situation and what information I am seeking?


Tessia - March 2

I am sorry I dont want to come as rude here but I have been reading this and I really think you need some help if you all still believe your preg after all this please listion to your docs your not preg maybe I have heard that women if they want so badly to be preg they will make them self believe they are and give themself symptons , its not healthy for you to go on like this talk to someone and get an u/s that will tell you 100% if you are if by now it shows nothing YOUR NOT PREG IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE U/S not to pick it up after even 4 weeks


moescrilla - March 3 the posts....this is back in april 06. If she was pregnant, (which she wasnt) she would've already had the baby. So....its kinda over....


sharonogle - April 5

Hi Linda and everyone, Finally i have got a date for a pre op exam on 19th April. Hopfully my operation will quickly follow. I was ready to contact them as i had'nt heard nothing for ages. usnwife that is the day your baby is due, hope all goes well with the birth. I will let you know the date of my op and the outcome. x


LindaW - April 8

Sharon, That's wonderful. I'm so glad that you finally have a date at least for pre-op but I'm appalled at how long it's taken. I hope you haven't been in lots of pain. Are your symptoms continuing? Linda


sharonogle - April 14

My symptoms are still the same, i take pain killers when its too painful. It does seem as though its taken a lng time for an appointment but thats how it is here....long waiting lists unless your an emergency case. I will keep you updated.


LindaW - April 14

Sharon: Give me a shout on lindawmn at



linda i sent you an email.


rachaelinez - February 23

i feel insane as well..ive had my periods every month short and off but i still bleed..sometimes heavy sometimes not..they've a;ways been heavy all of my life..hpt say neg went to a dr and as soon as i told them my tubes were tied they didnt want to do anything else just told me theres no way im husband threw a fit and demanded a blood also came back neg..but my stomach is growing..started off as flutters has grown into Kicks..and people have said its bowels or whatever..but it does that b4 i eat..and after i eat im usually puking..i have ma__sive heartburn..i get sick at sleepy my b___sts are sore..the line on my belly is dark..i mean..ive had 3 children i know what a baby kicking feels like..but the dr says im not pregnant..did an ultrasound but not a thorough one..and didnt do a pelvic exam..needless to say it was like pulling teeth to get anythign done..i really feel crazy adn i keep thinking im preg cus of my stomach growing and all my symptoms...but then i doubt it cus i have no proof...bought a heartmonitor from walmart adn can sometimes faintly hear what we think is a and i know its not my own..its too fast to be mine..but we never hear it for long..can anyone help me? im going nuts!!!!


rachaelinez - February 23

and the kicking has also woke my husband up at night they are so hard...i cuddle up to his back cus it helps me sleep and he feels kicks all the time..but for them to be hard enough to wake him up its gotta be something more than bowels..hes a heavy sleeper..


mumof5 - February 23

You are NOT pregnant. You have had negative pregnancy tests and an ultrasound ... if your baby is big enough to kick your husband awake, trust me, it's big enough to see in the absolute worst and least thorough ultrasound.


Luvmyboys - July 21

I have had all the symptoms of pregnancy ive had 2 kids already I know what to look for I have done several HPT all come back negative but still feel pregnant I have been getting a light period but it's not like a normal period so I went to the doctors they did a test it came back negative but my doctor sent me for a scan because I had a ectopic pregnancy 9 months ago she didn't want to take any chances and I am also getting a big belly I'm only a small person turns out I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. so ladies there is always hope.


thocke1973 - October 8

I am being told that i am not pregnant, the doctors tell me that it is gas. i am trying to figure out how it can be gas when my b___sts are swollen and have been hurting for almost two months.i took several home pregnancy tests that are all negative and two blood tests that are all negative i had two v____al ultrasounds that are negative i was wondering if the doctors dont want anything to do with this because im cut, tied, and burnt.oh and i all the sudden got a belly that is next to impossible to suck in and there is movement. i would be so greatful if anyone could give me some advice its been two months im figuring if it was gas i would have exploded by now!


thocke1973 - October 8

i know what you mean karina i have had two blood tests and several hpt's and they are all negative but i still have all kinds of symptoms but i think the doctors dont want nothing to do with me because i was cut and tied


mumof5 - October 10

Ladies, NONE of the original posters who thought they were pregnant actually turned out to BE pregnant. Not one single one. Many of them continued to believe they were pregnant for months and months even though all of the tests and all of the doctors said they were NOT. An internal sonogram can NOT miss a pregnancy.


mumof5 - October 10

Also, please realize that Karina (the nuttiest of the bunch) first posted this question in April of 2006. Had she been pregnant (which she was not), her child would now be 5 years old.



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