Negative Hcg Still No AF

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Tracey - January 12

K - I need help before I completely lose my mind. My last AF was Nov 7. I have taken multiple hpt's - all negative - and then monday I had a blood test and it whowed negative also. In my gut I feel like I am pregnant. Plus, I have had cramping, a tender abdomen (like there is a tennisball in my stomach when I lay on my stomach), and a white discharge. I already have two adorable boys, so I have been prego before... has anyone else been in this situation?? What happened?? Please help me!!!


Angela - January 13

Hi, I can sort of relate to you. My last period was Dec. 10. I am now 5 days late and 2 neg. hpt's and a neg. blood test. I have slight cramping, very tender b___sts and I have been very tired. I have a little one and half year old girl and had similar symptoms, but I had a pos. hpt. My OBGYN's nurse told me to wait until next week and take another hpt. If it comes out neg. she said to come back in for another blood test. It seems like this is happening to many women---so we're not alone. It's confusing though. Good luck to you.


Tracey - January 13

good luck to you also! it is so nice to know that I am not alone in this confusing situation. My second pregnancy I took a hpt when I was 4 weeks along and it came back negative - two weeks later I took another and it was positive - but I was pregnant when I took the first. This time around it was the negative blood test that made me frustrated... yet still no period. They gave me provera to make my period start - but I haven't taken any - I just don't feel right about taking it when my gut tells me otherwise! Keep me posted on your situation!!!


Kerri - January 13

Go back to your doctor. You could have a cyst or something similar. From what I know, you shouldn't be having a "white" discharge. Even if you don't have a medical problem, you should certainly rule out that possibility.


Joanne S. - January 13

I went to the doc the other day to have some tests done, because I thought I was pregnant. I have alot of pain in my lower abdomen and my lower back, and I have been really tired, b___sts sore, and I also had a clear watery discharge when I would go to the bathroom. I took two hpt's, both negative. The doc did an urine test and the blood test, and the UTI test. All 3 of those came up negative also. So, she sent me to have an ultrasound done of my pelvic area, and they found that I had a cyst to rupture on my left ovary. It was and still is very very painful. She said that all the signs I had and have are due to the ruptured cyst. But, my b___sts, especially my nipples, are VERY, VERY sore. I also have white bumps on my nipples. So, I called my doc to find out about that, and I haven't received a call back from her yet..They are killing me. I would go to the doc and ask them to do the pelvic ultrasound on you because you very well could have a cyst on one of your ovaries. It's not any fun at all. If you catch it in time, they can give you something to shrink it..


Tracey - January 13

just to clarify - discharge isn't "white - white" it is more a "milky white" with no smell- - just like it was with my first pregnancies - that is what has me so confused. Was lying on my stomach today and felt really uncomfortable... this is so frustrating.


Angela - January 14

Tracey, I also had a white discharge. I noticed it yesterday. It was kind of similar to the discharge I get when I'm ovulating. It was just a little bit. Anyhow, this morning when I woke up the first thing I did was take another hpt and I sat there and watched it. I saw the dark pink line that is suoposed to be there and then after a few minutes I noticed a very faint pink line next to it. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with my little girl. The line was very faint. I am going to get another hpt today and if that comes back positive, I will make an appointment with my doctor. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was supposed to get my period on a Sunday and I didn't. So I took a preg. test on a tuesday and it was neg. Still no period that whole week so I took another test on Sunday. It was pos. It is not like me to have an irregular cycle, I am usually exactly reg. or just a day late. I think that sometimes it takes your body a while to produce the hormone. I don't know, it's very weird. Let me know your outcome and I think that you're smart for not taking Provera if you think that you might be pregnant. Just wait it out a few more days and try another hpt and if it's neg. make an appointment with your doctor. All the best to you, take care!


Rae - July 7

I'm so glad to hear that other women are going through the agony that I am. We've been trying to conceive for 4 months now, and this is the first month that my period is late, now 5 days, but no pos. HPT. I'm worried b/c we want to know, so I can make some changes in my diet and exercise routine, but not knowing is sooo hard. Hang in there. :-)


Ana (Michelle) - July 19

Iam only 16 and feel the same way. When you lay on your back can you feel and find a heart beat. If so please tell me Tracey. I am a first time mommy.


Precious - August 5

Hello. I have been trying to concieve for a year now. I have been nautious & tired for 2 weeks & this past week I've had terrible lower back pain & faint headaches. I've been taking extra good care of my self......I'm certain I'm pregnant, but no hcg test. I know exactly when I had int., 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know how long the egg takes to implant into the uterus after fertilization? I KNOW I'm pregnant but this stupid test says no - had a miscarriage last October & had a faint line ---now same symptoms, even worse, but no line. HELP! I don't want to give up hope. Thanks for any advice. Precious


Amy C. - August 5

I can completely relate. I have been trying to have another baby for 3 years now with my 2nd husband. I have been pregnant 3 times and each time I knew exactly when I was. My AF has been regular at 28 days until 3 years ago when I started trying. It proceeded to get to 33/34 days the longest has been 37. Now I'm at day 42. I was just in the emergency room last Saturday (at day 36) and they did a PT - It showed up as negative, yet I'm not sure if they tested my urine or my blood. I've got the nauseousness, the light cramping, and a light discharge - it feels as though AF is coming any day now, but each time nothing. I go to the Dr's on Monday, will ask them to retest then because I don't want to get my hopes up and have them shot down again.


Precious - August 5

Amy C. - Don't think of it as "getting your hopes up" -- believe me I know the disappointment when you've been trying for so long. I know my body better than anyone else, & this is not 'all in my head.' I've read posts on this website where women didn't get a positive result until 4 months pregnant - blood or urine. This time without proof (don't want to say "unknowing" cuz I know) is indeed difficult, but at least we can be of support to one another. Good luck & keep the faith.



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