Negative HCG Think Im Pregnant HELP

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rochellebelle - April 5

I took a blood hcg test monday (3 days ago) which was anywhere between 4-6 days before my cycle was suppossed to start (not that regular). It came back negative but I still think I might be pregnant. I know it could be too early to tell but I have a feeling and am having some early early symptoms (fatigue, feeling sick, headaches). Could I still be pregnant? Was it too early to take one??


destany - April 5

I know it's hard to wait, when you think you might be pregnant you just want to know immediately! Since you tested 4-6 days before your period was due, it is possible you could be pregnant. Women generally have varrying hcg levels. With my second baby it took two months for the hcg levels to appear. The earlier you test, the lower the accuracy. Pregnancy symptoms are obviously generalized and can simply be a touch of virus, and women hoping to become pregnant can even show signs of pregnancy even though they're really not. I would suggest waiting a few days, perhaps until your period is due and testing again. I know it's hard to wait, but there's just nothing else for it. Good luck!


rochellebelle - April 5

Thanks destany! You're right, its hard to wait and Im crossing my fingers hoping I just took it too early and my hcg levels were still too low. Thanks for your kind words.


amateur - April 5

rochellebelle, i know it is hard to wait, because in one week i took about 7 tests (3 pos. and 4 negs) starting this past thursday. but it doesnt answer anything really bc from reading this forum there are so many bizarre things that happen. i just calmed down and relaxed and knew that if i was it wasnt going anywhere. i gotta go get tested, but im not sure when i can squeeze that in because i have a busy schedule. im sure ur dying inside. but only u know ur body and how it is changing. so hang in there and best of luck to ya.



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