Negative HPT And Bloods Yet Plenty Of Symtoms

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Miss_Tinkerbell - November 19

Hiyall, I just wanted to hear whether anyone's experienced the same thing or not, and what the outcomes were (and from reading other threads, I am so relieved to know I'm not alone...) A few days after having unprotected s_x (nearly a month ago), I felt light headed and dizzy one night while watching TV. A few days later, I started getting really tender br___ts - but mainly my right one, and most painful down one side. I didn’t think much about it, as I usually get sore br___ts a week before TTOM. About four days later, I spotted (not alot, just a bit on toilet paper), assumed it was AF, so started on BC (as my doctor had suggested, as I have not been on BC for quite sometime). I didn't spot again until four days after that (and it was the same as above, only a tiny bit darker, and only a trace of it), and have had continual sore br___ts for the past three weeks - sore enough that it hurts with and without a bra, hurts to wear anything against them, to knock them, or just have them in the way of my arms! I've been feeling nauseous at various times throughout the day (though I usually get this when I'm stressed anyway!), this morning I hadn't even got out of bed and felt nauseous. I’ve had three different days, where I’ve been incredibly emotional, and can’t stop crying. I feel incredibly unwell if I drink any alcohol, and have lost my appet_te on a lot of foods - today, I heated my lunch up, looked at it, and didn't want it! I’ve been incredibly tired, regardless of how much I sleep – though this could also be a sign of stress. I’ve had lower abdominal cramps on and off (and tightness for the past week). And today I'm bloated. I keep feeling like I'm going to get AF, and have a slight increase in discharge. Today, I will be about a week and a half late. I’ve done four HPTs, all of which have been negative (and I’ve done them every few days for the past week). My doctor said it was a low possibility that I'd be pregnant, and sent me to have bloods done. I got results back today, and they were negative. I've got so many signs that would indicate that I am, but then the tests say negative?! I'm just wondering how many people have had low HCG levels, and whether that's possibly what's happening to me, or whether it could all be stress related, or a result of starting back on the pill (even though i've never had a problem in the past)?


808Jaz - November 21

OMG everything that has happened to you is what I am going through. I missed the entire first week of my new birth control pack. When I do take it, it is always never on time. Anyway for at least the last three weeks I have been so nauseated. Somedays more than others. I threw up once. Some would say it is the stomach flu because it is going around. But how do you explain I had it for so long and I don't have diarrhea. On top of that my b___st is extremely tender. All on the side and especially when I wake in the morning. You cannot even push on it. I have been more tired than normal, i mean i am taking naps when I come home from work. I cannot stand the smell of my deodorants and perfumes. This goes the same for others and any food being cooked. I cant eat like how I used too. I did not get my period yet. I thought i was going to get it last night ( there was a light pink color as if I was starting) but when I went to the bathroom again nothing was there. My headaches are killing me and happens at least once a day. I am always lightheaded and sometimes dizzy. I took home pregnancy test and they both came back negative, and I did blood work and got my results today and they were negative. I mean are these test dependable because especially if I am on birth control it could harm the baby if I really was. Could you keep me informed with your case so I know what my possibilities are. Its nice to know I'm not alone...


Stressed - November 21

I had the exact same thing happen to me a few months back and I was so positive I was PG but for me it turned out to be hormone changes on the pill. I had the whole array of symptoms, spotting, nausea, b___st tenderness and was even two weeks late for my cycle. I have four kids so I know what it feels like to be pregnant and was shocked when everything came back negative including bloodwork. I was so positive that i hounded my doctor for test after test and sonogram after sonogram all to be told I am hormonal. LOL


808Jaz - November 21

Oh my that must have been so irratating. I don't have kids but I want too. I just feel if I am going through all of this and I feel so c___ppy I want something to show for it. I guess I don't want to go throught this pain and it is all in vain. I wonder could it all be in my head, I mean could I be creating these symptoms. If so, how would this gerate the tender b___st. I've been on birth control before and I have never had these effects before.



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