Negative Hpt For Months

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maggie - January 31

hi, i have taken two hpt's in the past 3 months and both of them were negative. my period is on schedule every month, but a little lighter than normal. i thought i was not pregnant, but after reading some of these posts where people were in fact pregnant but were getting negative hpt results, i am worried. is it possible to still have low hcg levels after 3 months if i was pregnant?? or would a hpt detect it by now? TIA!


heather - January 31

Maggie, I have had negative HCG test for over 3 1/2 months are you having any other symtoms of pregnancy


lauren - February 12

ok so maybe im not a nutcase... my bf of 3 yrs is in the military.. he came home for leave for xmas & we had alot of making up to do and yes unprotected....only pull out method.. during the time that i should have been ovulating... all the was at the end of dec.. jan i had a light period normally lasts 5-7 days and pretty heavy untill the end but not this time.. then i noticed i couldnt fit into my b cup any more completely busting out of it.. and mt b___sts started becomming very sensitive and tender and my nipples too..(i have had b___st tenderness premenstral before but not to this extent and not my nipples ever.) and also very heavy and full feeling...VERY annoying.i also all the sudden have more lil veins on them and a freakin stretch mark that apeared over night and they itch... i also was nauteas all the time- still am its awful i never actually throw up but sometimes i wish i would so it would stop. I have been having strange dreams almost every night, tired, and have been having consecutive on again off again cramps and lower back pain and wetness to the point that i go check to see if i started and nothing is there.. I usually only get cramps the day before and the 1st day of my period and they are so bad that i have to take midol and have been that way since i was 13, i am now 21 so this is very weird to just be having slight cramps all the time .i took a walgreens version hpt and it came out negative.. i talked to my mom and she said to wait a week or two and if i was still concerned to take another one.. 2 weeks went by all systems were still apparent except i also was expiriencing moodswings-i went 4 or 5 days like a complete crybaby-a kids happy ending movie made me cry i brushed that off untill i realized i was getting teary over 30 min sitcoms and also select commercials...then my moods switched to complete irritation and thats where i am now.. i yelled at my boss at work... ??? who is this crazy lady?so I took an EPT hpt Negative.... by then i am thinking if i am NOT pg than what the hell is going on why are my hormones going so crazy? and the nausea why am i s so queasy? so i went a few days wondering if i have some beginning stages of terminal illness which still wouldnt explain the sudden b___st after thinking it over and over again i was still not convinced i wasnt pregnant....I decided i wouldnt waiste my money again on an hpt..and now 2 1/2 weeks later i was at work having my on again off again cramping i was talking about and when i got home and used the bathroom i realized i had spotted a very light smidge of brownish clear color-that was last night no period no more spotting since...i never spotted before. so i got another hpt First Response- Negative... i also now have the pimples of a 14 year old boy all over my face and some on my chest and back and that is not normal for me i normally only get like one on my chin right before i start and nevr had a problem with body acne in my life. I am so confused I dont know whats going on with my body It only makes sense to me that i would be pregnant i dont understand why all the neg results? since dec i have also become so bloated that i went from a size 5 in pants to a 9 and the nines are still uncomfortable to b___ton. i have always been a 3 untill last year b/c my hips widened. I cant fit into any of my shirts are too small due to my new b___bs and now i am starting to bust out of my new C bras. i have a weird feeling in my abdomen almost like an itchiness from the inside i dont know how to describe it and i feel like some on has their arms around my waist... i dont have insurance so i guess planned parenthood will be my next step....i think im pregnant,then b/c of the test i think im not-but i know i am-and that makes no sense!!!! i want to know for sure so i can tell my bf. he and i both deserve to know sooner rather than later. he is going to be upset w me if i tell him at say 6 months along.....what should i say to the doctor?



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