Negative Hpts And Blood Test But 2 Weeks Late

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rachels - November 26

There are postings about this topic that date back to 2005 but I want to start a new thread for us ladies who are experiencing this problem now. I have been off bc since April and started ttc in October. If I did not conceive I should have gotten my period on Nov. 13. Negative hpts and a negative blood test Nov. 21. Although I had been "feeling pregnant" and many people close to me thought/think i am too( even my dog has been acting funny and sleeping with her head on my belly every night) i trusted the doctor that I was not pregnant, bought a new opk and have been living my life. however, a friend told me that she read that it is possible to get neg blood and hpt and still be pregnant. i've been trying to do research and was wondering what stories others might have and if anyone is experiencing the same thing. thanks in advance!!


lisac - November 27

I know just how ur feeling. We have been ttc ever since August and my period always comes on day 32 like clockwork. I am now 4 days late and having alot of pregnancy symptoms with two negative hpts and a negative blood test. I have two other children and never tested this early so maybe that is my problem:( Don't know but I definitely feel pregnant. Goodluck!!


jnikkie286 - January 15

im in the same boat as you as of now i am 2 weeks late with my period and took 2 pregnancy tests and the both of them came back neg and i have never been late im always on target with my periods? what is going on im starting to get worried.. please keep me up to date on whats going on with you it would very helpful thank you.....


BriannasMummy - January 16

Just wanted to share that in June I went through the same thing. I took an hpt when I was 4 days late and then again when I was 1 week and 4 days late.. both were very very negative. At one day shy of being 3 weeks late I took another test and it was a bright pink positive. SO.. here I am at 32 weeks pregnant. There is still a chance that you can be pregnant.. perhaps you ovulated late, or maybe youre just one of those people that has a hard time for hcg to show in urine? Im not sure.. but please keep your chin up. ~Kristin~


rachels - January 16

jnikkie, i would reccomend gettng a blood test from the doctor to see if it can detect hcg if you really thing you might be pregnant. i had two tests done and both came back negative but i ended up getting a positive 2 days after the 2nd neg. i ended up ovulating very late that cycle. i just had my first ultrasound to find out how far along i was b/c it could have been anywhere from 8 - 14 weeks if you consider my last period - the time i got a positive test. i'm 9 weeks. our bodies are crazy! good luck everyone!


jnikkie286 - January 16

rachels so when you took both of the test that came back neg how late were you? just curious because right now im so tired my body is aching alot like my legs and today my b___bs were tingling a bit i have a heachache that wont go away and if i eat i cant eat to much without feeling sick. and not to be gross but im discharging were sometimes it feels like i might have my period but i go to the bathroom and nothing just white discharge...


rachels - January 16

i was 4 weeks late when i finally got the positive test. i ended up conceiving when i was 2 weeks late. its funny b/c i was positive that i was pregnant before i actually was. my b___bs were killing me (turned out b/c i was ovulating), i was having stomach issues, etc. you never know. just be patient and if you want to be pregant, i would suggest getting an ovulation predictor kit. my periods were always regular too except for this one. like i said before, our bodies are crazy!


jnikkie286 - January 18

well went yesturday afternoon for a blood test expecting the results this afternoon will keep you posted and im hoping it comes out NEG! not ready for another one at the moment....


ttc for 9yrs - January 18

cd 55 so far and 3 neg hpts. I'm testing again tomorrow morning, we'll see what happens. i've decided to delay the BT from the dr for a couple more weeks. I know i should go, but after 9 yrs i'm tired of all the negs. Y'all that are still waiting for AF or BFP, please keep posting and let us know how it's going. For those of you that just got your BFP - Congrats and keep cheering the rest of us on.



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