Negative Pregnancy Test HOW MANY

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Roxie - March 10

Hello. I am a newbie and wanting to know how many of you actually experience a negative HPT Test? I am very confused and I know I need to get a blood test. I have not had a period since the last week in January. I spotted for 2 days in February...not even enough to go through a whole pad (sorry tmi). My periods are usually ungratefully heavy and at least 5 days in lenght so I canNOT count that as a period. I have had a few symptoms of pregnancy including extreme lightheadedness, food aversion/cravings and fatigue. I wake up every morning nauseus but I don't ever through up. This would be my third pregnancy and both times before I got positive +++ on my HPT at least 4-5 days BEFORE a missed period. I don't want to be pregnant nor do I believe I am pregnant but even my belly is swollen and hard with the black line running straight down the middle (I'm a very pet_te woman so a protruding or bloated belly is very, very obvious on me). Yet these HPT's are negative, negative, negative. I just want to know: How many ladies have had experiences with NEGATIVE HPTS and actually been pregnant? Thank you!


Constance - March 10

Hi, I'm in the same EXACT boat as you right now. My last AF was January 28th and I'm coming up to 2 weeks late and taken two HPT that were negative. Now I'm just waiting for a test to come up positive, I get this feeling I am, but maybe conceived later in my month. See, I have a 6 month old little girl and still am quite fertile and could have ovulated later in the month as well. It's so frusterating! :-( But, I'd like to know too how many women have had this same experience and really were pregnant. When I tested in my 1st pregnancy, I was 3 days late and it came up quick pregnant. But, every single pregnancy is different! Good luck to you!


nj - March 10

I've had 3 pregnancies as well that all tested positive a day or two after my period was late. Now I'm testing negative with all the symptoms. I've done a lot of research and the 2 symptoms that I cannot explain away are: increased b___st size and the line down the belly. These 2 things seem unique to pregnancy. How old are you? I'm 37 and maybe it's common with older moms that their HCG is out of wack. I've also read that if you do bleed it throws off the HCG detection. It sounds to me like you are pregnant.


response to nj - March 11

I am 30 years old. I have two sons...I've been pregnant three times. With both of my boys I had identical pregnancies..basically symptom free the whole ride through. I had an abortion however and with that pregnancy it was WAYYYYY different than the other two. I couldn't even drive a city block without stopping the car to throw up. As I mentioned I'm not thrilled about the idea of being pregnant and I am going to try to get into the doctor this week or pray for or the other. But I'm just concerned and I definately appreciate the feedback! It was very helpful and very insightful. And hopefully we will hear from some other ladies who have gone through this...I just want to know the odds I'm up against here.


one mroe thing - March 11

this is the original poster...I forgot to mention I've been having the most horrendous nightmares ever. Is this a symptom/sign? I had one the other night that was SO bad (it was about the boogeyman) that I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep until 6 am. This dream was SO real and SO vivid I couldn't sleep and called my dad who works third shift just to talk to me and calm me down. Hmm....okay I'm done talking now



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