Negative Pregnancy Test Late Period Thank God I M Not Alone

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joey - September 10

I'm about 8 days late. Took a HPT this morning n was negative. I'm always regular no matter how stressed out I am. I'm currently on break n am hardly stress at all. I had s_x (once) about a day before my calculated ovulation date n haven't had any intercourse since (my partner is away on a business trip). My partner withdrew before he came. I am hardly stressing myself thinking about whether I am pregnant because I think it was hardly possible to get pregnant with just one act of s_xual intercourse, and that I'm not trying to get pregnant! If I did get pregnant based on this one s_xual act, it'll be like striking the baby lottery! :) I'm not on any fertility drugs or any medications or The Pill. I have some symptoms showing. I started feeling tired and drained out just a few days after my ovulation date. Then I started having chest pains and my br___ts were aching like mad. Having food cravings now, getting hungry a whole lot more often. Feeling queasy nowadays too. Slightly constipating. Slight cramps in my abdominal area and am feeling bloated. Backaches. Aching body. Sensitive to smells. Dizziness. All symptoms of pregnancy... And I was thinking I'm positively pregnant till I took the HPT this morning. Luckily, I found this post n know now that I'm not alone. Hopefully, I'll know if I'm pregnant soon. Waiting for another few days to visit the doctor for a blood test. This kind of wait is really agonising! Honestly, being pregnant is less worrying. My fears are that it might be thyroid or tubal/ectopic pregnancy that is causing my HPT to go negative! I'll keep on posting n updating on my situation... As least, now I know all these HPT are not always a fool-proof way of knowing whether we are pregnant or not. Hopefully, I'm really pregnant...


Choo Choo - August 29

That is a little how I am. My guy didn't come in me at all and we even used protection most of the time or whatever. But I do have a tendency to be late I just don't want to have to be late and worry so much. Anyways... I took a preg test and it came back neg so I'm going to wait another week try it again and if I still feel the same I'm going to set up a doc appt. I haven't had a lot of the symptoms. Not anything more than just feeling sick which I do have a tendency to get sick every so often ever since I had surgery last year. And I have a few period like symptoms. But anyways... yea you're not alone. Hope everything turns out for you. Because I know if I do wind up pregnant I think my parents would kill me and most evryone I know would really judge me. Anyways... best of luck.


joey - August 29

Choo Choo - I hope everything turn out well for you too. Thanks for posting!


joey - August 30

Actually it's quite surprising to find that there are so many women out there who are having this negative HPT problems, eventhough they are having delayed periods or even pregnant! I wonder if all these HPT manufacturers are making bad HPT on purpose? :P LOL Playing on the fact that we'll be so worried n keep on buying more HPT to test whether we might be pregnant or not? I used Predictor HPT for mine. 9 days late now n counting... Have to wait till at least next Monday before I go in to the doctor's. If I was not stressed out before, I sure am now! All this wait is getting me all freaked out. Make me start imagining if I might have some medical problems or complications... Sigh, there are so many reasons a woman can get a delayed/missed period. I'm really driving myself nuts here!


m - August 31

well i'm almost 3 months late for my period, my third missed one will be next week and i know that i'm not goin to get it. I did go to the doc last monday ahd she did a urine test that came back neg. and she also did a pap smear and std test..all came bacc neg. i'm never stress'd..well, havent been for a while now...i go back to the doc on the 15th of sept. i dont wanna waste money getting a hpt since all the women on here that are possibly preggo, gettin neg results. so i will let everyone know how it goes...thanx


joey - August 31

m - Do let us know how things go. I wish the best for you. Take care!


joey - September 1

Can't believe I have to spend my birthday worrying about whether I'm pregnant or not. My partner is back from his business trip n he's wondering why I'm ignoring him. I didn't why to raise a false alarm n get him all worried, so I didn't tell him about my missed period yet. You know? Right now I just want to kick/slap the hell out of him for contributing to my situation. *LOL* I'm waiting till next Monday to visit the doctor. I'll be about 6 weeks plus by then. So if the urine/blood test still comes up negative, I can ask for a v____al ultrasound n scan for the sac. N hopefully detect some heartbeat! So many more days till Monday, I really hate all this waiting! It's really getting so frustrating. Adding to my list of 'symptoms' are frequent urination, pimples breakouts on my face and back, memory problems. I'm so worried that I lost the mood to go out. I'm so tempted to do another HPT but am too coward to face with another negative result again. Sigh. Going crazy here.


joey - September 3

I started bleeding early this morning. :( So I guess no luck for me. That would mean I'm not pregnant like I would have hoped. Sigh. Good luck to all the other women here. Hope they have better luck than I do! :) Thanks for listening everybody, though I'm not pregnant, I get to learn a lot of things this time round. So thanks all for sharing their experiences. You people have make it easier to deal with all these stress n pressure. So thanks very much n bye!


pidge - September 3

please someone reply, iam 4 weeks late, ive had a neg hpt test and a neg blood test last week, i started spotting on thursday and thought thats it here comes my period, but only a few hours later, it stopped and there wasn't even enough there to cover the tissue, now, im getting a clear discharge, and im very confused, could i be getting ready for my next period or does anyone think i still have a chance of being pregnant!!!!


hyde - September 3

Pidge - u could still be pregnant despite the spotting, which is quite common in early pregnancy. Having negative tests don't neccessary means you are not pregnant. Some women just have low HcG levels which don't seemed to register on these tests. If u r really concern whether u might be pregnant, why not ask the doctor for a transv____al ultrasound to find the embryo? It is good to get the ultrasound done to rule out any possible complications like ectopic/tubal pragnancy. Good luck to you then!


Cate - September 10

I am 10 days late and a little perturbed. I'm not stressed or anything, but the hpt I took came out negative. I have no idea whats up can someone pleeeease give me some sort of possible expaination.


Wrenny - September 26

My LMP 6 August 04 and I know what you are going through...even with the use of a condom, pregnancy is possible....I had chemotherapy 6 years ago for b___st cancer and I was wondering if such therapies could change these type of tests reliability..Joey I'm 39 and married and have 2 older children and.... I am concerned, so I feel for you ...I also have all the usual symptoms and it would be a surprise if it were true. Withdrawral is not an effective form of contraception ( nor is it safe s_x....oh I do sound like a mother now..I hope you are careful..) anyway I wish you well ...there are worse things in the world than being pregnant...look for all the support you can find once you know for sure and if you have other concerns than PLEASE go and discuss these with a GP. *good luck!!


Holly - September 30

I am experiencing the same problem! I am about 4 days late, and my husband and I were trying to get pregnant (and have never had the slightest problem in this area). The HPTs that I keep taking keep coming out negative, but I also thought for sure that I was preggo... doesn't this waiting game stink??



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