Negative Pregnancy Tests

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Kate - April 29

I got my last period 3/12 my next one was due 4/8 but never came. I have taken many preg tests all neg. But i have cramps in abdomin (not period cramps), tired,sore br___ts, i just FEEL pregnant. i just wish it would show up if i am. What do u think?


jackie - April 29

Kate, I'm in the same boat as you. My last af was 3/15 and I've yet to start. Did numerous hpt and just went to the dr and had a blood test wednesday and it was neg. The same thing happened to me last month where my cycle was 42 days. Now I'm on 47 days this month. Apparently, doctors won't do anything for you until you've missed 3 periods in a row. My doc said it's totally normal to have an irregular cycle like that. I wanted to tell him "well, thanks but it's not normal for me." Also, I have the same symptoms as you. Mild cramping and sore nipples. I thought I was preggo too. I know exactly how you're feeling. If I'm pregnant, great. If I'm not, that's ok too. I wish af would just show her ugly face.


Jenice - April 29

Hmmm, I totally understand! I am currently 11 weeks and 5 days late for my period. And growing a belly like you wouldn't believe. (As well as many other symptoms, including the ones you've listed.) My suggestion, take a home pregnancy test, or get a blood test done at the doctor's. I'm still waiting for my results (all urine tests have been negative up to now.). Best of luck! :o)


Candi - April 29

I feel for you! My last period was 3/23 and there is no sign of a period. I am running to the bathroom a million times a day almost to the point where I feel I'm gonna pee my pants (T.M.I. sorry) My b___sts are sore, I am craving stuff I never eat like hot sauce, onions, dorritos and has to be McDonnald cheese burgers. I have only taken one test that came up with a negitive response. I wish I knew what was going on with my body.


jordan - May 1

Hi gals, I am in the same boat. I took a test this morning still BFN i am43 days into my cycle and last month it was 33 day cycle. So frustrating I have an apt with my doctor Tues. One day you thiink your preg. the next I think my Af is coming. Symptoms I have had are tingling breats, EWCm for about a week when my Af was due growling belly all the time, and acne little red bumps (which I never get). and my stomache just doesn't feel right. Wish you all luck


manasa - May 13

I am in the same boat.My period starts on the 31st day but i am already into 32nd day. my hpt came negrative. but i have stomach cramps. tight pants hurt my lower tommy & i am not sure what is happening with me.


manasa - May 14

i am into 33 day all my home test are negative but i am experiencing sharp cramps like as thught it is going to start. i have read in this web site that cramps are common. but this situstion is driving me crazy


To BF - May 25

You need to go to the doctor!!!!!!!I If you are that far along, he/she could easily tell be a pelvic exam. Your uterus will be enlarged. Go to Planned Parenthood or something ASAP!!


To BL (not BF) - May 25

Opps. . . . I meant by a pelvic exam not "be a pelvic exam"


Maria - May 25

BL I am in the same boat as you completely, in early december i took a test just to compare to a friends test because she got a faint clear line and wouldnt believe me thats normal so we knew i wasnt pregnant and i did one to show her but it came up positive as did another the following day, then every one after that negative and i even started spotting which would sometimes last a few weeks but be light. I gave up thinking i could be pregnant when the tests were negative and spotting even though i was tired, would get sore b___sts, felt sick, got heartburn, i put it down to iffy tummy. But last few weeks i can feel something moving, i thought it might be gas but it seems to be getting stronger and doesnt feel so much like gas but i am still getting negative tests.


Mica - May 25

Me too! I keep telling myself that I need to get off the "crazy boat", but it doesn't make the symptoms go away. The OB/GYN even gave me medicated patches to stop the urinary frequency.--it hasn't stopped after a week so far. In fact, now I'm feeling flutters in my belly. I would be almost 15 weeks pregant ( which I understand is early to feel movement). I've had two light periods (the first one two weeks late; the second on time), and now I am late again by 6 days. I feel like I have pregnancy symptoms. When I saw the doctor a week ago, he did a pelvic exam because I've been having cramping. He said my uterus in not enlarged. If I was pregant, my uterus would be enlarged by now. What worries me even more, is that these "early pregancy" symptoms that we are all talking about, are also early ovarian cancer symptoms--urinary frequency, full feeling in belly, constipation, and nausea !!!!!!!!!! If we are not pregnant, is something wrong? Doctors should take these symptoms seriously!!!! Yet, I have to wonder what are these flutters--they don't seem to be gas.


Hi, - May 25

I just to let you know. I felt movement with my first pregnancy at 16 weeks. With my second at 6 weeks. My last at 6 weeks too. It depends on the woman. Good Luck!


Mica - May 26

Wow!! You felt movement at 6 weeks. I think that's the earliest I've ever heard of. I've never been pregnat before. Can you tell me what the movement feels like? How can you tell the difference between gas and fetal movement? I'm feeling something different that what I ever remember feeling before.--little flutters on my right side near my hip. (I've had numerous negative tests including two blood tests)


Tiffany - May 30

I know what you mean I have all the symptoms and have taken two tests and both came out negative. I am sleepy, tired, nauseated, tenderness around breats and mood swings out of hell. What do u think? I havent seen my period since 3/4/05 no sign what so ever yet.


lucy - June 2

hi there, i finished my period 2 days ago and i can now feel flutters in my lower stomach. my periods have been irregular and now i just want to start a family with my fiance. the periods havent been normal periods, they have just been spotting ones. someone plz help me, im going of my head here :-(


Kristen - June 2

I'm in the same boat as everyone, for the second time. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I was 2 1/2 weeks late on my period. I went and bought numerous pregnancy tests, all of them came out negative. i went to the Doctors and got a blood test taken, that came out negative too. 3 weeks later, when I was wondering where the He** my period was, I went and bought another set of HPT's. They both came out positive. Now, I am 4 weeks late, have sore brests, abdominal cramps, frequent urination, more tired, took 4 HPT's, all negative, and got a blood test taken, also negative. Who knows, maybe it'll all turn our like it did the first time. Just have faith.


kim - June 7

I don't know what to say. I'm the same way. I need answers too.



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