Negative Pregnancy Tests But No Period

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distilled27 - May 1

helo' I'm 18 years old,and so far I have missed two periods. I toko a few home pregnancy tests and they came out negative..I also took one blood test and it came out negative too..I have some pregnancy symptoms as well..I have naseua,weird sharp pains in my stomache,mood swings(who doesn't though),food cravings,tender br___ts,and the biggest concern is my missed husband and I wouldn't mind having a child if I am pregnant,but I just don't know what to do...I went to my doctor and they said if i miss 3 periods then come back..but I truley think I am pregnant deep down..but then again that could just be my mind thinkin that I am..please help.


karina - May 1

Your symptoms sound promising...any fatigue or nipple changes?


distilled27 - May 1

yes,I have darker nipples(it's weird) but ya


karina - May 1

Usually there is no explanation other than pregnancy for darker nipples, the little bumps around them (called Montgomery's tubercules) or swollen b___sts.


sara b - May 1

Well if you want a waiting buddy then I'm with you. I'm 21 with a daughter and a previous loss. I have an IUD but suddenly my periods stopped and I feel pregnant. I tested two days ago and it was negative. I'm going to wait a week and test again if I don't get my AF. Best wishes.


wouie - May 1

Hey. I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't had a period for a month, and a negative test. And I got the symptoms of pregnancy, including my belly! I look huge, and I'm normally skinnyish. so I dunno what's happening with me lol.


distilled27 - May 2

wowsers,really?..sorry to hear Sarah/= ...and thanks..I just have no idea what's up with this,I mean I took test and even a blood test yet i have the signs and no this sucks..I just wish I knew for a FACT what the answer is>_<


sharina - May 2

Hello I am 3 weeks late, I've tied about 7 HPT and they all come out negative. I got ablood test 2 days ago and it was negative too. I feel pregnant. I get dizzy, cravings, sharp stomach pains , etc.. Is there any chance that I may be? or is it all in my head? I am 30, have a 4 yr old son and do wish to be pregnant, but the negative tests are very discouraging. do you all know of any one that has had negative tests before and was pregnant? please let me know this is driving me crazy!


karina - May 2

There are a lot of people who had negative tests and turned out to be pregnant, you have to read through the threads. All the best.


distilled27 - May 4

well turns out the blood test was negative BUT i just took 2 tests today and their guna be a mommy!!!!(=


pakcan - May 5

distilled27 i would say you are pregnant tjere is a little know fact that 1 in 25 women produce hcg late in pregnancy or not all . go with your gut and don't back down a mothers intuition is always best


zoelouise - May 7

oh hun i know how your feeling i am late my period as due on 30th april but never came but 2weeks before i was due on i started having sore b___bs, peeing for england feeling sick in afternoons, i cry for no reason i have done a few hpt's but all negative i dont understand i feel pregnant :( Goodluck hun


Betzy - May 7

Hello ladies! I have been reading the threads and I am very surprised at how common these false negative results are. My last period was March 3rd, over two months ago. I have been late before but never this long. I have done 3 hpt's and all negative. I had my blood drawn and am expecting results on Monday. I don't take birth control but use condoms. I am not experiencing any symptoms at the moment. Last month I had cramping around the time I was supposed to get my period, but then they went away. I also felt like I was going to come down with a cold but then didn't. Do you guys think I could be pregnant? We aren't planning for babies yet, but if I am pregnant I would be very happy. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone!


prettienpinklace - May 8

im with you all on this one! march 4th was my last period. i've taken several hpt and all have been negative. i talked to a doctor and she said it was too early to tell. but i dont know what to do and i wish i could know for a fact.


Betzy - May 8

Hi again. I got the results for the blood test and it was negative. The nurse told me it's been way too long for it not to show up on the blood test. I agree with Sharina, this is very discouraging... I hope we can have the same luck as distilled27. Congrats by the way.


karina - May 8

Distilled27...congrats.I thought you were, based on your symptoms. Always believe your gut instinct, we're given it for a reason. Take good care.


SweetP - May 8

Congrats distilled!!! I'm only 5 days late but I've only been this late once before, and that was b/c of a chemical pregnancy. I'd love to wait it out with you guys. I also got nothing but BFNs so far and LOTS of CM.



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