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sandra2627 - November 13

so im officially 6 days late as of today. i took a First Responce pregnancy test on saturday morning and it came out negative. i've been regular with my period until now. i want to wait and see what happens but im just too anxious.


KaylaJay - November 13

The same thing is going on with me. If Im not early, Im never later than a day or two. Today makes it 6 days for me. I started spotting the day I was supposed to start, but that was it .....and still no period, I feel your frustration. <:-O


KaylaJay - November 13

O yea..and my test was negative too. Ive heard that it can take up to two weeks after your missed period before the hormone shows up in your body and you get an accurate test..


sandra2627 - November 19

im now 13 days late n there is still no sign of pms or my period lol. i felt so fatigued over the weekend that i literally had 2 stop n sit on the grond cuz i thought i was gonna pa__s out. this morning im feeling a lil bit on the queezy side and there r already speculations from ppl about me being pregnant...i have yet 2 see a doctor. im petrified.


stillmourning - November 20

for some people, for some reason HCG just does not show up in their urine. my advice to you is to go see a doctor as soon as you possibly can, and get a blood test. if you aren't pregnant, there is something else wrong that needs to be diagnosed anyway.


sandra2627 - November 27

well as of today im 21 days late n still no period. im weepy all the time n i sleep like i get paid for it lol. i have an appointment with my doctor on the 5th. im a nervous wreck becauee i REALLY want to be pregnant. but i guess i cant wait any longer


fairy-princess - November 27

Hi im 7 days late and always been regular done two preg tests they r both neg. Im tired, feeling sick in the mornings, bloated feeling.its driving me crazy. Hope it goes ok at docs.


fairy-princess - November 27

hi, i know how u feel im 7 days late and have never been late b4, 2 neg test done its drivin me crazy.


sandra2627 - November 29

well just 2 update....i took three E.P.T. tests the other day n still negative. my appointment is still set for the 5th. grrrr this is annoying


tngrl42107 - November 29

Sandra can you please update after your doc appt? I am 19 days late, usually very regular. Been nauseous,crampy,lower back aches. But BFN pregnancy test results.


sandra2627 - November 29

of course! as sooooon as i get back from the doctor's the 1st thing im gonna do is post on how it went. im so nervous. im bloated right now its not even funny. like i've gained weight n i feel it all over my body. my bra is even snugg on me. its p__sing me off grrr!!


sandra2627 - December 3

im a nervous wreck!!! cant wait 2 go 2 the doctors!!



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