Negative Result But Look 4 Months Pregnant And No Not Fat

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jessy20 - August 28

o wow im so happy i got to read some of the messages on this..for the past 4 months i felt like i was alone... now heres my story ive always been the type of person that gets her period on time every month. now back in april me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x.. that month my period was supposed to be on the 27th but it came on the 29th two days late i didnt think anything until i told my bf it was the best period ever, short and sweet no pain nothing and it was it last 4 days and im the type that goes for 6 anyway after that i didnt see my period till june 15 i was worried again short and sweet so i was conviced i was pregnant.. i went to the doctors though and got a urine test done and it came back negative.. i was so confused and then in july my period came on the 22nd again short and sweet but late.. now its the 28th of aug and no period. but again last tursday i took an at home test negative again if im pregnant im around 4 months.. and im starting to show and i just feel it.. i have all the systoms.. so i guess im just glad im not alone out there i have an app sep 14th to see the gyn lets see what they say and im def. going to get a blood test done.. but thx fr all these stories its good to know your arent alone :-)


krchavez01 - August 28

Hi. Reading this forum has once again confused me?? I had my last mp July 4th and yet to have any spotting, bloating, or normal cramping. Ive been told that i look as if ive lost a little weight. my eating habbits have changed in the past month. I am tired about 90% of the time i sleep alot more than usual. I have occasional headaches. My b___st arent swollen though (i mean their huge but they've always been like that i cant really tell the difference). But sometimes they itch and sometimes my nipples feel sore. I have a dark line from my belly b___ton down. Ive never noticed before (but im pretty sure it wasnt there) Talk about mood swings. Usually when i dont get my mp and i think im preg. the signs are completely different. I eat more thinking i am and i eat alot of chocolate. I'm not really stressed about not having my per. but i want to d o the right thng. A few times i have felt like "squisiness" in my lower abdomianl ( i know silly why of explaining it). I took 5 hpt and they all came out neg. i just got my blood test back and it says neg. O and i feel dizzy sometimes. I do have a gyn appt Sept 7th hopefully my per comes (and normal) but it would be nice to be preg. I had a mc before so this would be m y first. Any suggestions?


krchavez01 - August 28

o and the line from my belly b___ton downward isnt dark at all but noticable.


Keeona - August 28

I am so glad I found this board. I see a lot of you women having the same symptoms as me. My last period was July 28th and my cycles are normally 28 to 29 days. It's day 32 and no signs of a period but a lot of symptoms of pregnany. My fiance thinks I am nuts. I have taken 3 tests so far and friend of mine thinks I may be testing too early. I have another appointment on Wed with the free clinic (I have no insurance) so I pretty much just have to go by what the tests say there until I can find out for sure. I am usually never late! My b___sts seemed to have gotten a little firmer and EXTREMELY sore. I can't even walk w/o a bra on or hug anyone it hurts so bad. My friend thinks I am pregnant and there is something inside me telling me I am as well but there is something else that is making me think I am not. Can anyone give me any advice please. I am going nuts. I really want to be pregnant.


KHerpeche - September 20

I gave birth in April of 2006 and then bled for a month straight. After that, my periods went back to normal. My last period was in June. I have not bled a drop since then. I've taken 12 HTP's, all of which came out negative. What's the deal? So many people tell me they think I'm pregnant. I'm going to take another test. We'll see!!


tyler0323 - September 20

you should start a new thread.


mcwise - October 29

I just wanted to thank all of the woman in here who share their lives with all of us. Over the past few months this website has given me hope, and helped me believe in my own body and what it tells me. Because of that, I started to take prenatal vitamins & take care of myself as if I were pregnant, even though I had numerous home pregnancy tests and blood tests that said I wasn't. Now after not having a period for many months, and feeling pregnant since early August 06, I finally had a positve home preg test on October 22, 06, and confirmed it with numerous more tests since. I now have my first prenatal appt on Friday and I will finally be able to see how far long I am. I am so thankful for this website because it helped me see that the doctor's can be wrong, and that I know my body better than anyone else. Good luck to everyone else having similar situations, hang in their and take care of yourself because it is possible that you know your body better than docs do! I will let you all know how far along I am next week, and this should be interesting!


KrystieLynn5103 - November 17

Hey everyone. I'm eighteen years old and started my period when I was ten. It has been pretty regular since....I have been s_xually active and I haven't had my period since June 2006. I took a home test (twice) around august and both came out negitive and then later in September I took another urine test at the doctors which also came out negitive...I didn't think much of it after the Doctors appointment, but now it has been five months (including this month) since my last period, and I was wondering if I could possibly be pregnant. For the first few months I felt really ill, sick to my stomach and what not. Now, I feel like I have to urinate more often, my lower back has been sore and my I've been getting headaches more often then not. Like I said before I haven't really given it much thought until I found this I'm pretty sure it isn't just a trick of the mind... Anyways, I was just wondering what ya'll had to say...or if you could give me any ideas... Thanks! Krystie Lynn


tal4me - November 23

It is so rea__suring to read everyones stories. I am 27 and think that I am about 4 wks pregnant, but all urines tests have shown negative. I am going to make a dr appt next week. I have been nauseous, tired, a little moody, and my b___sts have been really sore. I had my period on the 6th of Nov, but it only lasted for 2 1/2 days. My b___sts got sore about a week before my period and have been sore ever since, and seem to get more sore by the day. Thank you all for your stories.


giag - January 13

I know what your going through. I have three daughters and I did every thing I could to find out if I was pregnant and the tests said no including blood tests but come to find out I was and I didnt find that out until I was almost five months.


ballerina sarah - May 11

i have also had my period but i still think im pregnant and ive taken 4 neggative tests. I also have a little belly


ashley - July 9

i have a question...and no one answers it directly...anywhere...i am over a week late for my period. my boyfriend and i do not have s_x...but we mess p___s...has never been inside me. so here is the deal...i am over a week late...i have taken 3 different pregnancy tests...1 EPT,2 Answer and 1 generic brand....all are negative... is it common to get a false negative? or are the tests generally correct? i haven't had any other symptoms except for more acne than usual... and i do have some discharge. just let me know...a straight answer from ANYWHERE would be amazing.


lucious_lou - December 12

hey i was due on the week b4 lst i did a pregnancy test it came bk neg now im 2 weeks late iv never missed a period b4 shall i take anutha test or am i just not pregnant can some 1 help thanks xxxxx


confuzedntx - December 31

hello all....i havent had a period in 3 months (going on 4) urges to urinate more (i'm a teacher so would have to hold it anyway)...i've taken 7 home pregnancy tests (three different brands) and all have been bfn. people say its stress but as the months go on i'm leaning towards its not stress. i had 2 periods in september and that was the last time af showed. anyone have a positive blood test after 7 failed hpt negatives???


MAMABEHR - January 3

I am going through the same thing I havent had a period in 3 almost 4 months and neg tests but everything in me says I am prego and the symptoms (it cant be in my head that my bust size has went up a cup size) the last resort is an ultrasound. My mom had the same problem all the test were neg and finally found out she was prego with an ultrasound so I still don't know if I am prego but if it's any help I am going through a simular problem. Hope this helps and good luck!


confuzedntx - January 3

i did go to the doctor, and i had a negative test there. and what do you know af decided to show her face, 45 mins after i left the doc. i guess i got one of the rare false positives (with my luck it was a defective hpt). he said it was more than likely just stress related. a little disappointed but relieved at the same time. mixed emotions.



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