Negative Result But Look 4 Months Pregnant And No Not Fat

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confuzedntx - January 3

i did go to the doctor, and i had a negative test there. and what do you know af decided to show her face, 45 mins after i left the doc. i guess i got one of the rare false positives (with my luck it was a defective hpt). he said it was more than likely just stress related. a little disappointed but relieved at the same time. mixed emotions.


lillybug - April 2

hey I'm four weeks late and bfn!!!! no spotting and no light period. i just skipped my second period yesterday! Tell me how you make out at your appointment


DeeMoss - April 4

i havent goten my period in 3 months and i have taken home pregnancy tests about 5 of them and they came up negative. i look 4 months pregnnt and its not just chubbyness ITS HARD. i was in the emergency this week for bleeding and they made me pee in a cup and they tested me for being pregnant and it came out negative and that i had a bladder infection. i have been very tired, sleep all day. when i wake up i feel like im gona puke. after i eat i feel like im gona puke and just feel like sleeping. i never have energy anymore. and i have a feeling deep inside that i am pregnant because i can feel it. me and my boyfriend have been havin unprotective s_x for 6 months now i have to be pregnant. im goin to go for a blood test this week maybe then it will show up that i am pregnant. but if im not pregnant wat else might i have?


darlene_lynch - April 7

Ladies , I have read so many post saying all the same symptoms ur all haveing...awhile back ( 5 years) I had all the same symptoms ect ..and I KNEW I was pregnant all the test said Neg "planned parenthood" did a exam and urine test and said I was not Pregnant...So I took the Depo shot ( Birth control) about One month later I went in to labor and gave birth to a little girl unfortunatly she was still born cause the Depo shot ... and I have Read alot of these post cause I to am haveing all the symptoms and know KNOW im pregnant my period has been missing for 3 months swollen b___st, purple v____a , frequent urination, tired all the time , hungry always and my lower abdomen is growing ,Text book Pregnancy Symptoms ...I have taken a at home test and it is negitive ..but I know that im pregnant but in short Doctors dont always get it rite nor do home test...The only way to know for sure is to listen to your body no one better than you knows whats normal for your body I made that mistake before and lost my baby so....Dont give up just cause a home test or doctor says ur not as a matter of fact I was reading a post last night about a girl going through the same thing much of us are but she took sevral at home test had blood test( not as acurate as a home test suprized i know ) she had a ultrasound the works and they kept telling her no ur not pregnant but she recently posted some great news that in fact she is pregnant 3 months and I have sen so many post like this some women have posted that they have had negitive test till they wher 3-4 months some never tested positive at all but none the less still wher pregnant and had I guess what im saying listen to your bodies and dont beleive every thing your told ; ) good luck Ladies


jules76 - April 7

Well I'm seeing my doctor today, have to say if i am not pregnant , my stomach sure look like i am. Scared to go out in case someone ask's me when it's due. Having to wear elasticated trousers, as my usual size 14 (uk size), jeans don't fit to good now. I will let you ladies know how i get on xx


jules76 - April 7

Well I have been to see my Doctor and what a complete waste of time that was. Firstly he sais that seeing as the tests were negative and that I had some blood, then there is no way that i can be pregnant. When I explained that i am not desperate for a bby, so therefore My body is playing tricks on me, he then turned and said to me "What do you think is wrong with you". At this point i felt like screaming at him thats what you are there for. Told him that i had looked on the internet and there are lots and lots of women on there who have or are going through the same as me, and some of them even had 4+ tests come back neg and they ended up being 3+ months pregnant. He finally agreed to do a water sample, which I then suggested I wanted a blood test as well. All i know is that something is not right, I am not saying 100% i am pregnant, but i sure as hell look it. I feel better for that rant. xxx


Sammy - June 12

Hi Everyone, Here's my story-for the past month now I have been having pregnancy symptoms. I was 2 weeks late on my period and then when it finally came it only lasted 2 days and then just stopped which is very unusual for me as my periods are always about 6 or 7 days and very heavy also I'm always like clockwork!I have this strong intuition that I am pregnant even though I have took about 10 urine tests which are all negative. My stomach has suddenly become swollen and it feels heavier and tighter on the right side...I can feel movement at times and I' m sure I could possibly be 4 or 5 months pregnant but no one believes me! So I went to my doc for the 6th time and demanded an ultrasound scan which I luckily enough am getting tomorrow at 2pm. After reading all your stories I thought it would good for me to report back and let you know what happens.I feel sick all the time, b___bs are swollen and tingly and nipples have enlarged, had a strange clear jelly like discharge tinged with blood a couple of times (like a glob when I wipe), bloody metallic taste in mouth, leg cramps and feel like the veins in my legs have begun to hurt(I'm a__suming this could be from the 50 percent more blood that pumps around the body when pregnant), tingly under ribs, abdomen and back, backache, headaches. When i ly in bed on my back my right lower abdomen feels tight and I have this sharp pinching sensation behind my belly b___ton also feels like a pulled muscle but I haven' t done any exercise! I look and feel 5 months pregnant just can't wait to see what the scan shows tomorrow, my instict is telling me that I'm pregnant but with the urine test sayin neg it puts doubt in my mind! My nan had 3 months of periods throughout her pregnancies so she was unaware. Anyway I'll make sure I report back tomorrow and let you all know how the scan goes.x


xxjaydecxx - June 12

hiya im 18 i have a child who is 11 months and now i feel pregnant again but i have dun about 15 tests and they have all come back neg, last month i came on ma period but only for one day and it was very light i dont want to go to the docters cuz they only look at you as your mad and that they no best and if a test didnt show then ur not can any one help !!!!!


hungryhoraces - June 28

Hi im a little over a week late and feel so tired and sick just like i dad last yr b4 my miscarriage, ive taken 2 test and both neg... So am I preg or is my thyroid playing up again but last time it did i bleed for 3 weeks... what ya think??


belc0011 - June 28

I know exactly how all of you feel - I definitely FEEL pregnant (lower back pain, very tired, nauseous, headaches), and my period is inexplicably 4 days late. It's always come on a Wednesday, and now it's Saturday. I'm not under abnormal stress or anything like that, and I just wish I would either get a positive test or my period, I can't stand any more of this inbetween! I know tons of women promised to come back and post when they found something out one way or the other and didn't, so I will try to remember!


momtoaandk - June 29

BOTTOM LINE---- An ultrasound will give you a definite yes or no answer, especially if you are 5 or more weeks along, or you think you are.


hungryhoraces - July 3

hi everyone just to give u an update im not preg and it was my thyroid evan thou my Dr kept tellin me it wasnt... my blood work came back and it is lol. so all i can say to u girls is check ur tsh levels 1st as it will mess ur hormones up just like a pregnancy good luck to u all xx


rachbabe - July 5

im sorry but that is a load of bull with my 2 year old son i had a blood test(neg)urine tests(neg) and a ultrasound which also said i wasnt pregnant but 6 months later i was screaming the hospital down with LABOUR pains so please just listen to your body and i mean really sit there and think am i etc thankyou ladies i just thought i would add my bit xx


lizwicker - July 19

Wow this has helped me out alot.. i just hate the waiting .. here is my story if anyone can help me out or keep me up dated that would be great.. Its july 19th and i have not had my period since about the second week in may im not sure what day but it was inbetween the 12th and the 14th but i know it was really light and did not last more then 3 days.. norm is about 5.. i norm have a 28 day cycle give or take a few days sometime... i have been late before a week or two but never this late and i have never missed more then one period.. i have every preg symptom there is out there .. and it wont go away.. i belive i could be 9 weeks preg but it could be more then that... i have taken 4 at home tests and all have been negative but they were walmart and dollar store brand and belive they are just c___p... yet still i sit here right now sick as all get out... with every symptom.. my b___bs have not been sore till today! but now im gettin like a tingle in them...every one around me says i am preg.. the smell of everything makes me sick and i know its not in my head... i am goin to get a blood tests done but after reading so many stories on here about gettin back negative blood tests im now scared, cause i dont want them to put me on something and have it hurt my baby ah i dont know.. i just hate waiting .. im either pregnant or dieing, lol well it feels like that any way!


princess_tink - September 14

I am in the same boat... feel pregnant but have done about 20 pregnancy tests over 2 months and every one comes up negative, i am also feeling a lot of small movements around my bellyb___ton, my waist is rapidly expanding... like within 1 week it has got bigger! Going to doc on wednesday and ask if she can refer me to ante-natal department at my hospital so i can get an ultrasound... i will update if i find anything out i promise! Everyone out there experiencing same symptoms... i wish u good luck and all i will say is trust your body!


Teddyfinch - September 15

old post, but you won't feel movement at 8 weeks. i can't stand posts like these. this only promotes hysterical pregnancies. if blood tests and ultrasounds say you aren't pregnant, stop telling yourself you are. you will only trick yourself and your body in to believing it when you're not! (and by you, i mean a general you. not just picking on you, princess_tink) but good luck anyway and here, take some of my baby dust. i've still got 9 weeks, but i'm ready to evict the little stinker!



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