Negative Result But Look 4 Months Pregnant And No Not Fat

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Blanca - July 7

Light periods and pregnant looking are exactly the symptons I have had for over a year now. Doctor's diagnosed me with fibroids. I have gained over 20 lbs and no matter how much excercise or diet I don't lose a pound. Ask the doctor to do a sonogram and check for fibroids or ovarian cysts.


Laurie - July 13

I am having a similar situation... Actually, my last period was during the first week of May 2004. And my "belly" seems to be getting larger and I have muscle pains in my lower back, hips and sides. My b___sts have also been somewhat sore. And I feel sick on a regular basis. I think I'm pregnant, but doubtful at the same time because I've taken two pregnancy tests and both have been negative. ???????????


Sara Eadie - July 17

I am 26 and have 3 beautiful children. I started my period when I was 9 years old and have always had regular periods.(even while brestfeeding) I had my tubes tied Feb. of 2002. Now I haven't had a period since June 2nd. I have never been this late. I have taken probably 5 or 6 HPT's all neg. I had blood drawn this morning and won't get my results until Monday. (it's Friday) I feel sick, cranky, back hurts...I am thinking I will be very lucky if I am just pregnant. I love the stories about neg. tests and then finding out they were wrong. I just don't understand how it's possible. With my 3 pregnancies as soon as I thought I was pregnant the test was positive. (even when I wasn't late) I have been reading posts for the last couple of days and I am so interested to hear how everything works out for everyone.


jessica - July 19

My last period was April 2 and no period since then. I took 3 home test which showed negative. The dentist gave me a test before surgury and to my surprise i am pregnant to.


Diana - July 22

OMG, I am so relieved to see so many other women experiencing the same agony I am. I swear I feel pg, but 3 hpt's say no. I am almost 2 weeks late and I feel dizzy, lethargic and sometimes nauseous. My friends think I am crazy b/c I've had 3 negs, they think it's wishful thinking. I'm going to the dr today to have a blood test. I'm going to go crazy if that's neg too or if my period doesn't come soon.


sharlene - July 22

i am 32 weeks pregnant and only gained 24 pounds so far .....these last weeks i'm not gaining any weight .i'm 20 years old and about 4 feet,10 inches tall .....does this seem normal?


Cindy - July 24

You need to see a doctor. You could have what is called a molar pregnancy. It is when an implanted egg does not develop properly.Positive preg tests at the begining is common but gradually all symtomps of a real pregnancy fade including a pos test. These pregnancies can turn into cancer. Please don't wait.


sara j. - July 28

My last period was June 8. I have had what I thought was a faint positive test on July 10. Now I wonder if it wasn't an evaportation line. I had a blood test today that was negative. Before I heard the result my backpain increased and my tail bone or back partof pelvis is protruding. My husband notices changes inside for 2 weeks and people who don't know me notice I am "pregnant". Have every symptom. Have nevr missed period before. But convinced as is husband I am very much pregnant. Also feel uterus 1 inch above pubic bone. Am I further than I think? Or is something else wrong. 6th baby. 45 yr.


louise - July 28

my periods have always been on time. im now 8 days late. my husband and i are trying to get pregnant, but ive taken 3 home pregnancy test and two had very faint lines in the " pregnant " box and one was negative.i dont know what to think but now reading some of your messages, i see that there is hope. i feel like im pregnant. i have slight nausea, feel very fatigued and im urinating alot more frequently.


kandrew - July 29

i am over 3 months late, have also had 3 neg urine tests, and 1 neg blood test, they thought is had to do with my thyroid but those tests all came back normal, my waistline is expanding along with gaining weight and cravings...could it be??


louise - July 29

its me again. im now 9 days late. still no sign of my period. i looked up some websites which have the 10 main symtoms of pregnancy and i have about 7 of the symptoms. i dont want to keep taking tests as im not sure if it is too early. ill keep you updated


Lizbeth - July 29

well it has been two months since i've had my period and i took 2hpts and came out neg.My mom thinks i'm pregnant and so do i i have all these symptoms and my stomach is getting bigger.i think i'll go to the doctor soon.


Helen - July 30

I have had no period, have morning sickness, sensitive b___st and my tummy has just started showing and yet all my pregnancy test results are negative. I know I am pregnant but my GP thinks I am noughts. My plan now is to have a scan down as I have start experiencing some movements. I have two children and had 2 miscarriages so I think I should at least know the signs by now.


Megan - July 30

I showed 3 negative tests results including a blood test from my doctor. 5 days later I went to my ob gyn and got 2 positive urine tests. I guess I conceived a day before my expected period. I'm now 5 weeks along. You can show a negative and really be pregnant. I was 2 weeks late before my pregnancy showed up. I don't know about 4 months though.


louise - July 30

its me again. well im now 11 days late so i went to the doc today and it turns out that im 51/2 weeks preggers. so just because your pregnancy home test shows up neg does not mean you are not pregnant. it just may be too early. even though the tests say that they can detect it really early, i dont nessesarily think that that is true so good luck


tina - July 30

Hi jean i not got the period since 7weeks. i did one pregnancy test n blood test but negative. today i feel some browinsh spotting. should i think iam pregnant. my stomach also becomes bigger.



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