Negative Result But Look 4 Months Pregnant And No Not Fat

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tina - July 30

Hi jean i not got the period since 7weeks. i did one pregnancy test n blood test but negative. today i feel some browinsh spotting. should i think iam pregnant. my stomach also becomes bigger.


Faith - July 30

hello, this is my first time posting anything. But I would like to know what people think. I just went off bc in May 2004 after being on them for 4 years. I feel like I am pregnant but I have taken 3 urine tests but all negitive. I am tried most of the time, excessive saliva, cramps, and the smell of smoke and popcorn make me sick to my stomach, b___st hurts somedays, feeling full most of the time. I did have a period but it was really wierd 2 days on 1 1/2 days off and then 2 more days on it was mainly brownish red blood. I am very confussed. I spook with my sister and she did not find out until her 13th week and it took 3 urine, and 3 blood tests for her to find out. Please tell me what you think.


kandrew - August 1

Still nothing, it has been over three months. My stomach is harder and seems bigger farther up. I am wondering if I can request an ultrasound...just for my own peace of mind.


kenyatta - August 3

August 3,2004 6:53pm I don't have any answers! but I do empathize with those who are goin thru this horrid experience. My last period was on May 2, 2004. I recently took a prgncy tst on July 16, 2004 it turned out to b neg.! My b___st don't ache but, I do feel nauseated at times and i used to feel really tired and moody and craved weird foods like pineapple upside down cake with sour cream (Yuck!!!) I've also had some very very light spotting that will only last for about 20 minutes and it's gone. How soon should I take another test? Can I be pregnant? My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 19 mo. now.


faith - August 3

kenyatta, you might want to have a blood test down for pregnancy.


faith - August 3

kenyatta you probably want to get a blood test done.


SC - August 7

Gees, so many people are talking about what I'm going through. On the day my period was supposed to start, I just got super-light, watery, brownish or pinkish disharge on a pantyliner 2x day. That's it. Each day through today... so this is day 33 of my cycle and still no period. I took a pg test this morning and it's negative. But for about 1-1/2 weeks now I've felt different. Never been pregnant before but I feel weird-- emotional, lightheaded, bloated, ga__sy, heartburn, no period, etc. Will call doc on Monday to figure out what's going on. Was just there for a visit (new OB/GYN) about two weeks ago-- preconception. Hmmm.


Tanya - August 7

I was 9 weeks pregnant, (alitt;e more than 9 years ago) when I finally got a Positive result. I took 3 tests at 6 weeks, 2 HPTs and one at the clinic, the last one at the clinic I was closer to 7 weeks, WOW! A son is born, late TOO! doctors acutally saihe was about two weeks overdue, they said he was close to having his first bowel movement, wow, talk about cutting it close, He was healthy, 8lbs 15oz., oh yeah, my first Dr, who no longer has a license, thought told me I had cyst, about for weeks along, and the excrutiating pain and bleeding was from another cyst that had already burst, my Dr that delivered my son said, That i was most likely pregnant with twins, i probaly lost one, my placenta wes 5lbs, the size for twins, my neg HPT's was most likely a result of the loss of baby. So good luck


Priscila - August 9

I am feeling the same. My last period was on june 10th and nothing until now (aug 8th). I did 6 home test and all negatives. I set an appointment to the gynecologist next week and let's see!! I am feeling my beely kind of hard and my b___st seems huge!!Nut no pain, no morning sick, anything like that!! I really think i am pregnant, but no positive results so far!! I will keep you posted!!


nan - August 9

Pricilla--me too I haven't had my period since 6/9. I took about 8 hpt and got one positive and all the rest were neg. I have no nausea, but my b___bs seem like there overflowing out of my bra and they are a little sore when I walk up and down stairs and like you my belly seems harder. I go tomorrow. Good luck to you. Keep us posted


Kimberly - August 10

i had four home test 2 came out positive and 2 came out negative and than i went t o the clinic and it came back negative but i look pregnant and feel pregnant could i be or should i go to a regualr gyn for more test


im cryin! - August 11

every1 saids they hav pregnancy test, and it was negative, but then finally when u look like pregnant u take it, and ur positive!!!!!!! im so scared, im only 14, and my boyfriend was only humping my b___t, I didnt feel the sperm came out, but I was wet near my down there, i cant tell help please!!!!!!!


kenyatta - August 15

Hello evryone, I still haven't had a period yet. Although I have been spotting still (very light), today there was a small clot in my panties with a little bleeding (dark-brown colored) the bleeding has subsided. The thing is I haven't had any cramps and my b___st feel normal now. My insurance just came thru so I'll be making an appointment with the doctor's soon. Oh yeah i went to the hospital last friday they gave me an pelvic x-ray and chest also a pelvic sonogram. They never gave me any results they said i had a build up of feces in my bowel and that might be causing some discomfort in my lower back. My temperature was 99.0 and the urine sample I submitted was neg. I want answers!!!! The PA at the hospital said I might be going through menopause!!! I am 27y/o with no children. 1 miscarriage back in 2000 ( ause possible blighted ovum) I don't know what else to do!! I hope evryone has better luck than I have had. I'm cryin, I don't worry you are 14y/o take a pregnancy test. If positive speak to your area preacher or counselor at a group health clinic. You are not alone what ever the result maybe:)


liz - August 17

Have you been checked for a cyst in your womb?


Ashley - August 17

My fiance and I have been having s_x for about 2 months or so now. I'm on birth control and we have been careful (no broken condoms) for about a week now I get really nausieded at night and really early morning, I have trouble sleeping, i have cramps, headaches, backpains, and everytime i eat i get really sick and throw up. Ive had 3 negatice at home tests, my parents keep telling me i'm pregnant. my stomach has grown a little bit, and i'm losing weight, what do i do? am i pregnant?


faith - August 17

well i had a couple more tests and they were all negative. Ashley when you first start the pill it could make you think that you are pregnant, it really sucks or it could be that you are really pregnant.



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