Negative Result Could I Still Be Pregnant

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Erin - January 5

I have taken a home pregnancy test that was negative. If I am pregnant I would be 15 weeks along. I have my period, but it was pretty light for the first two months then last month it was normal. The only signs that I can think of are for about a month I felt as though I could have thrown up but I never did, and also I have sore br___ts now and then. I have been gaining weight and in my lower abdomen I have been feeling this weird feeling, kind of like a butterfly is in there. I do not have health insurance right now, nor do I have a job or money. I am 19 years old and am still in high school, last semester though, and my parents want me to graduate before I get a job, because I will be the first to graduate in the family, therefore I do not have a job. I am afraid to say anything to my parents for the fear they might kick me out with no where to go. Do you think that it is possible that I could be pregnant? If I am pregnant, what is the best way to tell my parents without them totally flipping out and kicking me out? I know that I need to go see a doctor, but without money or insurance is there any way of getting help?


connie - January 5

Hi Erin, I would go to your local Planned Parenthood or a facility like it and have urine pregnancy test done, I believe it only costs about $10.00 to have the test done at Panned Parenthood, I have had a test done there before and it was $10.00 at that time. If their urine test is + they will confirm it with a blood test, although I don't know what the fee is for this or what all is involved, i'm sure you will need insurance to pay for the cost of a blood test from them. I suggest planned parenthood because if you are pregnant, they can offer you options and counseling on making a decision that is best for you and on anything else you have concerns about related to your pregnancy. But, honestly Erin, it doesn't sound to me as if you are pregnant, would more than likely have a + result by 15 weeks, but is has happened that women have been pregnant for a while with - results. You also stated that you have been having symptoms of pregnancy so I can understand your concern. I really hope I have helped you out, at least a little bit. Please, let me know what you decide to do and how it turns out. Good Luck :)



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