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Curious Grandma - January 26

My stepdaughter had a baby in June of 2006. Has not had a period since (no, she's not nursing). Had unprotected s_x we found out before she even had her 6 week checkup. Has had some negative home tests and some positive home tests, said doctor's urine test was negative and maintains (as you can tell, I don't believe that she went) that she took a blood test (had to wait 2 weeks for the results which seems a littie long to me) that also came back negative. She is starting to "look" pregnant but says she's just eating alot. Unfortunately, all the weight gain looks like "baby weight gain" and she's not gaining anywhere else. Even my 16 yo nephew asked during Christmas if she was pregnant. it common to go 7 months without a period and NOTHING be wrong?


baby020607 - January 26

Sometimes it takes awhile for cycles to re-establish themselves after birth, but seven months does seem kind of long if she wasn't b___stfeeding or anything like that. Getting a false positive on an HPT is supposed to be fairly rare, but I guess that could also depend on the brand. As far as the blood test results go... mine were back within hours. Two weeks is an extremely long time! I had a negative urine test at the doc, but a postive blood test (as well as mixed test results at home). I hope things work out for your stepdaughter!


DownbutnotOUT - January 27

The blood test sounds like it was way too long, the longest i have ever waited for blood work was 3 days. if she is having unprotected s_x and b___stfeeding there is a GREAT chance she is pregnant. i would personally take her to the drs or buy a pregnancy test myself and ge ther to take it. Some women can go many months without a period after a baby well many who are not nursing can get preggers right after, happened to my ex SIL she has 2 boys about 11 months apart.


DownbutnotOUT - January 27

and NOT b___stfeeding I meant to say



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