Negative Test But I Think I Am Pregnant

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Ashley - December 27

I have taken a test and it came up Negative... I had my last normal period Nov 19-23 then 20days later when I am suppose to get my next period on Dec 13th I got it about a day late first heavy then light and lighter for 3days when usually its 4days...I've never had cramps but I got them then which isnt normal. I have just about EVERY symptoms- I am sick everyday I dont feel well! I just feel pregnant! I've been pregnant before so I know the feeling... I really think I am and my lower stomach sticks out and is growing...I havent taken the other test and am waiting till Jan5th when my next period should come to take it... But i really feel like I am Pregnant- I think I am about a Month and a Half but my boyfriend just keeps telling me I'm not cause the test was Negative- But I really think I am!! Any One Expieriance the same?


kat - December 28

im in a simular situation,had a very light 3 day period(although i wouldnt exactly call it that!) on 6 dec,waiting to see if i get my next one next week,lower abdominal bloating,ab pains for almost a month,tiardness,sometimes feeling abit sick,testing neg,think im almost 5wks just waiting for that pos result! its driving me mad!


bump - December 30



Shawnee - January 4

Wow, thought i was alone. My last period was nov 27, then my next one was dec 22, lasted for 4days, light, then a little ehavy, no clotting like i usually have, i've felt nausea sometimes, lower abdomen pain, abdominal bloating but negative test. Im going crazy. it would put me at about 5 weeks and a couple of days, maybe there is not enough hcg hormone in our bodies yet to determine a positve sign. I hate waiting.


Bonjour_All - January 5

I am now two weeks late for my period, I have done 2 tesco hpt and 2 clear blue in the past 2 weeks - all negative. When my period was due, I had all the symptoms of someone about to begin their period - sweat, stomach ache. I have a son already and tested positve at around 2 days late at the docs. Are home kits any use at all, should i go straight to the docs or wait until next period due? Normally I am regular to the second as i was on bc pill. However not started taking it again this month incase I am pg. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?


Sam - January 5

I'm going through the same thing. Last period was 29 Nov although only lasted 4 days and was lighter than normal. Was due another period on 27 Dec but was 2 days late and when it arrived I spotted to 2 days and then nothing. I have done 4 home tests and 1 doctors test all negative. I went to the doctors yesterday and he wants to do another test before he sends me for a scan. I have all the symptoms - swollen sore b___sts with visible viens, lower backache, nausea, ever growing tummy, tiredness, increased appet_te.... I just don't know what to think anymore!!


Mart - January 5

I'm in the same situation. My last period was on October 11, 2004. I've taken over 15 pregnancy test and half say negative and the other half say positive. I took a urine test at the clinic and it came up negative. I also took 2 blood tests at the clinic and they also came up negative. I don't know what to do because I have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. My aunt was pregnant and no one believed her. She had a very bad cramp one day and went to the ER and was told she was going into labor but no test ever showed she was pregnant during the 9 months. My friend didn't show she was pregnant on any test until the sixth month. So I don't know what to think. Sometimes I think i'm just going crazy and making this all up.


mel - January 5

Well my last period was on Dec. 11, my next period is due Jan 7th. I have all the signs, the cramping, bloating, metallic taste in my mouth, very gasy and heavy/soar b___bs. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and they are all negative so far. I am going crazy, I have 2 more days for my period to start, I would have thought that the test this morning would have shown a positive. What do you think? Do you think that it is just to early to test, or am I jsut going to have a really bad period this month?


Bonjour_All - January 6

I dont know what to think any more, I just want to know either way so that I can either move on or prepare. I am gonna take a sample to the docs and see what they say. hpt are generally set to a sensitivity level of 25, the docs are usually around 15 - so can detect a smaller amount of hormones in the urine. I spoke to my mum and it seems that the onset of the menopause seems to start alot earlier in the women throughout are family - mid thirties - I am 29 now - she says it could also have somet to do with that.


Bonjour_All - January 7

Well I got another negative result this morning. Got in work early so I have had a surf on the web - i have ordered some tests that are sensitive to 10miu. Cheaper than the c___ppy ones you get at the supermarket - so will see what they say. Hopefully if they are dispatched today I should get them tomorrow.


mel - January 7

Well I took 2 different pregnancy tests this morning and they both came back positive!!! YES!!! I'm just so glad that the waiting is finally over.


Kelsey - January 11

CongratsMel! My last period was November 17th. I have tested neg on doc's test and negative on most of my home tests and faintly pos on three--very faint. I had some symptoms, I keep thinking I am about to start my period. I have told the doc, he doesn't seem concerned. I tested positive very early with my daughter. I know that this could be a sign of a cyst or infection, so why doesn't the doc seem concerned? Has anyone else not tested pos, this far out, I guess it would be around 6wks gest. if I am indeed pregnant.?


kandiss - January 11

congratulations Mel!!! I also had my last period Dec 11 and am due for one today (11th). Havent started yet. Tested - on 3 hpt and on 1 doctors. I have alot of symptoms: Very sore b___st and nipples, gas, bloating,back pain, indigestion.... anyone else here find out they were pregnant after sending these emails? It gives me inspiration.


Joanne S. - January 11

Well, I had my period around the 28 of Nov, and it carried over into the 1st two days of Dec. Then, on the 26th of Dec, I cramped really bad like i was going to start, but I didn't. Then on the 28th of Dec. I started to spot, not even enough to really call it spotting, but it was there. That lasted until the 1 or 2nd of Jan. Still no more "normal" period. I have had really bad lower back pains, and an occa__sional headache, and my b___sts are sore. Today, the 11th, my lower back and my stomach hurt me so bad, I went to the doc. It was unbearable. They did an urine preganancy test, the UTI test, and send me for an ultrasound on my ovaries, and one the blood pregnancy tests. The UTI test came back negative, so that's ruled out. I have to go back in the morn for the rest of the results, so wish me luck. Everyone here is saying you are pregnant, but I just don't want to think about it and get my hopes up because I have had my heart broken so many times before. We have been trying for 7 years now, and not using any protection for 11. I am 29 now, and I want to be pregnant really bad. Am I crazy or has this happened to anyone else? Oh, I also have a clear watery discharge, could that be part of pregnancy?


ekay - January 11

It sounds REALLY hopefull for you Joanne S. Keep us posted for sure!!!


Bonjour_All - January 12

After testing negative on all the hpts bought at the supermarket - I tested positive on the tests i ordered online. The docs have confirmed it and i am due 4/9.


Bonjour_All - January 12

4th September that is - I am in the UK so we write dates out in different formats lol



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