Negative Test But Implantation Bleeding And Late Period

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kmz - February 5

I am 7 days late tomorrow, I have taken 3 tests one was generic and all BFN! should I wait another week? Has anyone had positive tests after past negative tests? I had from everything that I have read what I am sure was implantation bleeding-it occurred 10-12 DPO light brown & Pink only when I wiped lasted only 4-5 days I thought it was an early period-this combined with the fact I have always been regular & never missed made me think I was pregnant--is there hope?


tyler0323 - February 6

implantation does not normaly last 4-5 days but there are ladies to test postive after a negative. test again in a few days since hcg doubles everyother day.


ad__kson2 - February 6

I had a friend that never had positive tests and went in to the doctor cause she kept missing her period and found out she was 4 months pregnant...I think with every woman it is different...I have been having a period since I was 13 and I have never had any problems with my period always been right on time every month and I didnt have my period last month and I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative, so I think I'm gonna go see the doctor.


kmz - February 7

Tyler0323-well I don't know if it was 4 or five days b/c I thught it was the beginning of my period,so I didn't keep up. But I realized that it wasn't because no cramps, no increase in flow, no change of color of discharge, etc. The last day it was only in the morning that I experienced the discharge. Have you experienced implantation bleeding before? I have spoken to a friend who has and she said what I described was really similar to the implantation bleeding she experienced with her her first child.


tyler0323 - February 7

yes, it does sound similar to implantion, the only difference is how long yours lasted. If you are currently now more then a week late, then a test should be accurate right now. If you test again, and its negative, id go into see a doctor for a blood test. Is there any possibility of stress or anything, birthcontrol, that would have made the 4-5 days of bleeding just an irregular period?


kmz - February 7

Tyler0323---Well I am always stressed, I am in Law School second semester, I would say I was more stressed in Dec b/c of finals and I lost 10 lbs. in that month alone and couldn't sleep well, but I still had a period (Jan 3 to be exact) I have been off BC for almost two years. I do not think the bleeding was an irregular period b/c I almost always have bad cramps and nipple soreness, I did not get that and it never got heavier, I only saw the discharge when I wiped. No insurance so I can't do a blood test. My plan is to wait until the 14th and maybe by then something will show-I don't want to get disappointed by a lot of tests or spend the $. Thanks


snugglez - February 8

Something similar happeed to me last month. But after this happened i had my period a couple of days later. hth


kmz - February 14

will you keep me updated and I will do the same-good luck


mandy74 - May 1

kmz- What happened with your story? I am 2 days late for af and had what I thought might be implantation bleeding at 10 dpo. It lasted 4 days and sounds exactly like your symptoms. Still no positive test. I just would like to know how things turned out for you...


HaleyExpecting2012 - July 14

I experienced the same symptoms. Although my implantation only lasted 2 days but other than that it sounds about right. I took test after test and they all came back negative then i took some more this month and they came back positive.They had to give me a blood test for it come positive because I had really low hcg levels. I am now 8 weeks pregnant, but I would suggest to go to your doctor and get a blood pregnancy test


Freckledgirl92 - July 21

My period is 5 days late. I had intercourse the 25th of June which was 3 days after my period ended(I'm not sure if you can get pregnant after having intercourse that soon) but then I had what I'm a__suming was spotting. It was almost as if I was peeing the blood if that makes sense. It only lasted one day and then nothing else. Soon after I started having what I think may be pregnancy symptoms. My nipples were extra sensitive, super tired all the time, extremely emotional, I could smell things much stronger than before, very nauseous, and I seem to be breaking out(Which I haven't in quite a while) and then the most current symptom is a type of clear, no smell, discharge. Some lower back pain, but not really cramping. All 3 HPT's have come out negative. HELP!!



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