Negative Test Feel Pregnant

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Nicki - March 23

Never tried before this. Please help! My LMP 02/20/06 lasted four days. Tried everyday from 02/21/06 until 03/18/06 to concieve. I tested 03/19/06 and 03/24/06 and hpt was negative. I got my peroid on 03/19/06 for two days. Even though I got a negative result on the htp I feel pregnant. I feel like something has taken over my body and feel really tired. I have most all of the syptoms of pregnancy. Has anyone ever experienced tis?


reason0307 - March 24

Yes my last period was January 2 and I took 4 test at the doctor and they were all negative.I am bloated in all my clothes,what could be going on.Go to the doctor to be sure,because if you are you want to start having prenatal care.


Nicki - March 24

Thanks reason0307


Bailey - March 24

It sounds as though I have found the right place to share my problem. Unfortunately I don' t have an answer for you guys, but I am right with you. My last cycle, although VERY VERY light was on Jan 8th. (Today is day 76 w/out a period). I get occasional cases of nausea, never actually vomiting. I have the worst gas imaginable. I have lots of CM all the time. I feel as though I have been bloated for the past two months. I can't get enough sleep. I don't "feel" pregnant though. I have taken 3 pregnacy test in the past 2 months. One of those was a blood test (pos/neg) which my dr gave me. She also did a blood test to check my hormones, all of which were normal. So here I am in the dark, anxiously awaiting SOMETHING. I have an appt with my GYN on Wed the 29th, hopefully I can get to the bottom of this!


Nicki - March 24

I appreciate you sharing what your going through. I wish you the best at the GYN on the 29 th! If you don't mind can you tell me what she suggests to you when you go? I find myself sleeping more than I ever before since I started trying. I eat a very nutrious diet so I don't understand why else I would be experiencing this. I was working out 5 days a week now I can't even seem to stay up past 8:00pm much like workout.


hi - March 24

Likely you're not pregnant. It sounds like you just got over a period. Periods can come in many different forms. I wouldn'rt worry about being pregnant right now. Just get ready for the next O day. Try not to think about getting pregnant so much or you will start to think you're pregnant when you are not. Baby Dust to all


Bailey - March 25

To HI. Who was your message to? I don't care if I'm pregnant. Either way is fine with me. My husband left for a year long tour in Korea (air force) the day after Christmas. So, to be honest the last thing I want is to be pregnant with my (our) first child without him. Although if I find that I am, we will be thrilled! I was just sharing what I am going through! :) Nicki, I will let you know how it goes on Wed!


nicki - March 25

Bailey thanks I appreciate your help. The way I feel is really weird overall really health and very active. Lately it's gone done hill, little worried. I was fine before trying.


Bailey - March 29

Ok well I wend to my Dr today and he didn't do anything for me. He gave me a perscription for Provera so my body would force a period. I kind of thought he would look a little more into WHY I didn't have it to begin with.


reason0307 - March 30

Yeah Bailey that's crazy he was suppose to check and see what was going on, at least do a pap smear.


Bailey - March 30

I agree, oh well I took the 1st of 10 Provera pills, hopefull I should get a visit from Aunt Flow here soon!


Emma2 - March 30

Feeling pregnant is just not enough to make it so. I suggest you go get some blood work done at your drs. But seeing that you got your period it seems even less likely but you never know. Good Luck


Smile101 - June 29

Iam going through the same thing. I have missed my period, Iam nauses and sore. But my test was neg.


LauraLynn - July 2

Light periods could mean implantation bleeding (if they show up earlier than your actual period due date). I've also heard that will make a hpt show up negative.


callowaymom - July 9

I have everyone I know telling me Im not pregnant~ I have the same problem as you guys do it seems~ Im over a week late and I have all the feelings of being pregnant. I have 10 yr old twins and another baby that's 20 months old right now. I know what being pregnant is, and I know my body. BUT~ I keep taking the HPT's and they all say NO :0( I take the first morning urine and I do exactly what it says to do, Ive taken several different kinds of tests too, everything from dollar store tests (which are surprisingly accurate despite their cost) and the clear blue digital. All have said not preg. I didnt take a test with the twins until I had missed my period almost a week, and then the test was a "slight" positive, and that was with TWINS.... the next baby I didnt take a test until I was already 10 wks along, because I didnt feel pregnant with her. It was a dollar store test and was positive. I dont know if I just test lower than other women, or if maybe it could really be in my head, the symptoms are REAL ive been cramping/ aching for almost 2 weeks now and Im hungry all the time (very unlike me..) Everyone keeps telling me it cant happen if the test says no, then its no. I havent even spotted or had any color when I wipe at ALL... totally clear with some occasional discharge thats clear or white also. Im gonna wait and take more tests later, I just was wondering if its as "rare" as people say to not test positive when you are. reading these posts I would say it's pretty common to test neg. when youre preg.... what do you think??



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