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Liz333 - May 25

I took 4 HPT and all negative, I have missed my period and I have some symptoms of pregnancy such as frequent urination lower dull back pain that just started headaches just started and tired all the time, could the test be wrong and am I still pregnant?


YvetteF - May 25

I don't have a definite answer for you, but I have missed 2 periods, have all the symptoms, ALL of my hpt's are neg. I have been told that there are SEVERAL women who don't test positive until later on in the pregnancy. Some people don't even get a positive blood test. Trust your gut and I would act as you were to be safe until you know for sure. Some women have only been able to get confirmation of their pregnancy through ultra-sound. I would believe you may have to be a little farther along to be sure to see the baby. I'm waiting one more month to demand an ultra-sound, but I would bet my life that I am pregnant. I hope this helps you a little bit. Yvette


Clarissa23 - May 25

i agree with you yvette...i am one of those women where ultrasound always finds the babies that docs says dont exist.


YvetteF - May 25

Clarissa- You actually calmed my nerves with your response to my question the other day. It is so nice to be able to talk to people that will share their real life situations with. It really helps you to know you aren't crazy and imagining everything.


Clarissa23 - May 25

it is always hard to explain to doctors that maybe they are not ob with 3 kids said there was no way i was pregnant...obviously she was wrong, my son will be 2 in a couple weeks. Now i am in a new state and have to find an ob who will not think i am crazy when all the tests come up negative. my husband says he knows i a m pregnant based on all the symptoms i am having...he would know since we have been through this 3 times before...I have the sore b___bs, nausea, peeing all the time, and lets just say my s_x drive is great(something i get when pregnant). I had a blood test a month ago and was a 2 hcg level...but doc was unsure whether i was preg because my hcg tends to be low throughout very confusing and hard to wait for positive results when you just seem to know you are pregnant.


smskam - May 26

clarissa23... so in ur ealier pregnancies.. at what week did u get confirmation...and at what week did ur blood test come up negative..were they the quant_tative kind..also u mentioned ur hcg remains low trhoughout the pregnancy...did the docs give u any explaination..coz every where i read..low hcg= no pregnancy or m/c...LATstly.. what week do u think u r in rigt now??please reply.. thanks..


Clarissa23 - May 26

i got confirmation at 9 weeks with my 1st, 13 weeks with 2nd, and 16 weeks with 3rd...all by hpts. blood tests were quant...level of 4-5 at about 5 or 6 weeks...they do not know why hcg is so low..i guess i am a medical miracle or something...ive never had a m/c and have never thought i was pregnant and been wrong...I think i am about 6 to 8 weeks now..but have no way of telling for sure as i am still nursing my son and hve not had a period yet


smskam - May 26

vow ..thanks for replying.. the reason i ask is coz i felt i was preg for the last two months.. my hubby and I b/d during my ovulation period in early march (i was ovulating for sure) the AF in March came a day early and was very scanty and i had brown discharge. stopped early.... not normal for me as i have always had regular 4-5 days flow and have never missed or had scanty flows ever..anywyas hpt's have been neg and in April again my AF was 6 days late and scanty and again this month May same story. during the AF,i did get a gush of blood if i exercised or did some heavy duty work but nuthing my hormones and hcg checked at what i think was 12 weeks LMP(if preg).. hcg came out neg and hormones all normal too...i seem to get all symptoms in the book but just for a short period ...and even now my tummy feels bloated and every time i eat i feel like i over ate ..even if i just ate a normal portion..som eof my usual jeans don't fit well atall and the one's with stretch fit snug.My bras are riding up and not all fit..i also have some weird light abdominal pains all over the ab area..can start from pubic mound to left, right or upper ab..lower back/hip .. perlvic floor.. really no one is not there always but it comes and goes...but when my recent bloodwork came back negative.. i just thought i was going insane...i can't understand why all of a sudden i am having scanty flows and weird symptoms and still get negative on quant_tative blood test..atleast if hormones were out of whack .. i would blame them.. but they r normal too...but ur story gives me hope ..coz if preg, and if i am also a rare case lik eu , i may be in week 13 as per my calculations.. thanks for giving some hope..coz urs is a story which is first hand and not something u heard from someone or some friend'd friend and that really helps ...thanks again.....


Clarissa23 - May 28

you is a hard situation to be in and most dont understand what i am talking about...i am in the midst of dealing with it again...i think i am preg now but having same problem with tests again...just went out and bought a test that i thought was a 25 sensitivity and come to find out it was 100...needless to say it came out negative but not really sure how to read it since the negative line is so light it is almost nonexistent. so i have no idea what that


susanna - May 29

Hi ladies, theres 98 members on a yahoo group in the same boat as you. Go to and click on groups, the group name is: hcgfn


smskam - May 29

clarissa23: good luck....i am amazed that the docs don't even keep the option open especially when there can be cases where women do not test positive. atleast they should teach the students in medical schools that it is a possibility and that way they can have an open mind when ladies like u go to the docs suspecting pregnancy....susanna i have been reading the posts on yahoo too..... thanks



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