Negative Tests And Pregnancy Symptoms

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liz0 - September 10

To give a small time line last "known" period was August 5th it lasted my normal 5 days. I'm on HBC but I've been slacking and wouldn't take that as a form of BC for the month of August. August 24th five days past ovulation I start getting dizzy, sore and hard nipples, headaches, neasua and cramping. My husband took me to the docs the next day, waited two hours only be told i have low blood pressure and to go home and rest. I compeletly stop taking my pill to force my AF to arrive. On the 29th It started sorry fi this is tmi but it was more dark then usual i'd say medium flow. This lasted two days and stopped fully by the third day. I thought nothing of this again untill yesterday the 9th of sept... I still have a tight bloated feeling in my stomach ive actualy gained 5 pounds in a little under the two weeks! Aswell as my pants starting to fit snuggly, my br___ts are still very tender and visibly larger. I had taken 3 HPT's between the doc app and my "AF" all neg. I took one yesterday and today and still neg. According to the charts i'd be almost 5 weeks now.... Going to the docs on friday hoping to get a blood test done. Has anyone else ever had a situation like this? and BEEN pregnant?? I don't think it could really be a phantom because this is more a hey my body is acting weird...then a hey I hope im pregnant lol any input is muchly appreciated!!!!


clindholm - September 10

Have you considered that it may be due to "slacking" and suddenly stopping your bc? I guess to know for sure, yo will have to wait for the blood test.


liz0 - September 10

I thought about that.....but I've been on the exact same pill for 6 years.... and I always "slack" off when im not in a relationship etc. I've never experienced anything like this! I had a b___st reduction last year and now they're getting larger? I know it's a side effect of the pill...but for 6 years on the same pill.... If all woman had this could you imagine the b___sts and weight of those woman!?


liz0 - September 18

Hey just updating for anyone who may come across this and is having the same problems i had. Upon seeing my doctor he told me I had a "stomach bug". For 3 and a half weeks I had a stomach bug that didn't cause diarrhea or vomiting, made my b___sts larger and more tender and caused head aches, dizziness and mood swings. He said he'd give me another pregnancy test and some other blood work just in case. Leaving the doctors office and walking to the labs. I look at the piece of paper for my tests and he had prescribed another urine.... After telling him i had taken 6 HPT's all neg one of which I did two days before seeing him. I broke into tears (which lasted for 2 hours) I went back 3 days later to have the physical he wanted me to come back told me all my tests where negative (big shock there! -.- ) and that my b___st tenderness was being cause by too much fatty foods...or chocolate...or alcohol/drugs.... I'm very against drugs and alcohol. I'm allergic to chocolate and I haven't changed my diet at all to include more "fatty foods". I still have all my symptoms all though I'm not nearly as bloated. I admit I'm probably not pregnant... but i still can't belive the doctors excuses for how i'm feeling.



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