Negative Tests But Missed Period

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Fluge - June 7

I need some advice or mayby reassurance. The first day of my last period was May 4th. Est. Ovul was the 18th (per my dr) I had intercourse on the 16th. Should have gotten my period somewhere between the 29th - June 2nd. No such luck. I have been cramping for the last 7 days, but nor peirod. I have taken 3 home tests and actually went into the dr for a blood test on was also negative. My Dr said the cramping could be implantation and that the hormone level that indicates PG may not be high enought to detect yet. She said to wait until next Monday and if I haven't gotten my period by then she would do another test. The only other time I have missed my period in my life was when I was PG with my first child. Anyone else have this problem or may offer some suggestions? Thanks for the help.


rosiegirl - June 10

HI! I'm not sure If I'm much help, but I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I have always been regular w/ my periods. I stopped the pill a few months ago , and had no problem resuming my regular cycle. I have had two normal periods since stopping. I was due for my period last tuesday(6-5). It is now 5 days later and it has yet to show up. My husband and I have been using the calendar method along with condoms on my fertile days. But it seems that we may have screwed up somewhere! lol I took a test last night and it said negative. But I am not convinced. I was cramping a few days before the 5th and kept cramping occasionally until thursday. So I guess I'm just waiting it out. I have no clue myself.


sonyashaw_2004 - June 11

Hi, I am in the same boat. M LMP was 1st May. Missed 1st June. No Period yet. Took a preg test today morning with negative results. I have too much nausea and my taste buds have changed. I feel my body a bit heavy and have gained some weight in last 15 - 20 days. I am also planning to do yet one more home test before going for a blood test. Will keep you posted.



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