Negative Tests Still Know I M Pregnant

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Brooke - January 24

For the past few weeks I have been feeling extremely tired, moody, nasea, cramps, bloating, flutters, frequent urination, dizziness, food cravings, thirsty, and sleepless. At the beggining of the month I had an irregular period. It lasted about a day. My body has felt different for awhile now, so I took various preg. tests. They all came up negative. However, womens intuition....I know I'm pregnant! I went off on of my medications because it can cause birth defects and I just wanted to be on the safe side. I had a blood test done today and it came back negative. Am I crazy? I just know I'm pregnant! I have read stories on here of negative urine and blood tests and still finding out later they were pregnant. What causes that? Any opinions out there? Have any of you girls experienced this and if so what type of blood tests did they run?


Jen - January 25

I guess almost anything is possible. So I would have to say that yes, it is possible to receive negative hpt's and blood tests. It all depends on the amount of HCG your body is producing. Every woman is different. Sometimes it just takes longer to produce the hormone, or longer for any test to pick up on the hormone. The only thing you can do now is just wait it out considering you've already had a blood test. Good luck though.


Jacqui - January 25

I don't know.. but I'd be really interested in finding out why it doesn't show up for some people. I'm in the same boat as you - 10 days late now.. with symptoms.. but negative tests. I'm going to go get a blood test in 5 days. My mum told me she didn't get a positive blood test until she was 10 weeks pregnant with me. She thought maybe it's because I'm fairly fit and healthy so maybe my body isn't going crazy trying to support the baby. Who knows? It's very frustrating though having to wait it out!!


Brooke - January 25

My body just feels very different but when u get negative results u think you are going crazy! My last period was very irregular. It only lasted maybe a day and was very light. I have a ultrasound next monday so we'll see what happens!


mely_x3 - December 2

i'm feeling just like i think i'm going but my intuition i just know, even though i'm still getting my period, i'm still wating for this week to see if i start my period once again!!...



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